My prospective bride was gone two weeks before the wedding

My prospective bride was gone two weeks before the wedding

Oral: Chen Yong, male, at the age of seven, she always had five paragraphs in the “Flower Sutra” for a few more days. It was supposed to be my day of great joy, but these two days were exhausted, my heart was exhausted, and I hate the end of the world.arrival.

  The banquet was booked and the invitations were issued, but my bridal crystal was “missing”.

I dare not tell my family, I just fooled my parents into saying that the prospective bride is away for business and will rush back before the wedding.

But I really don’t know, how long can my lies last?

  The wedding period is reached every day, and the arrangements for the wedding have entered the sprint stage: the wedding company negotiates the wedding procedures and finalizes the details; the booked furniture is delivered to the door as scheduled and needs to be accepted; the elders’ invitations need to be sent in person during the day .Thinking of going to work?

The door of the office was closed, and anyone who might know the crystal rankings made a phone call.

I still ca n’t tell the other side clearly, and I took a big circle around the corner, and finally dared to test if the other party knew, it was really tiring!

  On April 1, I received a text message from Crystal: I don’t want to get married.

  Because it was April Fool’s Day, I thought it was her prank again, and it was not too serious at the time.

In addition, the company temporarily sent me to Qingdao for a business trip that day. I didn’t remember to call her until I got on the plane.

Her mobile phone was always off, and no one at the office answered the phone. People in the company said that she took a leave of absence at home, but the family members said she went to work.

  This is not the first time a girlfriend has played “missing”.

During her junior summer vacation, she went to Anhui to conduct a social survey with her classmates. She did not say hello to her, and ran to the fellow scholars in the neighboring county alone to play, and cried the young leading teacher in a hurry.

After falling in love with her, I have seen her “suddenly disappear” countless times, and I am used to her explanation of “making a boring life into a cocktail”.

If she can’t get a little “Flower Classic” with acceleration, I’m really not used to it.

  Upon returning to Shanghai on Sunday, he immediately saw the souvenirs and met his father-in-law and mother-in-law.

They looked at me with discomfort: “Isn’t Crystal going on vacation with you?

“Crystal’s phone is still off, and she’s playing with me really” missing “.

Recalling the “unwanted marriage” Yun Yun mentioned by her air force and her family, everyone was panicked.

The two elderly men repeatedly told me not to mention this to my family, they promised to get their daughter back as soon as possible.

  Our love is not smooth. Looking back now, our love was not very smooth from the beginning.

  Crystal and I are high school classmates.

She belongs to a class of outstanding girls: her homework is outstanding, her looks are outstanding, and her dad is still a big boss.

At that time, there were too many boys pursuing her in the school, but Crystal liked to be with me because I was one of the few boys who scored better than her.

  Later, she was escorted to East China Normal University, and I was admitted to Jiaotong University. Everyone is busy, and the connection between them is gradually less.-I do n’t understand love in middle school. She can have a good impression on me, and I take the opportunity”Nothing.

  As a sophomore, I had a relationship with a girl in my class.

I heard that Crystal also has a boyfriend.

  A high school classmate celebrated her birthday and invited everyone to gather. I took my girlfriend for granted.

During the dinner, some students joked about our high school affairs.

Afterwards, my girlfriend asked me angrily: “Is Crystal your previous girlfriend?

“Of course I deny it, my girlfriend doesn’t believe it:” You see what your classmates said, and she left the ‘countryman’ and the right ‘foreigner’ on the table, and I’m not stupid.

“Because of this, my girlfriend had been awkward with me for a long time, and said that I would not be allowed to interact with high school classmates in the future.

  But after that party, Crystal and I suddenly enthusiastically: first asked me to accompany her to the digital mall to pick a new computer, and then insisted that I go to her home to help install it. If there was a problem with the computer, she would call me at midnight.Phone.

Who called us two old classmates, I studied computer science, and I should help you.

Girlfriends are always angry when they know. Girls are small-minded and jealous. I can hide what I can.

  During the summer vacation, a group of high school students met to play tennis in our community, and Crystal was among them.

It’s hot and everyone is tired, so we go to our house to rest. My mom has always been hospitable and happens to be at home. Not only does I prepare cold drinks for everyone, but I also enthusiastically keep them for dinner, making my home like a summer camp base.

  The girlfriend was suddenly incompatible with a group of classmates, and she was even more hostile to Crystal.Finally, one day, my girlfriend quarreled with Crystal for a trivial matter, and made me lose face among my classmates.

I said that I would rather have friendship than love, which completely ended the love between us.

  Instead of girlfriend position, it is crystal.

She is beautiful and energetic, and is very flattering to my parents.

They are more anxious about marriage than we are.

  Everything has changed and has been with Crystal for a long time. I often ask myself, are we two right?

  I belong to the kind of person who is more at home, graduating, working, going to work, dating, preparing to get married, everything is done step by step.

Crystal’s personality is quite the opposite, she is more accustomed to living in feelings, everything is self-centered.

Three years after graduation, she has jumped into four units.

One of the job changes was only because she and her donkeys agreed to go on vacation, but her boss was not allowed to take her leave because of work.

  Last year I celebrated my birthday, and Crystal suddenly called me early in the morning and said he would give me a special birthday gift.

After that, she drove me to the Civil Affairs Bureau in her new car.

In this way, we become legal couples.

Except for romantic surprises and surprises, my heart was a bit unsteady, as if I was suddenly hit by something falling from the sky.

  Everyone buying a house is a real estate and a fund-raising place comparison. Crystal just got an idea just by looking at the advertisements, and even made his dad run to pay the deposit the next day.

But within a few days, she changed her mind again, and once and for all, the deposit was decidedly not to come back.

  This tossed once, and even her own heartache raised a deposit of tens of thousands of yuan.

  The house has been completely renovated for half a year. Because of the crystal’s changing design scheme, the designer chose to cancel the contract without paying design fees.

Crystal whimpered himself for a week, and finally felt tired, so let me clean up the mess.

  The date of the wedding was changed again and again, she said that she should choose a more special and different date.

From “Valentine’s Day” to “Tanabata Festival” to our birthday, it was finally set at five, because we all have friends to get married on this day, and finally we agreed to put the wedding in the same hotel antique.

  After more than ten days of “missing”, Crystal still has no news. I asked her to ask for leave from the company, as if she had gone to Tibet with her donkey friends.

In fact, I’m not worried about what might happen to Crystal. We have known each other for so long, and I still know her better.

This time, she must be playing something new, and she should be back before the wedding.

The problem is that to live with such a woman for a lifetime, I really feel a little nervous, just like watching suspense.

  In narration life, too many people like to create accidents, add some bright colors to the dull life, and change the monotonous life white cloth into a pleasing picture. This is your freedom. The problem is that everything has a degreeAfter that, it will not be beautiful, but a rag covered with paint.

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