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NIKKO brand introduction

NIKKO brand introduction

NIKKO brand introduction

NIKKO has been providing the best backpacks, clothing and equipment for sports enthusiasts, outdoor campers and tourists since 1981.

  Since its establishment, NIKKO has a diversified product range and series.

Among the leading products-rucksack.

There are many types of NIKKO rucksacks, ranging from camping rucksacks up to 90 liters, travel rucksacks, daily lightweight rucksacks, sports bags, bicycle rucksacks, briefcases, waist bags, camera bags, etc.In addition to the continuous improvement of color, it also keeps pace with the trend.

  In 1993, NIKKO first introduced outdoor casual casual clothes. The casual wear series has included windproof, waterproof and breathable functional windbreakers. It was first brought to Hong Kong by NIKKO. Breathable and warm fleece jackets, even down jackets, sweat-wicking sports underwear, sports suit, T-shirts, sweaters, hunting clothes, etc.

  Clothing and shoes, outdoor equipment, of course, are superfluous hiking shoes, waterproof fabrics are both durable and suitable for any terrain, making hiking shoes one of NIKKO’s best-selling products.

  Other NIKKO brand camping product series, more than sleeping bags, tents, trekking poles, mats, compasses, etc., more than fifty categories, more than a thousand products.

  The development of NIKKO keeps pace with the times. In 1995, it launched the swimwear and swimming goggles series. So far, swimming supplies have included slippers, towels, floating boards, water skiing, etc.

  Moving forward forever and never stop is the spirit of NIKKO’s business development. Sunglasses series launched in 1997.

  As a world-class brand, NIKKO’s footprint can be seen everywhere. NIKKO’s distribution network ranges from Norway in Northern Europe, the Soviet Union, Switzerland in Central Europe to Chile in South America, Argentina, Australia in the Pacific, New Zealand, and China.

Three high elderly should eat pig blood

Three high elderly should eat pig blood

“Three high” elderly should eat pig blood

Today, when all kinds of chronic diseases have a special liking for older friends, suffering from high blood fat, high blood pressure and high blood sugar means less high-fat foods.
This is undoubtedly a very painful thing for many elderly people who like meat.
銆€銆€Pig blood is known as “liquid meat.”
Its protein content is slightly higher than that of lean pork. The proportion of amino acids contained is close to that of amino acids in the human body, and it is easily digested and absorbed.
And the fat content in pig blood is very low.
Every 100 grams of pig blood contains only 0.
4 grams of fat, about 1 / 40 of the same quality lean pork, so the elderly with high blood lipids often eat, it will not cause elevated blood lipids.
In addition, pig blood also contains a large amount of lecithin, which can prevent atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.
銆€銆€Pig blood can be soup or fried, and it is cooked with tofu, fungus, etc., and the taste is very delicious.
銆€銆€Although pig blood is good, there are also many places to pay attention to.
First of all, pig blood is very susceptible to contamination during collection, so it is best to buy boxed pig blood that has been sterilized.
Pig blood should be eaten 150-200 grams per day, and can be eaten 2-3 times a week.
Patients with diseases such as gastroptosis, dysentery, and diarrhea should not consume pig blood.
Pig blood should not be eaten 3 days before routine stool testing.

Experts point out three taboos for kickboxing

Experts point out three taboos for kickboxing

Experts point out three taboos for kickboxing

At the National Taekwondo Invitational Tournament held in Hohhot, Taekwondo Seven Duan Pu Hamfan from South Korea proposed “three taboos” to young people practicing Taekwondo.

  One taboo: follow blindly, weak will.

After the Taekwondo movement came to China, some people regarded the movement as fashion and blindly followed others to pursue it.

As a result, he was unwilling to work hard or had no time or perseverance in the process of practice, and gave up within a few days.

This is contrary to the “endurance” and “unyielding” in the spirit of Taekwondo.

  Second bogey: proud to boast, not to learn etiquette.

Taekwondo movement is based on “beginning with ceremony and ending with ceremony”.

Some youngsters have just learned a few days and think that they are “kung fu” and boast in front of fellow friends.

This goes against the most important “ritual” and “self-denial” spirits in the Taekwondo spirit.

  Three taboos: no plan, want to take shortcuts.

