Nets Raptors unveiled in NBA 2014 first game schedule

Nets Raptors unveiled in NBA 2014 playoffs first game schedule
On April 17, Beijing time, the 2013-14 regular season all ended.The first round of the playoffs was also officially released. The specific schedule for the first game is as follows: Western-Mavericks VS Spurs San Antonio April 21st 01:00 Grizzlies VS Thunder Oklahoma April 20th 09:30    WarriorsVS Clippers Los Angeles April 20 03:30 Trail Blazers VS Rockets Houston April 21 09:30 East-Eagles VS Pacers Indiana April 20 07:00 Bobcats VS Heat Miami April 21 03:30    NetsVS Raptors Toronto April 20th 00:30 Wizards VS Bull Chicago April 21st 07:00 In the United States, ABC TV will become the first game of the national live defending champion Heat against the Bobcats, and TNT will become the head of the national live regular seasonThe Spurs’ game against the Mavericks.  In addition, TNT will broadcast the Rockets against the Trail Blazers on April 21, the Raptors against the Nets and the Pacers against the Eagles will be broadcast by ESPN.  This year’s playoff system has changed, each round of the game is “2-2-1-1-1”, abolish the previous home and away battle order of the finals “2-3-2”, the home advantagePlayed to the maximum.

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