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Solving Workplace Stress with Ah Q Spirit

Solving Workplace Stress with Ah Q Spirit

Solving Workplace Stress with Ah Q Spirit

Do you feel you lack a sense of occupational safety?

If so, what are your reasons?

  It ‘s also difficult for subordinates to admire Sun Ling ‘s 38-year-old deputy manager’s sense of career crisis. I think modern people are a little bit more. After all, it ‘s not the age of eating “big pot rice”, especially female white-collar workers, family career, taking care of both ends, let alone someFan taste in my heart.

  Take me as an example. I entered the company with a college degree.

This education now sounds a little low, but it was still OK at that time, coupled with his young age and willingness to endure hardships, he devoted himself to work and was greatly appreciated by the boss. He was promoted from an ordinary employee to a supervisor within six months and two yearsThen he took the position of the current deputy manager.

  However, even if everything goes smoothly, my sense of professional crisis has never stopped: I was worried about business issues when I started working, afraid that the task would not be completed, and I was afraid that I would be overtaken by my peers. After marriage, I was afraid that a child would affect the job, and I was worried about it.The easy-to-spell position was crowded out by others; now, after so many years, the position should be considered stable, but there are other concerns.

The first is the academic qualifications, which gradually become more and more problematic through time, especially when watching new people keep coming in, each one is at least a degree or above, and masters and doctors are not unusual. They are full of confidence and vitality. They must be convinced.Doing things under my hands, I have to improve myself. Second, age, women are always particularly sensitive on this issue. Although their position is not to eat “youth rice”, they face young colleagues and subordinates.Sometimes it can be particularly embarrassing.

I remember a time when I lost my temper at a work meeting because of business affairs. As a result, when I passed the company ‘s bathroom during lunch break, I actually heard a ridiculous voice like “menopause” inside.Talking to me, don’t worry about how uncomfortable I was at the time, but I still have to pretend to be indifferent and continue to work, it is really aggrieved.

  Therefore, although I am in an important position and working hours, I still take the time to go out to study in a refresher class. I need to get a certificate to make up for my lack of education. I also want to prove that I am young and have enough energy.

However, the price of this is that I spend less and less time at home, and sometimes I ca n’t talk to my husband and son for a week, I feel regretful, but I ca n’t help but hope to be busy soonAt this stage, accompany them well during the New Year, and then continue to add new “fights.”

  I was tired of finding Zhang Zhongming’s 32-year-old department manager. After I left school, everything went smoothly. I mentioned the department manager in two or three years.

In theory, it should be proud of the spring breeze, but I still have potential stress and crisis at all times.

When I entered the unit, I was doing personnel and office internal work. I felt that my strengths could not be realized, so I applied to transfer to the business department.

Finally, I repaid as I wished, responsible for market development and coordination with the outside.

This is a huge challenge for me.

My profession is not related to this style.

I often feel the distrustful eyes of my colleagues and have heard some gossip. What should I do?

I had to grit my teeth, after all, I asked to adjust the work. If I didn’t do well, my colleagues joked, my boss criticized them, or they were simply replaced by others.

I have a rest. In order to get started as quickly as possible, I read a book until two in the morning every day. In addition to working hard during the day, I have to accompany laughter.

  Another point is that I am a Ph.D. With a high degree of education, I have also suffered some damages.

What should have been done by two or three people, and I want to do it alone.

Moreover, you can’t smash things, or you will be accused of “or a doctor, you can’t even do this”.

Although many people are envious of my current part and income, I may not know which day I will be covering up.

Now our company has several masters in management, all of which are in the limelight. I think maybe they are my “reserve forces”.

  Journalists’ notes do not have to be too demanding and is a heavy topic.

  I know that I will really understand what it means to be cold.

Listening to the “story behind the scenes”, I can’t help but feel wronged for the so-called successful people. Behind the scenery is infinite bitterness.

They are faced with too much pressure. The strings in their heads have been tightened tightly, or for fierce competition, or for complex interpersonal relationships, or even for their own image. In short, every family has a difficult experience.
To a certain extent, this is indeed a good thing.

It is precisely because of the existence of so many crises that we are not constrained from moving forward, and we are struggling to move forward under heavy sorrow.

  But everything has a degree, the word “depressed” sounds from time to time, almost all have to win the highest annual frequency award, this is not a healthy phenomenon.

The reason why we have so many psychological tortures is mostly because we have too many desires in our hearts and we are burdened by foreign objects.

Although we can’t be as carefree as children, and can’t roam like fairies in the mythology, we can learn a little bit about Laozi Zhuangzi.

We are all ordinary people, so we must have ordinary mind.

Find a coordinate that suits you, so that we will be self-adapted, more self-deprecating, and more A-Q spirit?

Do your best.

  I have something to say that after nearly two decades of ups and downs, in the last few years I finally realized the dream of my information director.

