Skin care, are you flowery

Skin care, are you “flowery”

“Like the new but hate the old” and “feeling a few boats” are the habits of men and women’s “problems”-count skin care products on the dressing table, right?
  Come here, measure your “Flower Heart Index”-Survey Results This survey has a total of 5,262 participants, all of whom are women.
How many brands do you use at the same time?
  A1 type 8.
34% B2-3 76.
26% C4-5 species 12.

56% D6 and above 2.
83% Xiaoping: “Absolutely honest” and “high-ranking Huaxin” are only a few. Everyone is cautious and converges on mixing.
  2.Which products would you choose different brands?
  A Eye Cream 10.
87% B serum 2.
89% C sunscreen 13.

13% 妆 D makeup / cleansing products 13.
91% E any product is possible 59.
2% Small comment: Apparently most people are “flowery” and have no rules; the outstanding essence has been left out, but it is a pity!
  3.When would you consider changing brands?
  A is not satisfied with the effect of the current brand 43.
9% B wants to try another brand after running out of products. 26.
15% C only adjusts products within the brand, not easy to change the brand 10.
41% D has allergies and discomforts, change brand immediately 10.
32% E has a new brand on the market and always wants to try something new. 9.
22% Small review: Pursue obvious results, pursue novelty, and don’t pay much attention to the correspondence between skin condition and brand characteristics and advantages.
What is your basis for choosing a product?
  A. After consulting various materials and trials, I feel suitable for myself.
74% B The price and product name are roughly in line with your needs, so use 32.
16% of C friends or netizens in the beauty forum said that the effect is good. 26.
42% D advertising 7.
22% EBA recommendation 1.
46% Small comment: The total number of people and people who are taken away by products and advertisements exceeds 60%. The real needs of the skin are ignored; the trust in BA is low.
没问题但要“花”对路   雅诗兰黛培训经理CICY   除敏感性、炎症性肌肤应选定一个品牌、且护肤步骤尽量单纯外,其他类型的肌肤,“花心”并无大碍,但The point is: are you “flowering” right?
Will it “fire in the backyard”?
  For example, the yellow and dry skin is often caused by poor metabolism and malabsorption. If it is simply whitened, it is useless to use star products of many brands. If you add detox or anti-aging products, it may be completely improved.
  Don’t expect too high skin “basic” Lancome trainer Zhang Rong In addition to fresh pictures, “flower heart” is also a reflection of the high expectations of skin care products.
Everyone’s skin has a “basic”, and skin care products can only be “improved” but not “changed”; being too anxious will also make skin care products ineffective.   There are still many people who know what they need, but still do not know what to choose, and then they should consult a trained BA.

Distrust of BA is also a misunderstanding of skin care.

  ”Huaxin” has rules and methods to reduce inflammation. Qin Ruofan, a senior trainer in L’Oreal Paris, must be a rule. “Huaxin” needs rules, care about skin problems and needs, and understand the interaction between various effects.

For example, some of the anti-aging products may further stimulate the growth of acne, and detoxification may cause acne to erupt in a short time . If there are many problems with the skin and there are many inflammatory acne (with pustules), firstTreat acne because arthritis can interfere with other skin care effects.

  Investigation Case Case 1 Guoguo Company’s 24-year-old employee intentionally anti-allergic “intentionally” allergies. My skin is very dry and sensitive.

Later, on the recommendation of a colleague, I went to the pharmacy and bought a famous bottle of moisturizing cream.

Who knew that after 2 days of smearing, the red blood on his arms suddenly “excited”, and small rashes of rashes began to falter.

  On the advice of the doctor, I switched to Avene for sensitive people.

After the launch, the sensitivity phenomenon has basically subsided.

But the lock water moisturizing cream that just opened is not always a gift?

So I used it separately from Avene, and just wanted to get used to the skin.

Unexpectedly, I was allergic again. It seems that Avene can’t save me!

  (-In fact, the allergen is in that bottle of moisturizer.

) Case 2 YAYA sells 28-year-old stacked “stars”. My skin is yellow and dark, so I have been using whitening products for a long time. I have tried many brands of whitening series. The skin color will become brighter in the first two or three days.I am so angry that I can only desperately change products, the cost is getting bigger and bigger, and my confidence in the skin is getting smaller and smaller.

  I recently heard that picking star products from each brand will double the effectiveness.

So I lost a lot of money and bought a bunch of good things.

Unexpectedly, it took only one week, and before the skin was whitened, the skin became very, very dry, very tight, and even fine lines appeared. What happened?

  (-Mixed up in a mess, the problem can’t be found anywhere.

) Case 3 Fangni’s 35-year-old administrative staff “just use the right, not expensive” I have used many brands, Opal, Magnolia, Lange, Vichy, Avon, Merlin Kay, Nuskin . all used, But basically no improvement in skin problems.

I would like to ask an expert to match me with a product that suits me, but my principle is: “Use only the right ones, not the expensive ones.

“Essence or something for now, what for the future?

  (-It only surrounds the circle, not “yes”.

) Case 4 Xiaomi analyst 29 years old looking for magic among other brands I have long been loyal to Estee Lauder.

But once, the chin always appeared inflammation like inflammation, sensitive and not like sensitive things, and also peeled.

I tried everything and it didn’t work.

  At the time, SK-II Multi-Purpose Repair Essence was just on the market. It compared the skin to copied paper. If the cells had defects, the new cells that were “photocopied” would still have problems.

So its role is to repair damaged cells.

I bought a bottle after careful research, and it really solved the problem quickly.

  Since then I have begun to “fancy.”

Estee Lauder does not have a specific targeted acne control product. I just use Shiseido’s acne cream. Just click a few times. The magnolia mask is also my favorite.

  Case 5: Golin’s 23-year-old “Huaxin” instead of “randomly” said that the mixed use of different brands will offset each other, and I have been afraid for many years.

But one time, an expert’s answer was quite comforting: “Like eating all kinds of dishes, will they interfere with each other?

May be extremely small.

“However, I am very careful when I am” flowery “. One is to avoid excessive exfoliation, especially when mixing whitening products and oil control products. The other is to use it only in milder, more plant-based products. Those” stem cells “Do n’t dare to mix products that you do n’t understand.

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