Park Ham Fan said that he has been practicing Taekwondo since 1968. Although he has been practicing for 38 years, he still dare not say that he has completely mastered the essence of Taekwondo.

No one can climb the sky step by step, and there are no shortcuts to practice Taekwondo, and you must reach your stage goals step by step.

He said that the key to practicing Taekwondo is self-cultivation, and finally find the “Dao” of life.

The posture is in the position of rising minutes to make her orgasm position

The posture is in the position of rising minutes to make her orgasm position


The posture is in the position of rising minutes to make her orgasm position

The posture is seen in the minute and the height of her position makes the female orgasm a very technical job. The most common forms of orgasm in sexual life are mainly vaginal orgasm, clitoris orgasm and G-point climax.

According to an authoritative expert survey, women are generally given a wonderful orgasm experience by stimulating sensitive points in the vagina of women.

In fact, as long as the posture is used well, women can reach the climax in minutes.

Regarding the yin d orgasm and the yin d orgasm, the main reason is the yin d orgasm instead of the yin d orgasm. If the yin d is high, most people should be able to reach it by the partner’s hand or mouth.

Men can’t fully understand women’s physical feelings, but according to communication and imagination, the summary is basically the pleasure of men’s ejaculation under the yin and climax, and there will be a twisting period like men, and continuous stimulation will be uncomfortable after the climax.

Yin D orgasm is completely different. When the other party climaxes, you can perceive the body to involuntarily align and yell, and some people will grab bite, accompanied by a fierce contraction in Yin D.

If you insist on living, you can even let the other two times or even three consecutive climaxes until the collapse.

From this point of view, women who admire women and dare to explore their bodies should enjoy more sex than men.

After all, it’s a man, it’s just a few tricks, and it’s getting worse after 30 years old, so I think it’s one of the great pleasures to help a female partner find her body.

Since it is the Yin D climax, the key is to stimulate the G point. First of all, you need to know what the G point is. In actual experience, most girls have a very shallow G point. You don’t need how long the male organ can stimulate it.It is the level of ordinary people, between 14-15 cm, which is enough.

To be honest, if you only want to give the other party a climax, the exclusion of visual effects is not very good, even 10 cm should be enough, durability and hardness are also important, but the biggest problem in terms of age is hardness, goodPhysical fitness and exercise habits will delay men’s aging period.

Before sex, do more foreplay, first let the other person relax with your hand or mouth or simply reach the climax of the yin first. Try to explore the G point and observe the reaction of the partner, which is very helpful for mastering the pleasure of the other party.

Of course, some characteristics of the organ itself are still very favorable conditions. Imagine that there is a soft area on the upper wall of the vagina. It needs to be constantly rubbed and squeezed to stimulate it. It seems that the trait of the orgasm is an upward angle of the yin, relatively thick.The diameter, or the comparison of the glans, and the most important one is: hardness.

Which positions are good for girls?


The missionary finds the right way, it is very easy for women to climax, you need to find a g head obliquely up into the position of the Yin D, and be careful not to blindly sprint deep thorns, of course, it is quite cool to enter deep, but for female orgasmNothing to use.

Padding a pillow is a good aid, the meaning is actually to raise the position of the Yin D, so that you can enter from the bottom up, it is easier to stimulate the upper wall of the Yin D.


The post-entry position is very cool for most women, and men will enjoy this visual impact. However, it is often seen that girls are waist-shoulders. In fact, it is better to have a waist down, assTry to go up as much as possible.

Anyway, do not have such a strong purpose, change the various positions, and exchange feelings is also good.


The main advantage of the female upper position is that the girl can control her own feelings. The sitting position can be relatively lower, and then the waist is constantly going forward. The upper and lower styles should be only men.

The advantage of the female is that it can stimulate the G point while stimulating the yin d. If the girl is happy, the boy can also help with the hand.

For men, this position can enjoy the visual stimulation, it is really fun.

The only problem is that most girls don’t have the physical strength to get themselves to the climax. Only exercise a lot.

Physical strength is very important for boys and girls.

There is also a situation in which women are girls who are kneeling down, and men are moving upwards and moving upwards. It is also easy to find a good angle for girls to reach a climax. Of course, the physical strength of boys is tested.

