Selected OTC proprietary Chinese medicines for insomnia

Selected OTC proprietary Chinese medicines for insomnia

Selected OTC proprietary Chinese medicines for insomnia

This article introduces several OTC proprietary Chinese medicines that are replaced by common insomnia symptoms.

  Sleep time accounts for about a third of life, and from this point you can polish its significance.

Insomnia refers to restless sleep, which makes it difficult to fall asleep or to wake up easily.

There are various causes of insomnia, and their clinical manifestations have their own characteristics, so only symptomatic selection of drugs can achieve better results.

Here are several OTC proprietary Chinese medicines that are replaced by common symptoms of insomnia.

  Insomnia, more dreams, or dreams, accompanied by dizziness, irritability, cicadas in the ears, dry mouth and less, red tongue, pulse count and other symptoms.

  TCM syndrome differentiation of yin deficiency and fire.

OTC Chinese patent medicines selected for nourishing yin and clearing heart.

  The Yangxue Anshen Pill is composed of Shouwu rattan, Heterophyllum officinale, mature land, habitat, acacia bark, Emerald lotus, and crane grass.

Efficacy Nourish Yin and nourish blood, soothe your nerves.

Insomnia due to yin deficiency and blood loss, disturbance on virtual fire.

There are pills, tablets, syrup, etc. can be substituted, concentrated pills 6 grams each time, tablets 5 tablets each time, 3 times a day, warm boiling water.

  Zhibai Dihuang Wan consists of Zhimu, Huangbai, Shudi, Fructus Corni, Danpi, Yam, Poria, Alisma, etc.

Efficacy Ziyinjianghuo.

For insomnia due to heart and kidney yin deficiency, disturbance on virtual fire.

The dosage forms are pills, tablets, etc., instead of Xiaomi pills 9 grams each time, concentrated pills 10 capsules each time, orally twice a day.

  Naolejing oral solution consists of licorice extract, jujube, wheat and so on.

It has the effect of raising the mind and calming the soul and calming down.

Can be taken 30 ml before going to bed.

  Difficulty falling asleep, or waking up with many dreams during sleep, difficult to fall asleep after waking, or having palpitations, fatigue, dull taste, or abdominal distension after eating, not thinking about diet, chlorosis, etc.

  TCM syndromes are full of qi and blood, and can’t raise heart.

Selected OTC Chinese patent medicines for nourishing qi and nourishing blood, soothing mind.

  Ginseng Guipi Wan consists of ginseng, jujube kernel, polygala, licorice, atractylodes, astragalus, angelica, woody incense, Poria, longan meat and so on.

Gong beneficial qi and spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

Big honey pills, 9 grams (1 pill) each time, orally twice a day.

  Ginseng Yangrong Pills are composed of ginseng, atractylodes, poria, licorice, angelica, mature land, amaranth, astragalus, polygala, cinnamon, schisandra, fresh ginger, jujube, tangerine peel, etc.

Efficacy Qi and blood, soothe the nerves.

Big honey pills are 9 grams (1 pill) each time, twice a day.

  Jujube Anshen Oral Liquid consists of Sour Jujube, Salvia, Schisandra, etc.

It has the effect of nourishing the heart and nourishing the liver, soothe the nerves and nourish the brain.

Take 1 (10 ml) before bedtime.

  Insomnia and chest tightness, heavy head dazzle, upset mouth, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse and other symptoms.

  TCM syndromes are disturbed by phlegm heat and disturbed.

OTC Chinese patent medicine is used to remove heat and phlegm, and calm the nerves.

  Naoliqing consists of magnet, vermiculite, mother-of-pearl, French pinellia, wine koji, achyranthes, menthol, borneol, pig bile and so on.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and phlegm, calming the nerves.

Dosage forms are water pills, capsules, tablets.

10 pills each time, 1 capsule each time, orally twice a day.  Zaoren Anshen oral solution can be taken before bedtime.

  If there is a constipation, red tinnitus, dizziness and brain swelling, Huanglian Shangqing pills (or tablets), honey pills 1 pill each time, 4 tablets, orally twice a day.

