63 suggestions to make newlywed sex hotter

63 suggestions to make newlywed sex hotter

Below, these 63 suggestions are from the 2006-2007 wedding couples across the United States. “How can I have a hotter wedding night?

Super answers selected in the Sexual Interest Survey, they will help you to increase the happiness of sex and increase your sexual desire.

  Sweet Foreplay 1 Sit on the sofa and talk about some household chores, and then began to kiss her fingers. It was obvious that her eyes light up and her body trembles. This is the best foreplay beginning!

  2 Do not rush to untie all the clothes, just gently rub his corners, and then look at him affectionately.

  3 Hold his hand, guide it to swim along your body, and finally fall into your underwear.

  4 Try “Embrace in 8 Minutes” The newest method of flirting in the United States: Two people hug each other in bed. You control the rhythm of your breathing. Start with slow breathing, and then make your breathing quick and powerful.Let him hear.

  5Massage his tibia, knowing that the upper part of the man is the largest sexually sensitive area.

  6 Let him stand behind you, and explore the position of the chest button of your clothes a little bit, then help you to untie them.

At this time, don’t make fun of his awkwardness, and even show your happiness and appreciation to him.

  7 Blows hot air to his back neck.

  8 Describe a sex scene, which may be a movie fragment you have seen, the storyline in a novel, or maybe you have experienced an orgasm scene.

  9 Don’t always kiss your lips, neck, ears, eyes, forehead . are all areas that can induce sexual impulses.

  10 with music melody kiss, when it is soothing, slowly kiss each other’s lips, neck, ears; when the rhythm becomes intense and cheerful, it is necessary to quickly kiss, in conjunction with the beat for kissing exercise.

  11 Let your clean, soft hair slide over the tip of his nose.

  12 Help him do a leg massage, especially a thigh root massage.

  The point is: hands only hover at the base of the thigh, without touching his key parts.

  13 ear irritation is the best experience.

In the faint candlelight, the whisper in the ear is the most disturbing, drunk lying tenderly embraced.

You may wish to play with his earlobe gently with your fingers, then gently put your mouth together and blow slowly, this kind of stimulation will surely stir up his whole body’s lust.

  14 Let him look at you, but you look like a wild cat of age, licking his lips all the time.

  15 Gently kiss her toes.

  16 Like a puppy, he only used his nose to smell the smell of his body, which inspired the most primitive passion in his body.

  17 Don’t be afraid to touch his “baby”, touch it boldly!

  18 Touch his retina puck slightly, knowing that it is also a sensitive area.

  Extending happiness 19 Hidden in the quilt, groping his body in the dark, and gently calling his name.

  20 He breathed lightly on his spectacles, blurring his vision, and could only obey your mercy.

  21 Use your feet to test his body, rub the hair of his legs, and stir his heat.

  22 Let him say “I love you” 100 times, and kiss while saying.

  23 Both men absorbed chocolate, cream, and even ice cream on their chests and licked each other.

  With 24 fingers using three fingers, he massaged his head, making him feel relaxed and happy.

  25 Let him follow you all the time, even if you want to drink saliva, seduce him with your eyes and notice him: come with me!

  26 Use your brush to draw your favorite pattern on the other person and tell him: I like to tease your body like this.

  27 Watch a pornographic movie with a storyline, and then look at him affectionately.

  28 sucking his body as if sucking a can of cola.

  29 Stroke the body hair on his abdomen, then rub these quickly.

  30 eyes full of desire: I just want to eat you!

  31 shouted 32 Both closed their eyes, let him fumble your underwear buttons, and quickly take it off.

  33 Ask him to carry your legs, and you press down on his body.  34 kissed his penis, using saliva as an additive.

If you feel thirsty, eat a slice of lemon that works well.

  35 Help him masturbate, help him rub his penis, know that women’s soft hands have infinite charm.

  36 Ordinary pillows are the most overlooked sex toys. Using one or two pillows can increase the sexual interest.

Use the pillow to support him in the back and perform oral sex, and he can see very clearly everything you do to him.

