Cyber health and mental health

Cyber health and mental health

The rapidly spreading network has formed a new human living environment. What changes has this environment brought to our psychology?

Psychologists are surprised to find that on the Internet, people often conduct behaviors that are not consistent with their usual personalities. Most people no longer suppress themselves on the Internet and are more likely to do whatever they want when interacting with others.

At the same time, the friendship and romance that can be established on the Internet are easier to consolidate.

For those who have been online for long periods of time, research has found that long-term Internet use increases their social loneliness and depression, making them more prone to excitement.

Others, such as reduced communication with family members and society, are self-evident.

  Like the Internet, is it right or wrong?

  Almost everything has the same pros and cons. It is difficult to make a right or wrong conclusion for a certain network behavior, but from the perspective of mental health, psychiatrists remind that Internet addiction behavior and social capacity withdrawal are absolute issues.Can’t see through.

So how do you judge?

We said that if the following problems occur, I am afraid to be vigilant: 1) Time network time is longer than the time intended to go online; 2) Have tried to reduce or stop some Internet-related behaviors, but failed;It reduces important social, work, and entertainment activities because of the Internet; 4) When not online, it is easy to feel depressed, irritable, and emotionally irritable.

  A few advices from psychologists1, don’t let virtual society replace normal communication.

Due to the fast pace of the current society, people are suffering from tremendous pressure. Perhaps, the Internet has provided people with a space to escape reality and do whatever they want, but in this sense, network behavior can help us relieve stress, but if immersed in itIt is from one pressure to another.

  2. Learn to control yourself in the network.

Human self-control is an important guarantee for mental health. Faced with various social pressures, people with good self-control are often physically and mentally healthy.

In the Internet, there may be no constraints from society, from schools, or from parents, but too much self-indulgence will also weaken self-control.

Therefore, for your own physical health, face a little more self-control in the face of the Internet.

  3. Appropriately seek assistance when you cannot extricate yourself.

People who like to go online also need to see a doctor. This concept is still a point that many people cannot accept, and it is even easier for those Internet fans.

However, we must see that this kind of potential self-indulgence brought about by the characteristics of the Internet is also a psychological “black hole”. Its effect on humans cannot be underestimated, and the harm is “unfathomable”.

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