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Five technical revolutions in high jumps

Five technical revolutions in high jumps

Five technical revolutions in high jumps

High jump is one of the athletics jumping events.

Also known as a high jump.

It consists of rhythmic run-ups, one-foot take-off, emptying the pole and landing, etc., and finally calculates the score based on the height that it successfully crossed the upper edge of the crossbar and determines the ranking.

  The first high jump position officially recorded in the track and field history book is a leapfrog, which appeared in the track and field competition of Oxford University and Cambridge University in 1864.

That year, the British athlete Robert Koch created a “leapfrog”.

World record for the first high jump of 70 meters.

  In 1895, American Sweeney improved the leapfrog, which is characterized by the athlete’s rapid body turning and sideways legs, such as scissors. This technique was created at the time.

A new record of 97 meters.

  In 1912, American athlete Holling used the vertical oblique run-up at the Stanford University track and field competition, and won the championship by using the technique of body alignment and rolling across the crossbar. Holling named this technology “rolling”, which is also positiveIt was this technology that allowed humans to cross an altitude of 2 meters for the first time.

  In 1923, Soviet athlete Vlotsov created the “prone” high jump technique, which was quickly accepted by track and field athletes.

  At the 19th Olympic Games in 1968, 38 of the 39 high jumpers adopted this technique, which brought the application of the “prone” technique to its peak.

However, also at this Olympic Games, a new shot-crossing action began to emerge.

  At the 19th Olympic Games, the 21-year-old American Fosberg passed the stroke differently. When he crossed the crossbar, he did not face down, but instead faced up and “flyed” over the crossbar. This actionKnown as the “back-over” stroke technology.

At this Olympic Games, Fosberg went 2.

The 24-meter record set a new Olympic record, and the “back style” high jump also swept the world.

In the following more than ten years, the track and field industry has not yet determined which technology is more advanced.

Until the 22nd Moscow Olympics, the Federal German athlete Weissig conquered with a backflop technique.

At a height of 36 meters, after defeating all athletes who use prone height jump, back style high jump gradually began to replace the dominant pattern of high jump technology, and prone high jump technology has gradually been left out.

See Confucius to learn Chinese medicine health

See Confucius to learn Chinese medicine health

See “Confucius” to learn Chinese medicine health

The large epic film Confucius was released in various places.

In addition to the names of “educators, thinkers”, Confucius is actually a health care expert.

Why do you say this?

You think about it, in the age of war, he can still enjoy 73 years old, which is a high life in modern times.

I am currently learning to use it to introduce you to the winter diets embodied in The Analects.

Zi Yan: The meat is not more than two or two a day.

“The Analects of Confucius” said, “There are many flesh, not to win the breath.

“The meaning is that although there is more meat on the table, it cannot exceed the amount of food.

Due to the scarcity of vegetables, the table in winter is often the main character of meat.

Even now, folks have circulated foods such as hot pots and lamb chops, which are the main fronts of meat.

In winter, people rarely move. Meat foods are most likely to accumulate heat in the organs. Eating more will lead to physical decline.

In particular, the middle-aged and older people should pay more attention to the fact that the more animal protein is taken, the more easily calcium is excreted.

It is recommended that adults eat meat in the winter one day, preferably no more than two or two.

Zi is also awkward: Eat more ginger in three or nine days.

“The Analects of Confucius” also said, “Do not withdraw ginger food, do not eat more.”

Put the health benefits of ginger to a high position.

In fact, in the winter of Sanjiu, the health care effect of ginger is better.

The easiest way is to drink ginger black tea before or after half an hour.

Especially for people who want to lose weight in winter, drink a cup of hot ginger black tea, not only can keep warm, but also increase the metabolic rate and consume metabolism in the body.

Son again: In winter, you can eat something fine.

Confucius said in the Analects that “the food is not tired, and it is not too thin.”

“The meaning of the food is that the finer the food, the finer the meat.”

Some people have questioned because there is a common sense that foods lose most of their vitamins, minerals and other nutritious substances during processing, usually with sugar and starch.

In fact, the correct understanding should be that in winter, the amount of people’s activities is significantly reduced. At this time, it is beneficial to the absorption of gastrointestinal tract by properly making vegetables or meat, and it is more fully released by using food nutrition, which is beneficial to the body to quickly absorb and absorb.
Therefore, from the perspective of winter diet and health care, it is still advisable to properly “cook” the cooking process.

Zi also said: the amount of alcohol should be adequate.

As you can see, Confucius is a drunkard and has a large amount of alcohol, but he can stop himself and drink it in moderation.