How to care for these teeth must know

How to care for these teeth must know

How to care for these teeth must know

The health of teeth has gradually become a new fashion. In the past, people only remembered to see a dentist when they had a toothache. Many people now regularly check their teeth.

And items such as orthodontics and tooth whitening are getting more and more attention. Did you find out?

How to maintain teeth in daily life?

Today’s article will teach you!

  How to care for teeth Sooner or later, brushing your teeth should protect your teeth. First of all, we must keep our mouth and teeth clean.

So morning and evening brushing is a must.

Especially pay attention to brushing your teeth at night.

  Because the food residues of one day are not well purified, when we sleep at night, our mouths will not move, saliva will not be secreted, and the mouth will not be well protected. The next day, you will find that the mouth willStink, that’s why you don’t brush your teeth.

  In fact, brushing should pay attention to the correct brushing method, both inside and outside, to ensure the brushing time, about 5 minutes to keep the mouth clean.

  Many people can’t resist the temptation to eat sweets. Too many people feel uncomfortable without eating sweets for a few days.

But if you eat too many sweets, it is easy to have extra teeth, which is really a headache!

  In addition to eating fewer sweets, if you occasionally eat some sweets, you can also brush your teeth immediately, which can reset your teeth.

  Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are not only rich in nutrients, they can help our teeth to be healthier, but also have a scent of breath.

Vegetables like celery and parsley can also help remove stains from your teeth.

  Use as few toothpicks as possible, why do I mention this.

Many of us have such a habit that after eating, we like to take root toothpicks, plug the gap between the teeth, and pat the belly, it feels very stylish.

  I think if you are really eating meat or something is embedded in the gap between the teeth, otherwise try not to bring a toothpick every day, the pleasure brought by the napkin between the teeth.

  In this way, over time, you will find that your teeth will gradually grow larger. By the time you find them, you will be too late. The teeth will not be more easily embedded in the food. At this time, you ca n’t do without toothpicks.

Therefore, use toothpicks as little as possible.

  Drink plenty of water and drink plenty of water, in addition to ensuring the body’s normal hydration, it can also clean your mouth and teeth well.

The effect of killing two birds with one stone.

  In particular, it is necessary to drink some water after meals to keep the teeth of the mouth clean.

But pay attention not to drink too much water after a meal, too much will dilute the digestive juices, leading to indigestion, which is not good.

  Drink less drinks Carbonated drinks do not drink more. In fact, this is not only not good for our teeth, but too much is bad for our health.

  If you like to drink beverages, be sure to pay attention to the amount, and at the same time, it is better to choose less carbonic acid.

Because the acidity of carbonic acid corrodes the protective layer that protects the gums.

  Tips for whitening your teeth Tip 1: Use vinegar to rinse your mouth. Use: Take a small cup of vinegar, rinse your teeth. After you have made full contact with your teeth, keep the vinegar on the teeth for 2 minutes.It was found that the teeth quickly turned white.

  Tips: The disadvantage of this method is that it has certain damage to the teeth, and the gums and taste are very uncomfortable. It is not suitable for frequent use, and occasional emergency use once.

  Tip 2: Use orange peel to brush your teeth. Use the orange peel to dry it and grind it into powder. Each time you brush your teeth, stir it with toothpaste and orange peel powder, and then brush your teeth. It has a good whitening effect.

  Tip 3: Use toothpaste with lemon juice to brush your teeth: Every time you brush your teeth, you can use a toothbrush or gauze, cotton, and lemon juice to brush your teeth.

Lemon juice has a strong cleaning effect and whitens teeth.

And its own VC can strengthen the teeth.

  Tip # 4: Sugar-free xylitol chewing gum Usage: Xylitol is a natural sweetener that prevents dental plaque, while ordinary sugar can easily cause dental plaque.

Xylitol also balances the acid-base balance in the mouth and promotes salivation.

  Saliva is a natural cleanser in our mouths that cleans all crevices.