However, professional advancement and promotion of posts have brought me endless troubles.Every time the corporate reorganization and staff crunch, the information technology department as a second-line department almost took turns.

In order to control and reduce the internal human resources costs of the company, the position of the information director is always vacillating. Sometimes I really want to propose to downgrade my position to be the manager of the information department. Maybe I can sleep more safely at night.

-Sun Jianmou Group Information Director may wish to “AQ” in the workplace.

Think about anything good.

For example, doing more things better than others does not prevent me from thinking about doing things. I have learned more skills than others.

For another example, if someone else is more admired by the leader than himself, he thinks that person must have more skills than me.

-Chen Qi’s competition is very fierce now, and talents are constantly emerging. With a little carelessness, some people will fill the position later.

I’m almost thirty, I don’t dare to have children; it is precisely that there are no children, and the job change becomes a problem. The new unit is always afraid that my age will affect work because of having children.

I’ve been hesitant to ask for a child. The seat must not be guaranteed, should I start again?

-Although Zhang Li said that I worked in a state-owned enterprise, I still lacked a sense of security and always felt unemployed without paying attention.

Employees don’t care about their performance, but they care about the face of their leaders.

When working, the strings are tight and not afraid to be negligent.

-He Zuhong Now, the competition is fierce. No matter which line or level you go to, there will be crises. Therefore, the only way is to learn more and involve more new things in order to adapt to the times.

-As long as you have a fixed job, Xiaoxin will definitely feel a sense of career crisis.

So I simply became a freelancer, “take a shot and change a place”, but I was comfortable, wasn’t it?

-I am an IT person, and I have been living in crisis.

The update of knowledge is a guarantee of our survival for us, otherwise, cruel competition will eliminate you.

-Li Xin’s sense of professional crisis, I think anyone will have it, but now it seems that everyone is used to it, don’t so many people have been jumping around, this is a result of competition, especially young people, sometimes it doesn’t matterBecause we have strength and time.

It’s our slogan to leave if you can’t.

-Chen Qi

More men, more coquettish women, less wild

More men, more coquettish women, less wild

More men, more coquettish women, less wild

For thousands of years, coquetry has always been a woman’s nature. Women do not have to be beautiful, but they must coquettish, because coquetry is a weapon and a killer to deal with the talents of men.

And Sanye has always been a man’s fault. A Sanye man wants to get a deserved reputation, which is a ridiculous dream, especially a woman. When talking about a Sanye man, he always hates gritting his teeth, lest he avoid it.

  However, if you put it another way, let men be coquettish and women be wild.

Don’t say that such a statement is unrealistic. In an age where everything is possible, there is only reality and nothing unrealistic.

The fact is that women now think of Saye as a personality, while men take it as relaxation.

  The difference is that men’s coquetry can only come secretly, while women’s coquetry always rushes openly.

  Men are coquettish because men are soft, women are wild because women are hard.

Men’s softness is because women are aggressively challenged, while women’s hardness is because of men’s retreat.

  But the coquettish man is not the loser of life or career. Under the pressure of career and life, the man’s vent should cry and coquettish in addition to alcohol and smoke. The world is cruel, and men are always beaten nowhereBreathable, do n’t say that men have tears, but long-term depression will make men less men. Although Uncle Andy shouted that “men cry, it ‘s not a sin.” There are some show suspects, but I ‘m more willingI believe that was the outbreak of his twenty-year entertainer career as a man.

The coquettishness of a man in frustration is by no means shameful, it is a kind of childlike cuteness, a relaxation that will make a man return to male domineering (note: it is relaxation, not indulgence).

Women who understand men will show innate motherhood when men are coquettish, soothing men’s tired hearts and reviving men’s glory.

The incomprehensible woman always considers the coquettishness of men as manless. How many men are depressed because they have nowhere to find the space for release, and finally fall to the rivers and lakes and no longer rise up.

  Saye does not mean that a woman can leave the existence of a man and survive independently. In fact, a woman’s saye is like a variant of coquetry. Women have been coquettish for thousands of years. They found that such a killer like coquetry has sometimes lost its effectiveness against men.Without changing some innovative methods, men do n’t buy anything at all, so Sanye is naturally borrowed by women to become a new weapon. Brutal, spicy, and outrageous have all become the expression of this new weapon. These expressions are in a certain way.To a certain extent, it is very useful, and the imitation of men’s methods makes men sometimes confused.

Confucius’ phrase “It’s difficult to raise a villain with a woman” more than two thousand years ago is actually a prescient assertion that women are savages. This famous saying is interpreted as one word: the wild.

But no matter how a woman’s wildness makes a man indifferent, men always embrace women with a tolerant attitude. This is a man’s generosity, because men believe that no matter how noisy women are, they always want more favor from men.As a man, there is no reason not to let them order.