One trick, one exercise at home

One trick, one exercise at home

One trick, one exercise at home

When it comes to bodybuilding, someone will immediately think of the gym, think of professional treadmills, professional combination equipment, professional personal trainers and nutritionists, etc., and you will immediately feel that this is a very far away thing from you.

But if you do n’t want to be a professional athlete or a fitness champion, you just want to be healthier. The next time you buy rice, you can easily raise it to the fifth floor. When you are wedding, you can successfully lift it.Your bride does not need to control her weight. If you want to achieve this effect, you should strengthen your arm exercises.

  Absolute men and women we can divide the trunk of the body into two parts.

The upper body can be divided into shoulder muscles, arm muscles, back muscles, chest muscles, and abdominal muscles.

In the lower body, we can divide the muscle groups such as hips, thighs, and calves. Before talking about specific movements, there are several concepts that must be clarified: the principle of muscle growth: muscles are only the largest in the shortest timeExcitement will lead to the best growth.

Those who can easily come to exercise, if it is not the level of the world champion, or exercise as work, this is no different from digging coal in the mountains, and it is good to not lose muscle.

Of course, muscle growth also needs to be balanced with the nutrients you implant.

  Women’s muscles are very scary as soon as they exercise: When it comes to bodybuilding, many women disdain, “I don’t want so much muscle!

“It seems a bit irresponsible to say this. If it is so simple, it will grow muscle. I don’t think it is difficult to be a champion. What is the use of professional coaches?

In fact, strength training will not make girls ‘muscles fly at all, and it will regulate your body shape very well, make your gait appear to change speed, wear clothes, and bring other organs.Health, adjust your endocrine, make you less stomach ache, stomach ache and other problems.

  Weight balance: This is a complex system. Simply put, your weight is controlled by several aspects. Simply trying to change weight through muscle and strength training is not easy.

  The reason for talking about these concepts is that you need to repeat a little less, because your hard training a week may be lost because of your overnight mahjong, your day ‘s emperor-like diet, or it may be completely cut off because of a pack of cigarettes .… You need to understand that the development of race is the result of multifaceted cooperation.

Let me introduce some specific actions to help you achieve your ideal figure.

  Top: This is an area that is of great interest to both men and women.

It is mainly composed of pectoralis major muscles, which are divided into upper, middle, and lower bundles. The function is to make the arms move forward and downward.

The muscle lines in this part will directly affect a person’s overall strength and image.

  Action one: push-ups-this may be too classic, not many people can really do this.

In fact, by changing the position of the hand, this action can torture the pectoralis major muscles to the limit, and at the same time have a good exercise on the shoulders and arms.

  Equipment: Bed, chair, small stool Action essentials: toes touch the ground, palms support the ground, keep your body upright, when the elbows are bent, open to the body, the body drops evenly until the nose tip touches the ground, hold for one second, and then support againTo a certain extent, it fell again before straightening, 8 to 12 times as a group (can increase or decrease depending on personal circumstances), and more than three groups for one training, twice a week.

The position of the connection of the hands with respect to the pectoralis major muscle directly determines the training focus on this part of the pectoralis major muscle. It is recommended that at the beginning, the middle beam is the main part, and the hand position is changed later.

At the same time, in order to deepen the movement of the pectoralis major muscle, it can also be supported on the stool with both hands, and the toes can be supported by the bed or objects of corresponding height, which is easy to find at home.

When doing the action, because there is no ground limitation, the body may be surpassed by the horizontal plane of the hands, so that the pectoralis major muscle is fully decomposed.

Exhale as you descend.

Tip: Don’t underestimate this action. With proper hand position adjustment, it can almost train the pectoral muscles, deltoid muscles (main muscles of the shoulders), and three heads (main muscles of the arms).

When women do this movement, they can make a certain angle between the body and the ground. For example, they can support the bedside, which can reduce the weight that needs to be supported, and at the same time, make the arm and the body below the arm present an angle of more than 90 degrees.This is equivalent to upward slanting, which is especially beneficial for women to promote dark colors.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆☆ Complete shortcomings: ☆☆ Action 2: Sit on the bird-dance like a bird instead of just lying on a flat stool.

How it works, look at the sparrow’s pectoralis major muscle that covers almost the entire area in front of the torso, and you will understand.

  Equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a large water bottle action essentials: for men, some kind of pair of dumbbells should not be extravagant, lying on a long chair (if you feel uncomfortable, you can put on a large bath towel).