But everything has two sides: saliva can clean up food residues and bring bacteria.

  So if you want to whiten your teeth, it is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day and one grain of sugar-free xylitol chewing gum after meals.

  In summary: the maintenance of teeth and other parts of the body are actually very similar, the most important thing is the usual little bit of maintenance.Brush your teeth at least twice a day. It is best to brush your teeth in time after eating. In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables and less sweets are also methods.

I hope everyone can learn these skills and have healthier teeth!

Carp soup can cure cough

Carp soup can cure cough


Carp soup can cure cough

Marine fish contains essential nutrients for the brain. Common marine fish are belt fish, yellow croaker, abalone, squid, sardine, anchovies (flat fish), anchovies, tuna, salmon (salmon), etc.

According to Professor Ai Qinghui, School of Fisheries, Ocean University of China, the liver oil and body oil of marine fish contain a highly unsaturated viscosity not found on land animals and plants, including DHA, which is necessary for the brainNutrients.

It can be said that DHA is very important to improve people’s memory and thinking from high blood pressure, through infants and young children to adolescence, and even during the entire life activities of people.

  In addition, omega-3 fatty acids and taurine in marine fish are more alkaline than freshwater fish.

Studies have found that omega 3 fatty acids have a good effect on reducing cerebral vascular tension and malignant migraine, and can also improve the body’s anti-inflammatory ability.

  Freshwater fish that can be used to treat cough with carp is mainly carp, grass carp, catfish, herring, catfish, flower catfish (fathead fish) and so on.

Professor Ai Qinghui introduced that freshwater fish contains protein, vitamin A, D and various minerals and other nutrients.

  Carp has the functions of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, diuretic and swelling, cough and asthma, relieving breasts and breasts, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Carp and winter melon, lightly boiled soup can cure nephritis edema.

Large carp leave scales and intestines mixed with cooked clothes to cure yellow ulcers.

Taken with live carp and trotters soup, it can cure maternal less milk.

Carp and Chuanbei powder can be used to treat cough and asthma.

  Grass carp meat is sweet and warm. It is steamed with fritters, eggs, and pepper for folk use.

Grass carp also has the functions of warming the stomach and calming the liver, and is suitable for warm-up fitness for the elderly.

  Suitable for fish Suitable for patients with chronic nephritis and edema caused by liver cirrhosis. One fresh catfish (about 250 grams) and 500 grams of winter melon or 150 grams of red beans can be used.

Cook into anchovy and winter melon soup, or anchovy and red bean soup (do not put salt). Eat soup and fish once a day to reduce edema.

Those who suffer from chronic bronchitis and long-term cough can’t heal, you can stew catfish with brown sugar, eat it regularly to nourish yin and lungs, and nourish qi and phlegm.

  Eating yellow croakers can increase appetite. Chinese medicine believes that taking fish has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, and appetizing, and nourishing skin.

Decoction of fresh band fish 4 with half a catty of papaya has a certain effect on postpartum milk volume, trauma bleeding and other symptoms.

Hepatitis patients take the upper layer of oil after cooking with fresh strip fish. Jiufu can improve symptoms.

There are many ways to cook takoyaki, including steaming, braising, crushing, and sweet and sour food.

However, it should be noted that it is not advisable to eat more at one time, especially those with allergic skin diseases such as dialysis eczema and urticaria should be cautious.

  Flat fish protein and many other nutrients have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and softening muscles and bones.

It is effective for indigestion, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, anemia, and sore bones.

  Regular consumption of yellow croaker can increase appetite and prevent spleen and stomach disorders and urinary tract stones.

The protein content of fresh yellow croaker fish is as high as 18%, which is more than that of many other fishes.

  Squid has detoxifying and detoxifying effects on the liver, so it helps the body fight fatigue.

Squid also regulates blood pressure and protects nerve fibers from activating cells. Regular squid consumption can delay the aging of the body.

  The American Medical Association has conducted a survey and found that people who eat 80 grams of salmon a week have a 50% lower risk of heart disease than people who do n’t eat omega-3 fatty acids, so many doctors recommend that people with diabetes eat salmon every weekJust eat a tape-sized piece.