  Men are very hard, so men can be coquettish at the right time. Although coquetry is a woman’s nature, men also need someone to hurt. When a woman tolerates men in a way that allows men to coquettish, the motherhood of a woman is gentle and coquettish.Men can see.

  Women are very comfortable, so women should restrain their degree of wildness. Although it is said that wildness is just a variation of coquettishness, for men, women are more willing to tolerate coquettish women, and women of wildness often need men to mobilize generosity to tolerate.This hurts the man, even if the man is meaningless, but the bitterness in his heart can’t be seen by the woman in the wild.

  Men, be cautious when you should be coquettish, don’t hold back and laugh at the sky and say it’s not hard; women, when you want to be feral, let’s be ferocious, don’t let your eyebrows and angry eyes say I like it.

Drinking jujube and ginger soup in autumn and winter can warm your hands and feet

Drinking jujube and ginger soup in autumn and winter can warm your hands and feet

Drinking jujube and ginger soup in autumn and winter can warm your hands and feet

Jujube and ginger soup has good warmth, nourishing qi, and nourishing blood effect. Xiaobian recommends hot text: anemia, gastrointestinal disease, nutritional deficiencies, hypothyroidism caused by systemic or local poor blood circulation, and various causesDisorders of blood circulation in the limbs and limbs cause cold hands and feet.

At present, there is no specific medicine for cold feet in the hands, but if you pay attention to self-regulation in life, you can also get good results.

In addition to the elderly friends with cold hands and feet, to keep warm and increase physical activity, drinking jujube ginger soup is a good choice.

  The main ingredients of jujube and ginger soup are jujube, ginger, and brown sugar. The specific method is 10 jujubes, 5 slices of ginger, an appropriate amount of brown sugar, and decoction for tea, once a day.

  Regularly drinking jujube and ginger soup can improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet, which is inseparable from the efficacy of jujube and ginger.

Jujube is sweet and warm, has the functions of nourishing qi and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, ginger is sweet and warm, has the effects of warming and analgesic, and relieves the cold, and at the same time, it can fully use ginger and warming.And the meaning of complementation, together promoting the circulation of qi and blood, the blood circulation of the whole body has been improved accordingly, and the hands and feet naturally warm up with it.

  In addition, the brown sugar in jujube ginger soup also has the functions of tonifying, nourishing and activating blood.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that gingerol contained in ginger has a direct excitatory effect on the heart and vascular motor centers, transforming the rapid heartbeat, expanding the blood vessels, exuberant blood flow and smoothing the veins, improving the body surface circulation and making people feel the whole body.warm.

  Need to remind everyone: ginger is warm, friends who are often swollen and painful in the gums, mouth ulcers, constipation and other symptoms of “fire”, should not take too much ginger; jujube ginger soup is sugar-fractionated, and people with diabetes should not eat it.

  Xiaobian recommends hot text: In addition to jujube ginger soup, those with cold hands and feet should also eat more foods such as meat, pasta, eggs, milk and so on to increase the body’s heat production, but obese people with diabetes should be carefulfood.

When choosing fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods, it is best to choose mild, such as longan, orange, mutton, dog meat, beef, etc. are all good choices, at the same time, avoid excessive consumption of pears, bananas, cucumbers, winter melon, oranges,Cool foods such as watermelon.

Skin care, are you flowery

Skin care, are you flowery

Skin care, are you “flowery”

“Like the new but hate the old” and “feeling a few boats” are the habits of men and women’s “problems”-count skin care products on the dressing table, right?
  Come here, measure your “Flower Heart Index”-Survey Results This survey has a total of 5,262 participants, all of whom are women.
How many brands do you use at the same time?
  A1 type 8.
34% B2-3 76.
26% C4-5 species 12.

56% D6 and above 2.
83% Xiaoping: “Absolutely honest” and “high-ranking Huaxin” are only a few. Everyone is cautious and converges on mixing.
  2.Which products would you choose different brands?
  A Eye Cream 10.
87% B serum 2.
89% C sunscreen 13.