Lift the bell with both hands, straighten your arms, and then bend your elbows slightly. Open your hands to the side. Use the strength of the pectoralis major muscles to control the decline. When your elbows go down to the plane of the body, you will feel the strong extension of the pectoral muscles.One second, then restore, before the body is not fully straightened, start to descend and complete the second time. Note that the entire process is exerted by the pectoralis major muscle. The position where the hands are connected determines the specific force point of the pectoral muscle.The actual training position.

The descending process is slower than the upward lifting. Each group has completed more than 12 times, insisting on at least three groups. Pay attention to exhalation during the descending process.

  For defenseless women, a mineral water bottle full of water can be used to replace the dumbbells mentioned above, and the effect is still good.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆ Difficulty of completion: ☆☆☆ Shoulder: Mainly composed of trapezius muscles (the part that connects the neck and shoulders) and deltoid muscles (the muscles that surround the shoulders).

This part occupies a large proportion in the power distribution of the upper body. Its exercises can greatly change the shape of your shoulders, and even widen your shoulders. You only need to turn on the TV to see the models on the T stage.You know the nature of the shoulder image. It can be said that a piece of clothing is worn on the body. It is mainly determined by this part whether it looks good. I think most women need to exercise this part.

  One of the movements: level bird-mainly training the deltoid muscle bundle, change to make your shoulders look strong, if you insist, it can increase your shoulder width at the maximum.

And a slightly twisted deltoid muscle is a sign of men in itself, and women can change the degree of “sliding shoulders” very well through its training, so that you can show a proud rack of clothes.

  Equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a large mineral water bottle. Action essentials: stand upright, with your feet standing shoulder-width apart, your knees slightly bent, your upper body leaning forward, holding dumbbells or water bottles horizontally with your hands, your elbows slightly bent, and your hands raised flatlyIt is the same height as the shoulders, and then slightly turned to the turning part. It is like pouring water, which can fully stimulate the deltoid muscle bundle.

Complete 12 times × 3 groups or more, and keep the same speed, keep breathing. Boys pay attention to belching when lifting because of weight adhesion during training.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆☆ Completion disadvantages: ☆☆ Action three: Leaning to the bird (jumping sideways)-to develop your back shoulder, that is, the back of the deltoid muscle, it looks like your shoulder willA little thicker, women can make you look from the side, and there is no fat mass behind.  Equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a large mineral water bottle. Action essentials: stand upright, with your feet standing shoulder-width apart, your knees slightly bent, your upper body leaning forward to 90 degrees, your hands holding a bell or water bottle horizontally, your elbows slightly bent, and your sides flat.Lift to shoulder height.

Complete 12 times × 3 groups or more, keep the same speed and keep breathing. When men training, due to weight loss, pay attention to belching when lifting.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆☆ Complete shortcomings: ☆☆ Action two: Straight arm flat front-mainly trains the deltoid muscles to make your shoulders fuller.

  Equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a large mineral water bottle. Action essentials: stand upright, with your feet standing as wide as your shoulders, and your hands raised horizontally from the front of your body.

Complete 12 times × 3 groups or more, the same speed, keep breathing, men during training, due to weight extension, pay attention to belching when lifting.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆ Difficulty of completion: ☆☆ For all the above actions, beginners should not exceed three groups for each action at the beginning, and increase the intensity after being proficient.

Either increase the number of groups or increase the weight.

  This issue introduces how to increase strength and muscles, how to achieve the best state of the body, and also introduces the specific actions of strengthening the chest and shoulders.

How to improve metabolism in winter

How to improve metabolism in winter


How to improve metabolism in winter

In winter, the weather is cold, and the body’s function is low in metabolism. How can we accelerate metabolism and discharge excess energy?


Spicy food can speed up the metabolic rate.

Capsaicin is a compound that activates the vitality. With it, pepper can exude heat, just like a torch, speeding up metabolism and burning more energy.

The study found that a small spoonful of pepper contains 30 mg of capsaicin, which can increase the metabolic rate by 23%.

In another study, it was 0 in tomato juice.