  Cuttlefish is commonly known as cuttlefish, mullet, and mullet is not only delicious, nutritious, but also has hemostatic and analgesic effects.

There are many ways to eat cuttlefish, such as cold salad, stir-fried mullet shredded, mullet roll, roasted mullet soup, slippery fillet, etc., especially braised mullet meat with fresh garlic moss, which is extremely delicious.

  Abalone has the function of eyesight, so it is called “eyeball”.

Abalones are mostly used in fort soups, and can also be used for making famous dishes such as braised abalone and grilled abalone.

However, abalone contains too much sodium and people with high blood pressure should not eat too much.

Do not use too much sodium-containing seasonings, such as oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, MSG, etc. when cooking.

Rice and beans are equal to eating meat.

Rice and beans are equal to eating meat.

Rice and beans are equal to eating meat.

There is no best food, only the best match.

“Rice plus beans equals meat” is a classic match in nutrition.

  The rice here refers to all the grains, including rice and noodles, some rice, porridge, steamed bread, noodles, etc.; while beans refer to the legumes, including soybeans, mung beans, red beans, and soy milk including the fillings., dried tofu, tofu, etc.

Although the two types of food are very nutritious, they are all defective.

For example, the content of lysine in cereals, and the content in beans; the content of methionine in cereals, and the content in beans.

Which one to eat, their protein is not well absorbed, but a ride, there is a “complementary effect”, greatly improving the absorption of protein, just like the protein of meat.

This is: “rice plus beans equals meat.”

  But this is not the same as eating soy milk in the morning and eating rice at noon.

“Rice and Beans” must be played together to get the best performance.

For example, when adding soy milk, add some rice, add some beans when cooking porridge, or add soy milk when cooking rice and porridge.

Not only is the fragrance more intense, but also the most nutritious.

The slightly worse effect is to eat “rice and beans” at the same time.

For example, when you eat steamed bread, you can order dried tofu, and then eat a steamed buns.

Is there some kind of contraindication to medicated diet?

Is there some kind of contraindication to medicated diet?

Is there some kind of contraindication to medicated diet?

The quality of drinking honey on an empty stomach in the morning is in contact with taboo foods that are contraindicated in hepatitis B. One of the main ingredients of medicated diet for eating bananas is traditional Chinese medicine.

Of the more than 5,000 commonly used Chinese medicines currently in clinical use, more than 500 can be used as medicinal ingredients.

hzh {display: none; }  如冬虫夏草、人参、当归、天麻、杜仲、枸杞子等。These drugs must be compatible with food, processed and applied in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine theories, so that their effects complement each other and coordinate, otherwise errors or effects will occur.

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine has strict contraindications to medicated diet.

  The drug compatibility of medicated diet is contraindicated, following the Chinese herbal medicine theory, generally referring to “eighteen anti” and “nineteen fear”.

The specific contents of the “eighteen anti” are: licorice anti-gansu, euphorbia, seaweed, coriander flower; aconite anti-fritillaria, melon, pinellia, white sturgeon, white sturgeon; veratrum anti-ginseng, sand ginseng, salvia,Black ginseng, Sophora flavescens, Asarum, Peony.

The specific contents of “Nineteen Fears” are: Sulfuric acid, Parknite, Mercury Fructus arsenic, Wolf poisoning Mito Monk, Crotonweed Morning Glory, Lilac Aquilegia, Chuanwu, Caowuwei rhinoceros, Tetrapyrine tricuspid, OfficerCinnamomum erythrolipid, ginseng pentamyl.

  The above contraindications can be used as a reference for medication, but not absolutely.

There are also some anti-fearing applications in the ancient and modern formula applications. For example, the use of Wulingzhi by the party can supplement the spleen and stomach and relieve pain. These must be applied under the guidance of experienced clinicians.