13% 妆 D makeup / cleansing products 13.
91% E any product is possible 59.
2% Small comment: Apparently most people are “flowery” and have no rules; the outstanding essence has been left out, but it is a pity!
  3.When would you consider changing brands?
  A is not satisfied with the effect of the current brand 43.
9% B wants to try another brand after running out of products. 26.
15% C only adjusts products within the brand, not easy to change the brand 10.
41% D has allergies and discomforts, change brand immediately 10.
32% E has a new brand on the market and always wants to try something new. 9.
22% Small review: Pursue obvious results, pursue novelty, and don’t pay much attention to the correspondence between skin condition and brand characteristics and advantages.
What is your basis for choosing a product?
  A. After consulting various materials and trials, I feel suitable for myself.
74% B The price and product name are roughly in line with your needs, so use 32.
16% of C friends or netizens in the beauty forum said that the effect is good. 26.
42% D advertising 7.
22% EBA recommendation 1.
46% Small comment: The total number of people and people who are taken away by products and advertisements exceeds 60%. The real needs of the skin are ignored; the trust in BA is low.
没问题但要“花”对路   雅诗兰黛培训经理CICY   除敏感性、炎症性肌肤应选定一个品牌、且护肤步骤尽量单纯外,其他类型的肌肤,“花心”并无大碍,但The point is: are you “flowering” right?
Will it “fire in the backyard”?
  For example, the yellow and dry skin is often caused by poor metabolism and malabsorption. If it is simply whitened, it is useless to use star products of many brands. If you add detox or anti-aging products, it may be completely improved.
  Don’t expect too high skin “basic” Lancome trainer Zhang Rong In addition to fresh pictures, “flower heart” is also a reflection of the high expectations of skin care products.
Everyone’s skin has a “basic”, and skin care products can only be “improved” but not “changed”; being too anxious will also make skin care products ineffective.   There are still many people who know what they need, but still do not know what to choose, and then they should consult a trained BA.

Distrust of BA is also a misunderstanding of skin care.

  ”Huaxin” has rules and methods to reduce inflammation. Qin Ruofan, a senior trainer in L’Oreal Paris, must be a rule. “Huaxin” needs rules, care about skin problems and needs, and understand the interaction between various effects.

For example, some of the anti-aging products may further stimulate the growth of acne, and detoxification may cause acne to erupt in a short time . If there are many problems with the skin and there are many inflammatory acne (with pustules), firstTreat acne because arthritis can interfere with other skin care effects.

  Investigation Case Case 1 Guoguo Company’s 24-year-old employee intentionally anti-allergic “intentionally” allergies. My skin is very dry and sensitive.

Later, on the recommendation of a colleague, I went to the pharmacy and bought a famous bottle of moisturizing cream.

Who knew that after 2 days of smearing, the red blood on his arms suddenly “excited”, and small rashes of rashes began to falter.

  On the advice of the doctor, I switched to Avene for sensitive people.

After the launch, the sensitivity phenomenon has basically subsided.

But the lock water moisturizing cream that just opened is not always a gift?

So I used it separately from Avene, and just wanted to get used to the skin.

Unexpectedly, I was allergic again. It seems that Avene can’t save me!

  (-In fact, the allergen is in that bottle of moisturizer.

) Case 2 YAYA sells 28-year-old stacked “stars”. My skin is yellow and dark, so I have been using whitening products for a long time. I have tried many brands of whitening series. The skin color will become brighter in the first two or three days.I am so angry that I can only desperately change products, the cost is getting bigger and bigger, and my confidence in the skin is getting smaller and smaller.

  I recently heard that picking star products from each brand will double the effectiveness.

So I lost a lot of money and bought a bunch of good things.

Unexpectedly, it took only one week, and before the skin was whitened, the skin became very, very dry, very tight, and even fine lines appeared. What happened?

  (-Mixed up in a mess, the problem can’t be found anywhere.

) Case 3 Fangni’s 35-year-old administrative staff “just use the right, not expensive” I have used many brands, Opal, Magnolia, Lange, Vichy, Avon, Merlin Kay, Nuskin . all used, But basically no improvement in skin problems.

I would like to ask an expert to match me with a product that suits me, but my principle is: “Use only the right ones, not the expensive ones.

“Essence or something for now, what for the future?

  (-It only surrounds the circle, not “yes”.

) Case 4 Xiaomi analyst 29 years old looking for magic among other brands I have long been loyal to Estee Lauder.

But once, the chin always appeared inflammation like inflammation, sensitive and not like sensitive things, and also peeled.

I tried everything and it didn’t work.

  At the time, SK-II Multi-Purpose Repair Essence was just on the market. It compared the skin to copied paper. If the cells had defects, the new cells that were “photocopied” would still have problems.

So its role is to repair damaged cells.

I bought a bottle after careful research, and it really solved the problem quickly.

  Since then I have begun to “fancy.”

Estee Lauder does not have a specific targeted acne control product. I just use Shiseido’s acne cream. Just click a few times. The magnolia mask is also my favorite.

  Case 5: Golin’s 23-year-old “Huaxin” instead of “randomly” said that the mixed use of different brands will offset each other, and I have been afraid for many years.

But one time, an expert’s answer was quite comforting: “Like eating all kinds of dishes, will they interfere with each other?

May be extremely small.

“However, I am very careful when I am” flowery “. One is to avoid excessive exfoliation, especially when mixing whitening products and oil control products. The other is to use it only in milder, more plant-based products. Those” stem cells “Do n’t dare to mix products that you do n’t understand.