9 mg of capsaicin was given to the participants, and it was found that these people reduced their energy intake by 10% to 16% every day, but two days later, those who participated in the experiment did not feel hungry because of reduced food intake.
銆€銆€Tip: When making stews, such as macaroni noodles, sprinkle some pepper, not only can increase the taste, but also lose weight, why not.


Adding more protein can speed up the metabolism.

Protein accelerates metabolism compared to adults and plasma because the body needs more energy to consume protein.

This is also the principle of the thermal effect of food: the energy needed to consume food.

The study found that the energy required to consume protein is a double consumption of glucose.

In general, 14% of our energy comes from protein.

If we change the diet structure, the protein supply will double, but the supplement intake will be relatively reduced, so that the metabolism of daily metabolic consumption can be increased by 150 to 200 calories.

銆€銆€Tip: Add 10 to 20 grams of protein per meal.

A low-fat yogurt for breakfast can add about 13 grams of protein, a bean can add about 10 grams of protein for lunch, and a fish can add 17 grams of protein for dinner.


Eating grapefruit before three meals can speed up metabolic errors.

Grapefruit is not a magical food, it can’t make a miracle in metabolism, but grapefruit can really help people lose weight.

Eating half a grapefruit three meals a day for 12 weeks can help people lose 4 pounds.

The principle is: grapefruit is rich in fiber and water, which can reduce the amount of calories you eat when you eat.

銆€銆€Tip: The first half of the staple food, grapefruit or an orange, instead of salad or soup, is a trick to lose weight.


Lifting a dumbbell can increase metabolism more than aerobic exercise.

Strength exercises can help people build muscle. For every 3 pounds of muscle, the conversion of metabolic combustion can increase by 6% to 8%, which means you can consume 100 calories a day.

Aerobic exercise does not help people exercise lean muscle.

The best way to increase lean muscle is to do endurance exercises.

銆€銆€Tip: Strengthen exercise, especially those that can exercise lean muscles, such as pull-ups, crouching, etc. can also increase muscle groups.


Celery is a negatively migrating food because it requires more conversion to digest it than it does.

The thermal effects of food indicate that it takes a certain amount of time to digest food each time.

But the transients consumed by this process are few.

A trace of celery contains only about 6 calories, and the food heat effect it produces consumes only zero.

5 calories.

銆€銆€Tip: Celery is a healthy food that lowers blood pressure.

But don’t think about eating celery to lose weight.
Tea can improve metabolism.

Tea polyphenols in green tea and oolong tea can increase the rate of human consumption.

A Japanese study found that those who drink a cup of oolong tea a day can increase their metabolic rate by 10%. A cup of green tea a day can increase the metabolic rate by 4%. Other studies have found that drinking two to four cups of tea a day is probably rich.Containing 375 to 675 mg of tea polyphenols, the body can increase calories by 50 calories per day, and can lose 5 pounds a year.

銆€銆€Tip: Drink a cup of green tea every day, while drinking lemonade can help the body absorb tea polyphenols.


Excessive appetite before menstruation can promote metabolism.

If there is no benefit to proper symptoms before menstruation, it is that people’s resting metabolic rate will increase during the luteal phase (the first day after ovulation to the time of menstruation).

Increased metabolism can cause the body to consume 300 calories more, which is why many people want to eat before menstruation.

銆€銆€Tip: Write down what you eat in the week before menstruation and one week after menstruation.

Then properly control the amount of food, you can effectively use this period to lose weight.


If time is limited, then increasing the intensity of exercise can also improve some of the transformation pairs burned by Chen metabolism.

After high-intensity exercise, people’s resting metabolic rate can be several times higher than usual.

Even after stopping after exercise, the body continues to consume the degeneration that is 10% of the free radicals consumed during exercise.

銆€銆€Tip: Appropriately increase the intensity during exercise, jogging instead of walking, this effect is better.


Drinking cold drinks and eating cold foods consumes more calories.

This news will make many people excited.

The study found that drinking five or six glasses of ice water a day, the human body will burn 10 calories per day, and one year, you can lose one pound without much effort.

銆€銆€Tip: This effect is not obvious. For some people with bad stomach, eating cold food is not good for the stomach, so it is necessary to weigh it.


Drinking water in moderation can help the body consume more energy.

Water is required for all chemical reactions in the body, including metabolism.

According to researchers at the University of Utah, if the body is dehydrated, the calories burned by the body will be reduced by 2%. They actually experiment with 10 adults, and their daily drinking water is different.