Different diets for different types of toothache

Different diets for different types of toothache

Different diets for different types of toothache

There are different types of toothache, and the treatment methods are also different. Here are three different types of toothache diet methods.

  I. Stomach fire toothache type[Clinical manifestations]The tooth body is constantly exposed to erosion and pores appear. Food is embedded in the dental caries when eating. If it is stimulated by hot and cold acid and sweet, it can cause toothache.

  [Dietary medicine]1. Banana salt: 3 bananas (peeled), soak them in salt and eat.

2 times a day.

  2, duck egg oyster porridge: 2 salted duck eggs, 50 grams of dried oysters, 60 grams of rice.

Boil the salted duck eggs with the previous rice, lift the salted duck eggs to remove the shells when cooked, chop and put the dried oysters in the porridge, cook for a while, season and eat.

  Second, wind-heat toothache type[Clinical manifestations]Teeth pain, pain when chewing or tapping, gums swollen or pus; thirst, red tongue, yellow fur, floating pulse.

  [Dietary medicine]1. Banana skin stewed rock sugar: 2 banana skins, 30 grams of rock sugar, stewed in water, 3 times a day.

  2. Loofah Ginger Soup: 300 grams of fresh loofah and 60 grams of fresh ginger. Wash the fresh loofah and cut it into sections. Wash and slice the fresh ginger.

Dessert with simmered water for 1 hour, and drink soup 2 times a day.

  Third, virtual fire toothache type[Clinical manifestations]Teeth are painful or slightly painful, the pain is obvious when biting, the pain is heavier in the afternoon, the gums are reddish, the roots of the teeth are floating, the throat is dry, the tongue is red, and the pulse is fine.

  [Therapeutic medicinal diet]1. Raw ground bone broken tonifying kidney soup: 30 grams of raw ground, 15 grams of bone broken tonic, 1 pig kidney, add appropriate amount of salt decoction, eat pig kidney drink soup, 2 times a day.

  2, raw ground ginseng duck egg soup: 30 grams of raw ground, 20 grams of ginseng, two duck eggs, 20 grams of rock sugar.

Soak the raw ground in two bowls of clean water, ginseng for 30 minutes, wash the duck eggs and cook with raw ginseng, remove the shells after the eggs are cooked, and cook in the raw ginseng soup for a while, season with rock sugar, and eat egg soup.
  3, two winter porridge: 50 grams of Ophiopogon, 50 grams of Asparagus, 100 grams of rice.

Wash and chop Ophiopogon and Asparagus, and add porridge with water to the rice and cook it once a day.

Finely chop and add porridge with water to the rice, once a day.

Shallots and Shallots are as good as nutrition

Shallots and Shallots are as good as nutrition

Shallots and Shallots are as good as nutrition

“One onion a day, thin crickets can survive the winter,” the cold wind is tight, the appetizers and cold scallions have become an essential condiment on someone’s table.

hzh {display: none; }  常见的葱有大小之分,北方以大葱为主,多用于煎炒烹炸,以山东大葱为例:皮厚叶肥,有的长有一米、重达两三斤, Its magnificent momentum can be seen from the name of “Chicken Leg Onion” and “Great Indus”.

  Shallots burst with scallions, scallions with lamb, scallions with sea cucumbers . Scallions are like a lady’s show who often enters the hall, and frequently appear on the menu.

The south is rich in green onions, also called chives, which corresponds to Shandong green onions. The small jade green onions in Guangzhou are quite southern: they are as small as a thread and soft and smooth.

The green onions are like Xiaojiabiyu, and they are silently accompanied by various dishes, mixed with tofu, and clear soup, and the bottom strips are generally used for raw food or cold dishes.

Folks have the statement that “scallion dipping sauce, the more you eat the stronger”.

  The nutritional content, the content of protein, minerals and carotene in shallots is relatively high: per 100 grams, shallots contain 72 mg of calcium, shallots contain only 29 mg, shallots contain 840 micrograms of carotene, and shallots are only 60 micrograms.