Interpersonal Relationships: Nine Taboos

Interpersonal Relationships: Nine Taboos

Interpersonal Relationships: Nine Taboos

It is very important to have a good relationship with colleagues in the same unit or office.

The relationship is harmonious, and the mood is relaxed, which is not only conducive to good work, but also to your own physical health.

If the relationship is divisive and even a little tense, then it will be boring.

In addition to the contradictions on major issues and direct conflicts of interest, the reasons for the lack of rapport among colleagues are also a reason.

  So, what words and deeds affect the relationship between colleagues?

  ● If there are good things, do n’t report the items sent in the unit, receive bonuses, etc. You know first, or have already received them, and put them there silently. It ‘s like nothing. Never tell everyone about them. Some things can be replaced.If you get it, you never get it.

After a few times like this, others will naturally have an idea that you are too gangless and lack a common sense and spirit of collaboration.

In the future, if they know in advance, or if they get something first, they may not tell you.

If this continues, the relationship between each other will not be harmonious.

  ● Knowingly and arguing that I don’t know if a colleague has gone on a business trip, or went out for a while, at this time someone happens to come to him, or just call him, if the colleague didn’t tell you when he left, but you know, you don’t prevent telling them;I really do n’t know, then you might as well ask others and then tell them to show your enthusiasm.

You know it clearly, but you call it unknowingly. Once you are known, your relationship will be affected.

Outsiders look for colleagues, no matter what the situation, you must be sincere and enthusiastic. In this way, outsiders will even feel that your colleagues have a good relationship.

  ● In and out do not tell each other that you have to go out for a while or ask for leave from work. Although it is the leader who approves the leave, it is best to speak to colleagues in the office.

Say hello to colleagues even if you go out half an hour temporarily.

In this way, if leaders or acquaintances come to you, you can also let colleagues explain.

If you do n’t want to say anything, there are mysterious things in and out, and sometimes it ‘s just a matter of importance that people ca n’t say, and sometimes you ‘re too lazy to say that it ‘s probably you who are affected.

Informing each other is both the need to work together and the need to connect feelings, and it shows that the two sides have mutual respect and trust.

  ● Don’t talk about private things that can be said. Some private things can’t be said, but there are no harms in talking about some private things.

For example, your boyfriend or girlfriend’s work unit, education, age, temperament, etc .; If you are married and have children, there will be topics related to love and children.

By the way, you can talk by the way, it can enhance understanding and deepen the relationship.

If these contents are kept secret, and you never say to others, how can this be considered a colleague?

If you don’t say anything, it usually indicates the depth of the relationship; if you don’t say something, it naturally shows the alienation of interpersonal distance.

You take the initiative to talk to others about personal matters, others will tell you, and sometimes you can help each other.

You don’t say anything and you don’t know anything. How can people trust you?

Trust is based on mutual understanding.

  ● It is right to refuse to ask colleagues for help if there is something.

Because asking for help always causes trouble for others.

But everything is dialectical, and sometimes asking for help can show your trust in others, rapport, and deepen your feelings.

For example, if you are not well, your colleague’s lover is a doctor, and you don’t know it, but you can find it through a colleague’s introduction. The armor can be diagnosed quickly and the diagnosis can be made more detailed.

If you are unwilling to ask for help, colleagues know that, instead they will feel that you don’t trust others.

If you do not want to ask others, they will be embarrassed to ask you; if you are afraid of trouble, they think you are also afraid of trouble.

Good interpersonal relationship is inevitable to help each other.

Therefore, asking for help is generally possible.

Of course, we must pay attention to proportion and try not to make others embarrassed.

  ● Reject colleagues’ “snacks” Colleagues bring some snacks such as fruits, seeds, sugar, etc. to the office and eat them during breaks. Don’t push them, don’t reject them ashamed.

Sometimes, some of your colleagues have won awards or been awarded professional titles. Everyone is happy. It is normal for him to buy something to treat, so you can actively participate.

You don’t sit cold and don’t say a word, let alone give it to you, but you reject it, showing a look of disdain or rareness.

People give away enthusiastically, but you often refuse, for a long time, people have reasons to say that you are lofty and arrogant, and you find it difficult to get along.  ● There are several people in the office who often “bit their ears” with one person. You should try to maintain a balance for each individual and always be in a state of being in constant contact. Then, do not be particularly close or alienated to one of them.

In normal times, don’t always whisper with the same person, and don’t always be with one person in and out.

Otherwise, you two may be close, but you may be more alienated.

Some people think you are working in small groups.

If you often “bit your ears” with the same person, and other people come in and don’t say it, then others will inevitably have the idea that you are talking bad things about others.

  ● People who are keen to listen to family affairs can say, don’t dig it if they can’t.

Everyone has their own secret.

Sometimes, people don’t pay attention to the secrets in their hearts. If you do this, you shouldn’t listen to it, and don’t want to ask what it is.