The final results found that those who drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day have a higher metabolic rate than those who drink only 4 glasses of water a day.

銆€銆€Tip: If your urine is not light yellow and the color is darker, then it is confirmed that you have insufficient water every day.

Remember to drink a glass of water before three meals or half an hour before eating snacks.


Dieting to lose weight slows the rate of resting metabolism and hinders weight loss.

For every pound lost in weight, the energy consumed by the resting metabolic rate per day is reduced by 2 to 10 calories.

If you lose 10 pounds, you will lose 20 to 100 calories per day, so you should reduce your energy intake by 20 to 100 calories.

However, things are artificial.

There are still ways to keep your metabolism rate down while losing weight.

One of the methods is to relax amateurs, keep the body lean and muscle, and insist on doing aerobic exercise and endurance exercise.

Warning: If the calorie intake per day is less than 1000, the proportion of lean muscle in the body is likely to decrease.

銆€銆€Tip: The best way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake by 250 per day while maintaining 250 calories.

This will reduce the sputum, and will not reduce the lean muscle mass to affect the metabolic rate.

What is the baby’s calcium supplement super practical calcium recipes to take away

What is the baby’s calcium supplement super practical calcium recipes to take away


What is the baby’s calcium supplement super practical calcium recipes to take away

Baby Calcium Recipes: Fish and Rice Rice Paste Ingredients: Rice flour (or milk cake), 15-25 grams of fish and vegetables, seasoned with salt.

銆€Method: Mix the rice flour with water, stir it into a paste, and boil it for about 8 minutes. After washing the vegetables and fish, cut them into mud and cook them in the pan. Continue to cook until the fish is cooked and seasoned.After that.

You can give some food to the baby for more than 4 months.

銆€Baby Calcium Recipes: Eggs, Tofu, Raw Materials: Eggs, South Tofu, 150 grams of bone soup, diced green onion, etc.

銆€Method: The eggs are broken, the tofu is chopped, the bone soup is boiled; the tofu is cooked under low heat, seasoned properly, and sprinkled with egg flowers, and finally garnished with diced green onion.

It is especially suitable for small babies who are not chewed for about 6 months.

Baby Calcium Recipes: Shrimp Skin Chopping Ingredients: 5 grams of shrimp skin, 50 grams of cabbage, 1 egg, spontaneous flour, some seasonings, etc.

Method: Wash and soften the shrimp skin with warm water, cut into pieces, add the fried eggs; add a little bit of washed cabbage, cut into pieces, and the eggs into a filling; spontaneous flour andOk, wake up a little, wrap it into a pleated bun, and steam it on the basket.

Baby who is more than 10 months old will definitely like this delicious little buns.

Baby calcium supplement recipe: Xiangxiang bone noodle soup ingredients: pig or burdock bone or 200 grams of spine, 5 grams of dragon mustard, 50 grams of green vegetables, seasoned with salt, a few drops of rice vinegar.

Method: mash the bone, add in cold water, boil over medium heat, boil and add rice vinegar, continue to cook for 30 minutes; discard the bone, take the soup, put the dragon’s face into the bone soup, wash, cutThe chopped greens are added to the soup and cooked until cooked. Add salt and spread until served.

Calcium and iron can be added to infants over 1 year old who are growing rapidly to prevent chest disease and anemia.

Health and wellness

Health and wellness


Health and wellness

With the center of economic interests, the center is constantly strengthened to the unshakable level, so that the whole world is predicted to be small, the family, the native, the village, the middle to the town, the city, the province, the country, the interests of the alliance, to the natural world.Vulnerable groups, hostile countries, the Earth, and the planet universe unscrupulously intercept large amounts of resources, leading to depletion of natural resources – environmental degradation, conflicts of interest – tensions, national political conflicts – unstable situation, space garbage flying – the earth is in danger!

As a result, human beings began to gradually fall into a state of collapse, and the body, mind, and state of life became chaotic. Various diseases such as poisonous mushrooms emerged on the human body: hysteria, indifference, arrogance, extremes, embarrassmentMental illness such as Qi, high blood pressure, uremia, diabetes, rheumatism, kidney disease, muscle weakness and other chronic diseases.

