Baduanjin is the best sport for summer health

Baduanjin is the best sport for summer health

Baduanjin is the most suitable for the health regimen in summer. The health regimen alternates with the seasons and the methods are different. Xiaoman Baduanjin regimen is also a good method.

Baduanjin is one of the ancient traditional exercises. It can combine the movements of the limbs and the heart, and adjust the breath. It has the characteristics of simple and easy action and significant effect.

Since Sui and Tang dynasties, it has been loved by the Chinese people.

Baduanjin has a small amount of exercise, but its role is multifaceted.

Although practiced all seasons, it is especially suitable for summer practice.

Many people will feel the increase in high temperature before and after Xiaoman, which may cause symptoms of “bitter summer” such as upset and irritability, not thinking about drinking, and having no appetite.

And practicing Ba Duan Jin does not sweat much, it can calm the mood and have a cooling effect.

Modern research has shown that this set of exercises can improve body fluids, regulate the secretion of the system, strengthen blood circulation, have a good massage effect on the abdomen, and correct abnormal body reactions, so it can prevent and heal many diseases.

1. With two hands supporting the Tianli three-focus, two feet flat with the same shoulder width, relaxed and natural, calming and regulating the breath, the tongue against the upper palate, Qi Shen Dantian, nasal inhalation and exhalation.

Both hands extend their arms forward from the lower abdomen, the palms of the palms are overly scratched, and they turn their hands upwards. The fingers of their hands cross in front of the lower abdomen. With inhalation, slowly bend the elbows along the veins. When they are raised up to shoulders, elbows, wristWhen it’s flat, hold your palm on top of your head, stretch it straight, look up at the back of your hand, and pause for a while.

Release your crossed hands with your breath, draw an arc downward from your side, and slowly fall in front of your lower abdomen, with your fingers crossed, your palms facing upwards, and you will recover as if you were starting.

Stop for a while, and repeat 6 again as before?
8 times.

2. The left and right arches are similar to the shooting and carving. The left foot crosses one step to the left. The legs bend down and squat to form a horse stand. The two knees do the inner buckle strength, the two feet do the stepping down strength, and the buttocks are sitting down.For example, on the back of a horse, hold your fists empty-handed, and bend your elbows on your hips, about a punch away from your hips.

With the inhalation, raise the flat chest with both hands forward, bend the left arm into an “archer”, and pull it to the extreme to the left, such as tightening a hard bow, and open the bow like a full moon; meanwhile, the right hand is indicated as “Archer”, the fingers doSword skills (immediate food, middle two fingers close together and straight, the remaining three fingers ring and pinch) turn head to right, look through the sword fingers, stare into the distance, meaning bows and arrows.

Stop for a moment, straighten your legs with your exhale, and draw an arc with both hands down; return to the chest, and then draw an arc vertically upwards, slowly leaning at the intersection of the legs, and reset your left leg to return to a standing position.
Then change your right foot and cross to the right, repeat the above action.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

3, adjust the spleen and stomach with a single hand to relax the length as before, the arms hang down, press the palms down, fingers forward, into a push-down standing pile.

Both hands draw an arc forward and inward at the same time, turning the palms upwards with the trend, the fingertips are opposite, standing like a pistol in front of the lower abdomen.

As you inhale, flip your palms, palms down, slowly lift your left hand from the front left, and rest your palms on your palms; point your fingertips to the right and straighten your arms to the left of your head; at the same time, press your right hand down, palms down, pointingPoint forward, use second hand to compete, stop for a moment.

With the exhalation, the left hand slowly rises from the upper left, the right hand goes up, the palms of both hands turn upwards, the palms of the hands are up, and they meet in front of the lower abdomen, as if starting.

Swap left and right and repeat 6?
8 times.

4. Look back at five injuries and seven injuries, and relax as appropriate. Put the left hand Lao Gong acupoint on Dantian under the lower abdomen, and the right hand on the back of the left hand (women’s opposite). With the breathing in the abdomen, inhale to fill the abdomenAs you exhale, turn your head and look behind your left shoulder. Imagine looking inward to the left foot center at Yongquan Point, and lead to the left foot center by intention.

Stop for a moment, then inhale, while turning your head to the front, and lead the air intentionally, rise from the foot center through the back of the thigh to the tail smell, and then to the “Mingmen” acupoint.

Then he turned his head and looked behind his right shoulder.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

5, shaking his head and swinging his tail to calm his heart as he did before, with his left foot making a step to the left to make a horse step, his body is straight and his eyes are flat.

Exhale, take the lead from Xia Dantian to the center of the foot, and guard the Yongquan point with inhalation; inhale, while using the waist as the axis, shake the wrist trunk to the left front, the head and the left knee are perpendicular to each other, and the shoulders are to the rightDo support underneath, look at the right toe, straighten the right arm, and bend the left arm to help swing.

Exhale for a while and then exhale. The idea is the same as above. At the same time, you will swing in the opposite direction. You will start to inhale when you cross the midline.

So swinging around 6?
8 times.

6. Climbing the waist with two hands, the waist and kidneys are loose and slender, the legs are straight, the two hands are akimbo, and the four points are at the back of the Shenshu acupoint;

With both hands, rub down along the bladder to the heel, then climb the toes forward, and roll over the Yongquan point; after a short stop, slowly straighten your waist, carry it to the lumbar vertebrae, in order to deflate air to the waist, and keep the life-saving gate.
Repeat this 6?
8 times.

7. The fist of fists increases the strength and quietness of the breath, breathes in, the left foot crosses the horse step, holds the fist half-grip with both hands, the fist heart is upward, the two fists are about three fists away, the two hands are embracing like a moon, intended to guard DantianMingmen Point.
With exhalation, punch the left fist forward to the left, turn the head slightly to the left, stare into the distance through the left fist, and pull the right fist backwards at the same time, making the left and right arms compete and stop for a moment.

Both punches are reset to their original positions at the same time, the virtual punches are released, and the upward stroke is slowly tilted by staggering.
Seduce the left foot back to stand.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

8. The length of the back of the seven diseases is relaxed, the knees are straight, the arms are naturally drooping, the elbows are slightly braced, and they want to guard Dantian.
As you inhale, press down with your flat palm, and lift your heels up. At the same time, your mind is up and down, and your breath is on your back; as you exhale, your heels are pointed at the ground.
The palms sag and the whole body relaxes.

Repeat this 6?
8 times.


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