Some people are keen to listen, they want to know everything clearly, and they want to figure it out. This kind of person is to be looked down upon by others.

You like to listen, even if there is no purpose, others will avoid you.

In a sense, it is an immoral behavior to love to listen to people’s private affairs.

  ● I like to take advantage of the mouth. In the treatment of colleagues, some people always want to take advantage of the mouth.

Some people like to tell other people’s jokes and ask others for their cheapness. Although it is a joke, they will never end with their own losses. Some people like to argue, they have to reason, and they must fight for three points.It ‘s still a daily matter. Whenever you see a flaw in the other party, you just hold on to it, and you have to let the other party defeat. Some people also want to fight over the issues that are already unclear; some people oftenTake the initiative to attack, they do not say him, he always said first.

Cyber health and mental health

Cyber health and mental health

Cyber health and mental health

The rapidly spreading network has formed a new human living environment. What changes has this environment brought to our psychology?

Psychologists are surprised to find that on the Internet, people often conduct behaviors that are not consistent with their usual personalities. Most people no longer suppress themselves on the Internet and are more likely to do whatever they want when interacting with others.

At the same time, the friendship and romance that can be established on the Internet are easier to consolidate.

For those who have been online for long periods of time, research has found that long-term Internet use increases their social loneliness and depression, making them more prone to excitement.

Others, such as reduced communication with family members and society, are self-evident.

  Like the Internet, is it right or wrong?

  Almost everything has the same pros and cons. It is difficult to make a right or wrong conclusion for a certain network behavior, but from the perspective of mental health, psychiatrists remind that Internet addiction behavior and social capacity withdrawal are absolute issues.Can’t see through.

So how do you judge?

We said that if the following problems occur, I am afraid to be vigilant: 1) Time network time is longer than the time intended to go online; 2) Have tried to reduce or stop some Internet-related behaviors, but failed;It reduces important social, work, and entertainment activities because of the Internet; 4) When not online, it is easy to feel depressed, irritable, and emotionally irritable.

  A few advices from psychologists1, don’t let virtual society replace normal communication.

Due to the fast pace of the current society, people are suffering from tremendous pressure. Perhaps, the Internet has provided people with a space to escape reality and do whatever they want, but in this sense, network behavior can help us relieve stress, but if immersed in itIt is from one pressure to another.

  2. Learn to control yourself in the network.

Human self-control is an important guarantee for mental health. Faced with various social pressures, people with good self-control are often physically and mentally healthy.

In the Internet, there may be no constraints from society, from schools, or from parents, but too much self-indulgence will also weaken self-control.

Therefore, for your own physical health, face a little more self-control in the face of the Internet.

  3. Appropriately seek assistance when you cannot extricate yourself.

People who like to go online also need to see a doctor. This concept is still a point that many people cannot accept, and it is even easier for those Internet fans.

However, we must see that this kind of potential self-indulgence brought about by the characteristics of the Internet is also a psychological “black hole”. Its effect on humans cannot be underestimated, and the harm is “unfathomable”.

Seven things most needed for marriage

Seven things most needed for marriage

Seven things most needed for marriage

In China, the commonality of a happy family is that it has the following things: Childlike innocence. Many Chinese people like to dance to some middle-aged and elderly people, do not understand singing and dancing, and even reject it as “mental illness.”

These people have seen that innocence can add a lot of life interest.

In fact, only with innocence can youth be permanent and love last forever, so it is best to keep a little more naive, simple, have a little hobby, curiosity, and play more games.

No matter it is middle-aged or elderly, even when you are a “gentle gentleman”, you can return home. It is best to be an older child when the door is closed.

  Romance Many Chinese families pay too much attention to reality and must be romantic.

Maybe someone came across such a question, “Why don’t the family go for a walk after work and housework all day?”

“I will answer,” I’m tired. ”

However, these people who said they were “tired” would soon build up the “Sifang City” and even play mahjong all night.

It can be seen that the key to being romantic is to have romantic feelings.

Don’t think that romance is endlessly offering flowers and dancing, don’t think that without time, you can’t be romantic without money.

You know, the forms of romance are diverse and diverse.

  Humor Many people regard joking as joke, and they can’t be trusted. They think that speaking between husbands and wives should be pragmatic and not about individuality.

As everyone knows, speaking humor can resolve, buffer conflicts and disputes, eliminate embarrassment and separation, increase fun and emotion, and make the family happy.

  Intimacy Many couples regard intimate intimacy as sticky, explaining that “inappropriate intimacy” is an insignificant gesture.

However, expert research has found that intimacy has a wonderful effect on improving the quality of family life, and people who have been hugging and kissing for a long time are prone to “skin obesity” and robes cause emotional fatigue.

Therefore, it’s best to be more intimate in family life.

