Shallots and Shallots are as good as nutrition

Shallots and Shallots are as good as nutrition

“One onion a day, thin crickets can survive the winter,” the cold wind is tight, the appetizers and cold scallions have become an essential condiment on someone’s table.

hzh {display: none; }  常见的葱有大小之分,北方以大葱为主,多用于煎炒烹炸,以山东大葱为例:皮厚叶肥,有的长有一米、重达两三斤, Its magnificent momentum can be seen from the name of “Chicken Leg Onion” and “Great Indus”.

  Shallots burst with scallions, scallions with lamb, scallions with sea cucumbers . Scallions are like a lady’s show who often enters the hall, and frequently appear on the menu.

The south is rich in green onions, also called chives, which corresponds to Shandong green onions. The small jade green onions in Guangzhou are quite southern: they are as small as a thread and soft and smooth.

The green onions are like Xiaojiabiyu, and they are silently accompanied by various dishes, mixed with tofu, and clear soup, and the bottom strips are generally used for raw food or cold dishes.

Folks have the statement that “scallion dipping sauce, the more you eat the stronger”.

  The nutritional content, the content of protein, minerals and carotene in shallots is relatively high: per 100 grams, shallots contain 72 mg of calcium, shallots contain only 29 mg, shallots contain 840 micrograms of carotene, and shallots are only 60 micrograms.

  Green onions and shallots reduce onion allicin (also known as allicin) and sulphur naphthalene, which can deodorize and enhance aroma, stimulate digestive juice secretion, and increase appetite. At the same time, hot spring has alternative bactericidal effects and promote sweat glandsThe secretion of related glands in the respiratory tract and urinary system, so the “onion ginger water” made with ginger and brown sugar is a Chinese medicine for treating colds and colds.

  Regardless of North and South, people like to use scallion shabu-shabu when cooking, because in high-temperature oil, the sulfide naphthalene in scallion volatilizes quickly and emits a special aroma. However, this method destroys vitamins compared to cold or raw words.C and other nutrients, so use onion to fry and shorten the frying time. For reference, sprinkle a little green onion before the dish is cooked, which can make both nutrition and delicious.

It should be noted that although the onions are delicious, people with gastrointestinal ulcers should eat less.

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