  Green onions and shallots reduce onion allicin (also known as allicin) and sulphur naphthalene, which can deodorize and enhance aroma, stimulate digestive juice secretion, and increase appetite. At the same time, hot spring has alternative bactericidal effects and promote sweat glandsThe secretion of related glands in the respiratory tract and urinary system, so the “onion ginger water” made with ginger and brown sugar is a Chinese medicine for treating colds and colds.

  Regardless of North and South, people like to use scallion shabu-shabu when cooking, because in high-temperature oil, the sulfide naphthalene in scallion volatilizes quickly and emits a special aroma. However, this method destroys vitamins compared to cold or raw words.C and other nutrients, so use onion to fry and shorten the frying time. For reference, sprinkle a little green onion before the dish is cooked, which can make both nutrition and delicious.

It should be noted that although the onions are delicious, people with gastrointestinal ulcers should eat less.

How often do you apply lipstick to your body?

How often do you apply lipstick to your body?

How often do you apply lipstick to your body?

There are eighteen weapons in the woman’s cosmetic bag, and the lipstick must be “handcuffed.”

But, you know, lipstick can also be “hidden crisis.”

Lipstick is the best artifact to enhance the charm. Even if you don’t apply powder, a little bit of lips will be bright and moving.

Every day, I will wipe it on my mouth, and I will inevitably eat it a little.

According to a Canadian study, women eat an average of 4 pounds (about 1 in their lifetime).

8 kg) lipstick, if converted according to the general specifications, about 300 lipsticks.

The lipstick of the entrance, can you rest assured?

Inferior lipstick, heavy metal content, high lipstick, complex, composed of lanolin, wax and dye.

All coal tar dyes used in lipsticks are carcinogens.

In addition, in order to increase the brightness of lipstick, manufacturers often add natural mineral mica to lipstick.

Mica, on the other hand, contains heavy metals such as lead, manganese, chromium and aluminum.

Choose a distance product, pay attention to the use, generally do not cause harm to the human body.

What needs to be guarded is the inferior lipstick and the three-no products, in which the heavy metals are seriously exceeded, and long-term use will endanger health.

For example, lead with high content in inferior lipstick has accumulation. Long-term absorption by the human body can lead to chronic lead poisoning, causing anemia, abdominal pain, acute renal failure and brain neuropathy.

Chapped lips, itching, may also blame the lanolin in lipstick lipstick can cause allergic reactions, such as chapped lips, peeling, itching or mild pain.

In addition, lanolin has a toxic adsorption property, which can adsorb dust, bacteria, viruses and some heavy metal ions in the air to the lips.

When people drink water and eat, they can bring lipstick and some harmful substances on them into their mouths, and then directly enter the body.

Pregnant women should apply less lipstick. After applying lipstick in the general population, if it is found to have slight itching and abnormal feeling, wash the lips and stop applying lipstick.

Before and after applying lipstick, before applying lipstick, you can apply a layer of lip balm or petrolatum to avoid direct contact of the lipstick with the lips, reduce pigmentation, and reduce the irritation to the lips when swabbing.

After applying lipstick, try not to eat, use a straw when drinking water.

Wash your lipstick before eating.

It is best to use a special lip makeup remover to remove makeup.

Can not give up, then smart to buy a small secret to buy lipstick – buy sealed packaging, label full of lipstick, buy brands from natural raw materials.

Read the lipstick carefully before buying

Don’t buy too much scent, as it may be to cover up the smell of oil.

If there is a small hole in the appearance of the lipstick, it means that there are bubbles, and the size is not solid; if the inside of the lipstick also has a small hole hidden, the quality is less reliable, and the lipstick will soon deteriorate.

The color distribution of the lipstick is not uniform, and there is a spiral shape, which means that the color material is concentrated on the front end of the lipstick, and it will become less and less colored for a long time.

The moisturizing lipstick is easy to break, and it may also be uneven in color when rubbed.

Can be applied to the back of the hand to test, determine the appropriate to buy.

Lipsticks are preserved with lipsticks and are best kept at room temperature.

Lipstick “sweating” means that the quality is worse, mainly related to the high temperature and deviation of the place.