“The Analects of Confucius” has the phrase “only wine is infinite, not in chaos”, which means “as long as you drink unlimited, but not drunk.”

“The Analects of Confucius and Zihan” also records such a passage: “Zi Zi: ‘Into the public affairs, the father and the brothers, the funeral is not afraid to be reluctant, not for drinking, why is it for me?

‘The meaning is that Confucius said: “Serving the monarchs and ministers outside, honouring the father and brother at home, having funeral and not doing anything to do, and drinking without being drunk by alcohol, these things are not difficult for me.

“, drink less drink is beneficial, drink more and hurt the body, these are all proved by ancient and modern medicine and a large number of facts.”

Zi Yan: “No food, no sleep,” Confucius is no longer very particular about eating, but also pay attention to “eat the phase” and “eat civilization.”

For example, “food is not spoken, no words” is a good habit of eating and drinking, because every time when swallowing food, the breathing action is temporarily stopped.

If you talk loudly at dinner, breathing and swallowing food will inevitably occur at the same time. As a result, food can easily enter the trachea or nasal cavity, so coughing, sneezing, and tearing can occur.

If the fishbone, broken bones, beans and the like are mistaken into the trachea, the consequences are even more unimaginable.

Therefore, I often hear the old man say, “The villain does not want to talk,” the principle is here.

Because Confucius has good habits and strict requirements for diet.

Although he was poor when he was a child, he later made his mark (promoted), but he was able to copyright 73 years old. This is estimated by the fact that the average life expectancy of people at the time (five or six centuries BC) was only about 30 years old. It is indeed “high life”, Confucius’s “The Food Classic has become the mystery of his longevity.

9 essentials for autumn and winter hand care

9 essentials for autumn and winter hand care


9 essentials for autumn and winter hand care

The dry autumn wind caressed, not only the skin on the face became dry and difficult to handle, but even the skin on the hands was very dry and rough, which made the beautiful women worry.

Although the skin on the hand is ignored by many people, it is not a trivial matter for perfectionist beauties.

The back of the hand is deficient in sebaceous adenosine, which cannot secrete enough oil to protect the skin, and it is only 1/3 of the thickness of the face skin, so the hand skin is more likely to age than the face.

Although the skin on the hand is very thin, the stratum corneum is well developed and it is easy to form calluses.

Therefore, hand skin that is engaged in many things every day requires more care and care from you!

  Office family dry VS hand mask Complaint: Working in an air-conditioned room, hands constantly typing on the keyboard, both hands are tired and dry.

In severe cases, the hand prints are white and even have cracks, and they feel pain when touching the object.

  Repair focus: It is best to use special hand cream for deep nourishing intimate solutions of hand mask.

A hand cream containing glycerin and minerals is especially suitable for dry skin. Apply it in time after each hand wash to replenish moisture and nutrients. Pay attention to apply more on the seams of the nails.

During work, you may want to do a hand massage.

Use the rest time to rub back and forth, massage your hands, increase blood circulation, not only benefit the skin on your hands, but also relieve the symptoms of cold hands.

Hand spa treatments once a week.

Apply an exfoliating cream evenly on the back of the hand to remove aging cutin.

Then apply a hand mask, or evenly apply a cotton pad soaked with moisturizing essence on the back of the hand. Wear plastic gloves or wrap plastic wrap, and then wrap it with a hot towel. Remove and rinse after 15 minutes, then apply protectiveHand cream.
  Tip: Optional hand cream with herbal substances.

This type of hand cream relies on moisturizing factors to deeply moisturize the hands and keep them soft.

To deal with severe dry conditions, you can soak your hands with warm water every night before going to bed, apply the usual double hand cream, and put on gloves to sleep.

  Hand protection magic formula DIY hand oil: 50 grams of sesame oil or salad oil, 30 grams of honey, 1 egg white, mix and mix thoroughly, soak your hands for about 10 minutes.

Then, rinse your hands to get a satisfactory nourishing effect.

The remaining hand oil can be put in glass bottles, put in the refrigerator, and soaked once every two days.

Prepare hand oil once a week and stick to the care for 1 month, your hands will be obviously lubricated a lot.

  Massage oil: 30 grams of olive oil, add a few drops of rose perfume, half a tablespoon of honey and a small amount of pure water, mix thoroughly and put it in a small bottle, apply it daily and evening on the fingers of the hands, and rub your hands together until absorbed.

This method is especially suitable for those who have rough and cracked skin on their hands.

  Hand cream: take half a cucumber and smash the juice, add 1 egg white, 1 tablespoon olive oil to the cucumber juice, and stir well.