For example, the grown-up daughter still holds his father’s hand; the couple embraces and kisses before going out; if one party is late, it may be better to pat the busy other’s “hort”, and so on.

  Love words psychologists believe that each spouse must say at least three sentences full of affection to each other every day, such as “I love you” and “I like your XX”.

However, some people’s wives pay attention to subtlety, and if someone hangs “love” by their mouths, they will be said to be shallow and surprisingly nauseous.

Too many Chinese couples prefer their spouses to show their love in meticulous and considerate care.

This is true, but if there is only action and no love, will it give people the defect of “only main course, no seasoning”?

  Communication often heard the couple say in the film and television: “I want to talk to you!

“So both sides will find an opportunity to pour out all the unhappiness in their hearts.

Many Chinese husbands and wives dissatisfied their opinions in their hearts, and did not pick their own ideas. They also called it “good-natured and educated.”

In fact, mutual blocking can only lead to deeper misunderstandings. Long-term depression is equivalent to accumulating evil energy. Once it explodes, it can be destructive.

People can see from time to time that some couples who get along well usually turn over their old accounts once they get into a fight, dumping Chen Guzi’s rotten stale matter, and the result is that the “war” escalates, the conflicts intensify, and some even cause Lao Yan to split.

The normal approach should be to strengthen communication, have opinions, be unhappy, be sincere, gentle, pay attention to tactics and point out, and often actively understand what the other party thinks.

Arguing is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, it is also a means of communication, just don’t turn over the old accounts and do not carry out personal attacks.

  Appreciate the way people often look at their children, so they always feel that “the child is their own good”; and because they often look critically at their spouse, they always think that their wife (husband) is good to others.

For example, one side is devoted to work, while the other side can appreciate: “He (she) has a strong professional heart!

Can also be accused: “Do not take home at all!

This shows that evaluating the same thing with different eyes is called very different.

If you can count the many shortcomings of your spouse without thinking, then most of you lack appreciation.

If you face to face and only talk about the advantages of your spouse, then you are learning to love and gaining love.

  As long as you can treat family life with childlike and romantic, humorous feelings, treat your spouse with appreciation, and express your affection (especially love) for your spouse in affectionate words, or express it with intimate actions, happy and happyIt is not difficult to have a family.

Interpersonal moderation

Interpersonal moderation

Interpersonal moderation

Moderation is neither too much nor too bad. It may be appropriate to look at moderation in several ways: (1) The word “thank you”, if used properly, will become very attractive.

Only when you really have the desire to be grateful to say it again can you feel kind.

Otherwise, it will become “custom words” for people.

Thank you straightforwardly, and don’t mumble in a vague manner.

Thank you one by one for the specifications and surnames, which are more sincere than those in general.

  When you are invited to visit relatives and friends, be careful: be on time.

Being late is a disrespect to the host’s performance; arriving early, the other party is not ready, and it will be very embarrassing.

  Be careful when talking to the other person.

The so-called snatching of others or continuous questioning also ignores exclusive topics; if the other party is more cautious, you may wish to talk about trivial matters and open up the deadlock.

If you feel that the other party is far from yours in terms of taste, the topic should not be profound and it should be enough.

  (2) The first “appearance” cannot be rushed.

首次印象往往决定着交际的成败‘出场前必须对交际场所的情景、活动内容和参加的人员有所了解,特别是对你交际对象的职业、爱好、家庭、气质、性格等尽可能了解得详细These, therefore, designed their debut accordingly.

This cannot be ignored in communication.

  (3) Be accountable when making introductions in social networking.

When introducing, please say hello to the other party, such as “Please allow me to introduce you to know-“. When introducing the name, please spit out the words clearly and make the necessary explanations.

  (4) The farewell method should also be moderate.

If you want to leave early at the banquet and cannot leave in a hurry, you should apologize to the host and say goodbye to other guests.

Do you take a bath

Do you take a bath

It ‘s healthier to wash like this

Do you take a bath
It ‘s healthier to wash like this

Western medicine believes that the body’s thermal energy system is regular.

Morning to night is an instantaneous storage time, but in the period from afternoon to night, it is continuously lost.

Therefore, spraying at a fixed time every day is in line with the laws of physiological circulation.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that different “qi” in the human body maintains the operation of the organ and regulates its function. If the “qi” is not well-circulated, it will affect the function of the human body.

And external factors such as exercise, stress, and light can bring positive stimuli to the body, make the “qi pulse” of the whole body unobstructed, and achieve health effects.

  Daily regular spray is beneficial for health. To ventilate the vein, you must have an aligned hand shower with adjustable water outlet mode. This is the key to shower health.

Use the shower for 5 minutes every day, use the shower to adjust the different water flow to stimulate the acupuncture points and internal organs of the body, can ventilate the pulse, relieve the pain, and this method is simple and easy in people’s lives.