As long as the lipstick has passed the shelf life, it is best not to use it again.

Lipsticks have odors, and it’s best not to use them. This phenomenon often appears in high-grade lipsticks.

Because of the use of high-grade grape seed oil, jojoba oil and other natural ingredients, containing a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, it is easy to rancid and oxidize to produce oily odor.

Baduanjin is the best sport for summer health

Baduanjin is the best sport for summer health

Baduanjin is the best sport for summer health

Baduanjin is the most suitable for the health regimen in summer. The health regimen alternates with the seasons and the methods are different. Xiaoman Baduanjin regimen is also a good method.

Baduanjin is one of the ancient traditional exercises. It can combine the movements of the limbs and the heart, and adjust the breath. It has the characteristics of simple and easy action and significant effect.

Since Sui and Tang dynasties, it has been loved by the Chinese people.

Baduanjin has a small amount of exercise, but its role is multifaceted.

Although practiced all seasons, it is especially suitable for summer practice.

Many people will feel the increase in high temperature before and after Xiaoman, which may cause symptoms of “bitter summer” such as upset and irritability, not thinking about drinking, and having no appetite.

And practicing Ba Duan Jin does not sweat much, it can calm the mood and have a cooling effect.

Modern research has shown that this set of exercises can improve body fluids, regulate the secretion of the system, strengthen blood circulation, have a good massage effect on the abdomen, and correct abnormal body reactions, so it can prevent and heal many diseases.

1. With two hands supporting the Tianli three-focus, two feet flat with the same shoulder width, relaxed and natural, calming and regulating the breath, the tongue against the upper palate, Qi Shen Dantian, nasal inhalation and exhalation.

Both hands extend their arms forward from the lower abdomen, the palms of the palms are overly scratched, and they turn their hands upwards. The fingers of their hands cross in front of the lower abdomen. With inhalation, slowly bend the elbows along the veins. When they are raised up to shoulders, elbows, wristWhen it’s flat, hold your palm on top of your head, stretch it straight, look up at the back of your hand, and pause for a while.

Release your crossed hands with your breath, draw an arc downward from your side, and slowly fall in front of your lower abdomen, with your fingers crossed, your palms facing upwards, and you will recover as if you were starting.

Stop for a while, and repeat 6 again as before?
8 times.

2. The left and right arches are similar to the shooting and carving. The left foot crosses one step to the left. The legs bend down and squat to form a horse stand. The two knees do the inner buckle strength, the two feet do the stepping down strength, and the buttocks are sitting down.For example, on the back of a horse, hold your fists empty-handed, and bend your elbows on your hips, about a punch away from your hips.

With the inhalation, raise the flat chest with both hands forward, bend the left arm into an “archer”, and pull it to the extreme to the left, such as tightening a hard bow, and open the bow like a full moon; meanwhile, the right hand is indicated as “Archer”, the fingers doSword skills (immediate food, middle two fingers close together and straight, the remaining three fingers ring and pinch) turn head to right, look through the sword fingers, stare into the distance, meaning bows and arrows.

Stop for a moment, straighten your legs with your exhale, and draw an arc with both hands down; return to the chest, and then draw an arc vertically upwards, slowly leaning at the intersection of the legs, and reset your left leg to return to a standing position.
Then change your right foot and cross to the right, repeat the above action.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

3, adjust the spleen and stomach with a single hand to relax the length as before, the arms hang down, press the palms down, fingers forward, into a push-down standing pile.

Both hands draw an arc forward and inward at the same time, turning the palms upwards with the trend, the fingertips are opposite, standing like a pistol in front of the lower abdomen.

As you inhale, flip your palms, palms down, slowly lift your left hand from the front left, and rest your palms on your palms; point your fingertips to the right and straighten your arms to the left of your head; at the same time, press your right hand down, palms down, pointingPoint forward, use second hand to compete, stop for a moment.

With the exhalation, the left hand slowly rises from the upper left, the right hand goes up, the palms of both hands turn upwards, the palms of the hands are up, and they meet in front of the lower abdomen, as if starting.

