Psychology: Where hurt by love

Psychology: Where hurt by love

There used to be a benefactor who always tried to train his son to be perfect and become a brave warrior on the battlefield.

  So when the son was a baby, the benevolent took the millennium grass from the bottom of the mountain cliff and boiled it into a potion, so that the son could soak his body in this magic potion.

The potion slowly penetrated into the skin, and for a long time, the benevolent son’s body became impenetrable.

  But whenever the son soaked in the medicine barrel, the benevolent was afraid that the son would slip into the deep water, and he always grasped the son’s wrist with his hand until it was so.

  After being trained by the benevolent, his son was invincible on the battlefield. He was more brave than ever, and his incomprehensible skill turned him into a god of war.

  But in a battle, the opponent polished the only place on the benevolent’s son’s body that was inaccessible, that is, the benevolent often clenched his wrist because he was afraid of drowning.

It was in that battle that the benevolent’s son was defeated. He was shot with an arrow at the wrist and lost all his martial arts.

  When the benevolent saw his son again, the son was already a waste.

  For love, the place where love holds the tightest and is the most unwilling to let go is often the place that is hurt the most by love.

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