In this case of forced persecution, health, disease, and longevity have become more and more recognized by people from all walks of life!

Under this circumstance, the state put forward: “The strong country must first be strong, the strong species must first be strong” and the “senior strong is China strong” slogan, calling on young couples “pregnant and eugenics” to begin the transition to the “superiity and more life” stage.

The hospital put forward: the slogan of “early inspection, early treatment”, called on everyone to go to the hospital for annual inspection, check the body’s latent morbidity, the result of the people who have more or less problems, so the hospital business is hot.

The health care products company put forward the slogan of “treatment is not as good as health care, treatment is not as good as prevention”, and calls on everyone to “buy medicine to eat better than to buy health care products”. As a result, everyone eats health care products as food, health care products companies are like cow hair, counting money to hand cramps.
The health organization puts forward: “health, happiness, happiness”, and the results of various methods of martial arts training, one after another, a lot of money.

I said: “Health is better than first to keep fit”, to be the first, to be the foundation, and then to have health.

Body-building is to raise the body of the body, and health has more content, including: physical, psychological, spiritual, social, human life and so on, all-round life road maintenance, simply said “to live a good life.”

To raise a good is to enjoy a happy life, to raise a bad is to toss a lifetime, painful life, helpless life!

But people must have a good body in order to be happy and happy in this life.

The healthy spindle shell has, the mentality is good, the energy field of the body is just right, then the interpersonal relationship is also harmonious, then more and more noble people can help, your life career can notIs it a complete success?

The causal theory of physical health’s success or failure in life is arranged in the previous article. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it!

The so-called “health” that we are currently hearing or the so-called “health” that we are doing is actually just “healing the body”, and there are thousands of ways to promote the market. The market is chaotic, and many outsiders have gone astray, even to the enchantingTo the point, I feel that the method is good, I am willing to spend money to buy, spend money to learn, I feel that the more I learn, the more expensive the better.

In the end, my body is just doing other people’s experimental products, and also sending money to others.

They all stunned themselves, and it became worse and worse to make the body of the experimental field.

Even the most basic body can not be raised, what about health care?

Baichuan returns to the sea, and Wanfa returns to the sect!

Is there any way to really “keep your body” and spend very little money?

If so, where is it?

Share it for everyone in the future!

The family has three years of Ai, Langzhong is not used!

The family has three years of Ai, Langzhong is not used!


Teach you the four great recipes for Ai Ye health!

The family has three years of Ai, Langzhong is not used!
Teach you the four great recipes for Ai Ye health!

Ai Cao is also known as Xiang Ai, Ai Ai, Artemisia argyi, bitter taste, Xin, warm, into the spleen, liver, kidney.

Can dispel cold and dehumidify, warm and stop bleeding.

It is suitable for debilitating bleeding and abdominal pain. It has obvious curative effect on women’s cold and menstrual irregularity, abdominal pain and uterine bleeding. It is a kind of gynecological medicine.

The wormwood can also be used as a variety of dishes and medicated diets.

Ai Jiang boiled eggs: sweep the female body in the body of aversion to cold: Ai Ye ginger and eggs: 15 grams of Ai Ye, 25 grams of ginger, 2 eggs.

Method: Add the appropriate amount of the above 3 flavors with water.

After the eggs are cooked, peel off the eggshell and put it into the original juice for a while.

Drink soup and eat eggs twice a day.

Efficacy: with menstruation, hemostasis, fetus, cold and cold.

Ai Ye ren porridge Ai Ye 6 grams, 1 egg, 50 grams of coix seed, pepper, salt amount.

Add the porridge to the coix seed and set aside.

Cook the leaves and eggs together until the eggs are cooked, add the soup to the porridge of the coix seed; egg shelling, simmering pepper, fine salt, and porridge with food, 2 times a day.

Ai Caoqing group materials: glutinous rice flour 180g, sticky rice flour 120g, Cheng powder 75g, sugar 90g, wormwood powder 15g, salad oil 45ml, water 480ml.

When you pack, you should apply a little oil on your hands, so it is not easy to stick your hands.

On the container of the green group, also brush a little oil.

Take the fresh, hurry to eat!

The Youth League is delicious and nutritious.

Ai leaves are a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It has the functions of warming, stopping bleeding, dispelling cold and relieving pain.