  37 If possible, oral sex between the two can be performed on the stairs: you sit on the stairs with a pillow cushion, he sits on the next stairs in the middle of your thighs, which not only makes his neck and head move betterIt will also give you a better view and more sexual stimulation.

  38 Naked, sit back against the wall, let his head rest on your thigh, and you gently give him with the additional ring.

Feeling each other’s warmth, breathing and heartbeat.

  39 Inhaling and sucking each other’s wet lips can especially arouse sexual desire.

  40 In the morning, lie on his right side, lift your right leg, place his right leg under your right and left leg, and make sure his right thigh is between your legs.

Insert his penis into your vagina and adjust your upper body so that you can kiss each other comfortably.

This position works best when you are tired.

  41 Let his penis stay in your body for a while, feel its presence, feel his stoutness, feel his blood beat.

  42 hands will make you feel more free in sexual fantasies.

Moreover, both men and women become more sloppy and enthusiastic when using their hands.

  43 The combination of massage and essential oils can make people feel irritated.

Ask him to do a back massage with essential oils and discover new areas of your body that are new and interesting.

Moreover, the fragrance of essential oils is also very effective in diluting the odor in sexual affairs.

  44 At the most passionate moment, clinging to his tibia and realigning him deeper can make him realize the angle you want.

You may wish to try to go a little deeper, both holding his legs tightly with both hands, and letting his hands move freely on his hips, turning his feet lightly on his back or waist, I believe he will thankEverything you do for him.

  The smoothest thighs on 45 men’s bodies are best suited for women’s hands to tease.

You can flick with your fingers across his pants, caress, massage, and pinch a few times are fine.

If he buried his head in his thigh, it would make him even more irritable.

In addition, you may wish to use your fluffy part of the lower body and gently swipe over his thigh, this is a feeling mixed with fantasy and inexplicable.

  46 Most women don’t know enough about men’s bodies. Few women actually touch the G spot of men. This is a mysterious area that ignites the enthusiasm of men.

The perineum is a hidden insulin pill for men. Between the anus and the scrotum, there are two blood vessels hidden in the body, which are the indirect motive force for men’s erections.

Touching this place makes it easy for him to trigger.

Touching the perineum can not only help him reach an orgasm, but it is also a good means of boosting happiness.

  47 Opening your eyes can increase your familiarity with each other’s body and the good feelings about sex.

  48 breaths.

If you hold your breath (or breathless) while having sex, your body will struggle to reach orgasm.

Therefore, keep breathing smooth from beginning to end.

  49 Live in the moment, don’t let your mind wander, and fully enjoy all the feelings in your body.

  50 selfish.

If you know that certain positions are the easiest for you to reach orgasm, then enter that position when you are ready to reach orgasm.

  51 brings the pelvis closer to each other.

This way you can make the clitoris and pelvis rub against his pelvis or pubic bone, making it easier to orgasm.

  52 When his penis is in your vagina, carefully stimulate the clitoris to reach orgasm.

  53 Interact at the right pace.

When you are ready to reach the climax, find the rhythm and intensity that works for you, and maintain that rhythm and intensity.  54 controls ejaculation.

Men must know exactly how they feel before ejaculation, learn to control sexual excitement, and reach orgasm when they want to reach it.

  55 Put a mirror next to the bed, you can see the loving scene of the two of you at any time, as exciting as watching a third-level film.

  56 When you are nearing the climax, shout his name aloud, be sure to shout his full name!

  Let Ai Yanmian 57 talk about the feelings just now, can you do better?

What else do you expect?

  58 Is your breast plump?

Then bury his head in your bare breasts and rest quietly for a while.

  59 Drink lemonade to replenish the water you lost previously.

  60 hug and sleep for a while, let him hug your naked body from behind, quiet like a child.

  61 Take a bath together and stroke each other’s bodies.

  62 must say: I love you!

  63 must say: you are awesome!

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