Swap left and right and repeat 6?
8 times.

4. Look back at five injuries and seven injuries, and relax as appropriate. Put the left hand Lao Gong acupoint on Dantian under the lower abdomen, and the right hand on the back of the left hand (women’s opposite). With the breathing in the abdomen, inhale to fill the abdomenAs you exhale, turn your head and look behind your left shoulder. Imagine looking inward to the left foot center at Yongquan Point, and lead to the left foot center by intention.

Stop for a moment, then inhale, while turning your head to the front, and lead the air intentionally, rise from the foot center through the back of the thigh to the tail smell, and then to the “Mingmen” acupoint.

Then he turned his head and looked behind his right shoulder.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

5, shaking his head and swinging his tail to calm his heart as he did before, with his left foot making a step to the left to make a horse step, his body is straight and his eyes are flat.

Exhale, take the lead from Xia Dantian to the center of the foot, and guard the Yongquan point with inhalation; inhale, while using the waist as the axis, shake the wrist trunk to the left front, the head and the left knee are perpendicular to each other, and the shoulders are to the rightDo support underneath, look at the right toe, straighten the right arm, and bend the left arm to help swing.

Exhale for a while and then exhale. The idea is the same as above. At the same time, you will swing in the opposite direction. You will start to inhale when you cross the midline.

So swinging around 6?
8 times.

6. Climbing the waist with two hands, the waist and kidneys are loose and slender, the legs are straight, the two hands are akimbo, and the four points are at the back of the Shenshu acupoint;

With both hands, rub down along the bladder to the heel, then climb the toes forward, and roll over the Yongquan point; after a short stop, slowly straighten your waist, carry it to the lumbar vertebrae, in order to deflate air to the waist, and keep the life-saving gate.
Repeat this 6?
8 times.

7. The fist of fists increases the strength and quietness of the breath, breathes in, the left foot crosses the horse step, holds the fist half-grip with both hands, the fist heart is upward, the two fists are about three fists away, the two hands are embracing like a moon, intended to guard DantianMingmen Point.
With exhalation, punch the left fist forward to the left, turn the head slightly to the left, stare into the distance through the left fist, and pull the right fist backwards at the same time, making the left and right arms compete and stop for a moment.

Both punches are reset to their original positions at the same time, the virtual punches are released, and the upward stroke is slowly tilted by staggering.
Seduce the left foot back to stand.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

8. The length of the back of the seven diseases is relaxed, the knees are straight, the arms are naturally drooping, the elbows are slightly braced, and they want to guard Dantian.
As you inhale, press down with your flat palm, and lift your heels up. At the same time, your mind is up and down, and your breath is on your back; as you exhale, your heels are pointed at the ground.
The palms sag and the whole body relaxes.

Repeat this 6?
8 times.


Psychology: Where hurt by love

Psychology: Where hurt by love

Psychology: Where hurt by love

There used to be a benefactor who always tried to train his son to be perfect and become a brave warrior on the battlefield.

  So when the son was a baby, the benevolent took the millennium grass from the bottom of the mountain cliff and boiled it into a potion, so that the son could soak his body in this magic potion.

The potion slowly penetrated into the skin, and for a long time, the benevolent son’s body became impenetrable.

  But whenever the son soaked in the medicine barrel, the benevolent was afraid that the son would slip into the deep water, and he always grasped the son’s wrist with his hand until it was so.

  After being trained by the benevolent, his son was invincible on the battlefield. He was more brave than ever, and his incomprehensible skill turned him into a god of war.

  But in a battle, the opponent polished the only place on the benevolent’s son’s body that was inaccessible, that is, the benevolent often clenched his wrist because he was afraid of drowning.

It was in that battle that the benevolent’s son was defeated. He was shot with an arrow at the wrist and lost all his martial arts.

  When the benevolent saw his son again, the son was already a waste.

  For love, the place where love holds the tightest and is the most unwilling to let go is often the place that is hurt the most by love.

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