After soaking in water, it has a good effect on cold-blooding for patients who have foot-bathing. Therefore, Aiye can prevent colds and appropriate resistance.

Ai Ye itself is very good for dredging meridians to regulate the balance of the human body. Therefore, for patients with meridians and meridians, Ai Ye has an effective therapeutic effect, especially for headaches caused by meridians and meridians, joint pain has a good effect.

Remind that 2 types of people are not suitable for using Ai Ye1. It is not suitable for patients with hot sex who are more severe in heat to use Ai Ye soaking feet. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive and cause bad consequences.

2, pregnant women can not use Ai Ye, pregnant women with Ai Ye bath or smoked Ai Ye, it is not good for the fetus inside the stomach, a serious one will lead to abortion.

#澶忓ぉ鍏荤敓姝f椂##娓呴璁″垝# Read more about the college entrance examination for children to eat health care products, is it necessary?

At these 3 points, most parents don’t know that in the summer, gout still dare to eat seafood and drink?

These 3 habits must be corrected!

ED man, 4 strokes to find confidence!

Article 1 can’t be done by most people. How many of you do you have?

Five steps to make the cubicle appear more spacious

Five steps to make the cubicle appear more spacious


Five steps to make the cubicle appear more spacious

How can you make your little bedroom look more spacious and modern?

Let me talk about my own experience and feelings: how to arrange a warm bedroom in the apartment.

銆€銆€First of all: Clear style This bedroom is designed for white-collar workers who work most of the time.

Therefore, the design strives to be simple and avoid messy. It is easy to clean and organize the bedroom, and at the same time cater to their modern taste.

銆€銆€Step 2: Choose a furniture reservation. The main furniture in the bedroom should be a bed, but part of the wardrobe is also important.

I chose a solid wood plank wardrobe with three large drawers for clothes and other daily necessities. The open space above allows for easy placement of many items, and the TV is placed in it, making full use of the space.

The frosted glass door has a texture that makes the interior bright and bright.

銆€銆€The furniture in the top floor of the bedroom is the bed. I replaced a steel frame with a sloping bed. It is elegant, simple, and a bit cold. It can lie without occupying a large area.

In addition, the geometry of the lattice sees the angle of the corner makes the whole bedroom have a unique architectural temperament.

銆€銆€Furthermore, I used two Berlin wooden bedside tables of the same color as a bed.

There is a deep alternative to the bedside table, where you can put some essentials.

On the top of the cabinet, a table lamp can be placed on the table. Although the clothes hook is a small thing, it often has an extraordinary effect in the living room.

I used the mirror with the same texture as the bed and the clothes hook to put on the jersey in the morning, and take care of myself without being chaotic.

銆€銆€Step 3: Make sure the furniture placement bed is the activity center of the bedroom, so it is placed in the middle of the room, and the road leading to the bed should be tried to make it the most accessible place.

This placement makes the person feel that the room is separated by two parts of the bed, so it looks more.

Two bedside tables are placed on either side of the bed.

The closet is placed opposite the bed so that it is both symmetrical and very convenient to watch TV.

銆€銆€Generally speaking, furniture should be placed in harmony, so that people feel that all items are placed in order and neat, in order to achieve the desired layout.

銆€銆€Step 4: Material, color and style The apartment house is often affected by the noise of the street and the noise of the neighbors. Therefore, choose the wallpaper with cold color pattern to decorate the wiring, which can both decorate and give people a kind ofThe psychological suggestion of sleep can be described as two things.

銆€銆€In order to make the bed and the wardrobe look more harmonious, I picked a piece of Modulus carpet and placed it in between.

The geometric composition of the carpet is quite suitable for the atmosphere of the room, and the soft material makes the modern style of the room not too blunt.

The small room must not be filled with patterned carpets, while the light-colored floor is covered with a small carpet in the middle or on the bedside, which looks like the floor looks spacious without losing its anger.

銆€銆€Step 5: Replacing other decorations To keep the bedroom clean and tidy, I have kept a minimum of decorations.

Just put a pair of Adesso steel frame lamps on each bedside table, the material is exactly the same as the bed, which constitutes a harmonious echo.

If you let the light shine toward the beam, you can give the entire bedroom a soft glow effect.

Then decorate the board with two or three photos of the family, the whole room is very warm.

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