  Western medicine believes that the body’s thermal energy system is regular.
Morning to night is an instantaneous storage time, but in the period from afternoon to night, it is continuously lost.

Therefore, spraying at a fixed time every day is in line with the laws of physiological circulation.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that different “qi” in the human body maintains the operation of the organ and regulates its function. If the “qi” is not well-circulated, it will affect the function of the human body.

And external factors such as exercise, stress, and light can bring positive stimuli to the body, make the “qi pulse” of the whole body unobstructed, and achieve health effects.

  Hot first and then cold to promote blood circulation Experts believe that hot and cold shower massage can help promote blood circulation, but you must warm first and then cool.

Hot water can relax the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and relax the muscles, helping to relax. When the body is warm enough, take a cold water bath.

This tightens blood vessels and promotes blood circulation, exciting the mind and body.

  Shower massage must be performed after washing the body.

During the process, the water temperature will be adjusted a little higher, and the intensity of the water flow will be strengthened at the same time. Use the massage water flow to do a whole body massage to relax the muscles and ligaments, and focus on the muscle tension or sore ligaments.

After the whole body has been warmed up with hot water massage, you can try cold water massage.

Cold water massage should be done step by step. Don’t aim the whole body at the cold water immediately. Start with the face, feet or hands, and then slowly lead to the side.

If it is difficult to accept cold water, you can only shower from feet to feet and from hands to elbows. Move up a little every day and slowly adapt.

  Western medicine believes that the body’s thermal energy system is regular.
Morning to night is an instantaneous storage time, but in the period from afternoon to night, it is continuously lost.

Therefore, spraying at a fixed time every day is in line with the laws of physiological circulation.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that different “qi” in the human body maintains the operation of the organ and regulates its function. If the “qi” is not well-circulated, it will affect the function of the human body.

And external factors such as exercise, stress, and light can bring positive stimuli to the body, make the “qi pulse” of the whole body unobstructed, and achieve health effects.

  Shower health techniques: No shower massage can be treated in the dry or just after meals. People with heart disease or circulatory problems must consult a doctor or an expert.

  Shower or bath to warm your body before massage.

  When the skin is dry, use a mild shower gel or baby shower gel. After bathing, rub some body lotion or nutrition cream on those areas that you feel uncomfortable.

  Pay special attention to dry your toes after bathing.

  After spraying, use a cotton swab to dry the ear canal carefully to prevent ear canal inflammation, and do not use excessive force to avoid damaging the eardrum.

  Western medicine believes that the body’s thermal energy system is regular.
Morning to night is an instantaneous storage time, but in the period from afternoon to night, it is continuously lost.

Therefore, spraying at a fixed time every day is in line with the laws of physiological circulation.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that different “qi” in the human body maintains the operation of the organ and regulates its function. If the “qi” is not well-circulated, it will affect the function of the human body.

And external factors such as exercise, stress, and light can bring positive stimuli to the body, make the “qi pulse” of the whole body unobstructed, and achieve health effects.

  The tip of the shower massage method corresponding to the pain, weakness of the limbs: 5 minutes every morning in the morning with soft and mild cold water to flush the face, or timely with cold water to impact the calf.  Cramps and other venous diseases: Repeatedly repeated multiple times a day, washing with soft cold water on the ground, and stretching from the feet through the knee socket and thighs to the lower abdomen.

  Rheumatic pain: Bathe in warm water or hot water daily while bathing, or immerse the painful area in the bathtub and massage with a strong hot water stream.

  Cellulite: 5 minutes of intense hot water massage daily.

Spring neonatal flu prescription

Spring neonatal flu prescription

Spring neonatal flu prescription

The flu is common in all four seasons, and treating Liaoning is tricky.

The author has used traditional Chinese medicine therapy for many years, and has achieved relatively satisfactory results. Now my colleagues are for reference.

  Drug composition: 3 grams of citron, 5 grams of honeysuckle, 5 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, 3 grams of Polygonum cuspidatum, 3 grams of ephedra, and 3 grams of raw licorice.

The upper part is once, soak the tea in boiling water and drink it at any time without restriction.

The dosage of this prescription is very effective for prevention. If it is used for treatment, increase the amount of traditional Chinese medicine and increase the amount of each medicine by 3 times. Use dipping for dipping, one dose per day, and frying twice.

  Pharmacological effects: The antiviral effects of citronella, silver flower, scutellaria baicalensis, Polygonum cuspidatum, and ephedra are broad-spectrum antibacterial drugs, which interact with viruses and bacteria; licorice has a hormone-like effect.It can be used for both prevention and treatment, and the effect is obvious.

  This party is easy to use and can be used for personal, family and collective supplements.

Does not affect work and study, can be taken anytime, anywhere.

The application of schools, institutions and families in recent years has proved that this party is an economic alternative, effective and worthy of popularization.

  (Excerpted from “China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine”)

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