Put it on the back of your hand before going to bed at night, then put on gloves to avoid stepping on the mattress.

After getting up the next morning, rinse your hands and apply hand cream.

The hands that have been treated with hand cream will immediately become delicate and smooth.

  Little housewife aging vs exfoliation Complaint: Every day when you clean the room and clean the dishes, you must contact a lot of chemical cleaners. After each hand wash, apply hand cream. The hands will still grow rapidly, resulting in darker hands and calluses.
  Maintenance points: exfoliating, promoting metabolism, the cuticle of the hand is well developed, especially the palm, it is easy to form thick calluses, or barbs and dead skin appear, you should maintain the habit of exfoliating every Wednesday.

It is important to note that skin that has just been exfoliated is very fragile, so be sure to apply hand cream.

First class gloves.

When carrying heavy objects or handling rough objects, wear thick and wear-resistant labor gloves; when contacting irritating liquids, such as detergent, detergent, liquid, etc., wear rubber gloves.

Housework guards are correct.

Every time before doing housework, apply a thick layer of nutritional hand cream or honey to your hands and wear special plastic or rubber gloves to make the most of your time to isolate the air for your hands.

After contacting alkaline substances such as detergent and soap, you can apply a few drops of lemonade or vinegar water to your hands to remove alkaline substances remaining on the skin surface, and then apply a hand cream.

  TIPS: For people who often do housework, mix hand creams containing natural fruit oil. Various hand creams contain natural collagen and vitamin E and other repairing elements. The components such as fruit acid have a strong comprehensive repair of alkaline substances.effect.

Anti-wrinkle hand cream is also suitable for elderly hands.

  Dullness vs. Massage for Outdoor Workers Complaint: often outdoors, forgetting to apply sunscreen and skincare products to the hands, coupled with wind and sun, and other reasons, causing melanin deposits on the hands or uneven skin, and barbs next to the nails.Repair focus: Use sunscreen and whitening products.

  Intimate solution to remove barbs.

When washing your face or bathing every day, soak your hands with warm water for 10-15 minutes, gently dry with a hot towel, apply dead skin softening milk, and then use a special hand peeling tool to remove the barbs around the nails.Let the nail crust grow again.

Then use cream to rub around the nails to reduce cracking and peeling.

Or massage around the nails and knuckles with nutrient oil containing vitamin E to remove barbs and soften rough skin.

Just like sun protection on the face, you should also protect your hands before going out.

A hand cream with a whitening effect is preferred.

In addition, olive oil + honey + lemonade + flour, mix these 4 materials and apply them to your hands, wash them away after 15-20 minutes, and have a good moisturizing and whitening effect.

Hands and feet are at the tip of the body, which can easily cause uneven skin tone due to poor blood circulation.

Choose a hydrophilic whitening product and often do hand massage to promote blood circulation.

  TIPS: Be sure to add a hydrophilic hand cream to achieve the moisturizing effect, because oil will absorb light and heat, oily hand cream will also absorb ultraviolet light in the light, and unconsciously darken your fingers.

At the same time, it is necessary to adjust the daily diet, and you should fully intake vitamin A, E and zinc and calcium foods on weekdays.

Drinking jujube and ginger soup in autumn and winter can warm your hands and feet

Drinking jujube and ginger soup in autumn and winter can warm your hands and feet

Drinking jujube and ginger soup in autumn and winter can warm your hands and feet

Jujube and ginger soup has good warmth, nourishing qi, and nourishing blood effect. Xiaobian recommends hot text: anemia, gastrointestinal disease, nutritional deficiencies, hypothyroidism caused by systemic or local poor blood circulation, and various causesDisorders of blood circulation in the limbs and limbs cause cold hands and feet.

At present, there is no specific medicine for cold feet in the hands, but if you pay attention to self-regulation in life, you can also get good results.

In addition to the elderly friends with cold hands and feet, to keep warm and increase physical activity, drinking jujube ginger soup is a good choice.

  The main ingredients of jujube and ginger soup are jujube, ginger, and brown sugar. The specific method is 10 jujubes, 5 slices of ginger, an appropriate amount of brown sugar, and decoction for tea, once a day.

  Regularly drinking jujube and ginger soup can improve the symptoms of cold hands and feet, which is inseparable from the efficacy of jujube and ginger.

Jujube is sweet and warm, has the functions of nourishing qi and nourishing qi, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves, ginger is sweet and warm, has the effects of warming and analgesic, and relieves the cold, and at the same time, it can fully use ginger and warming.And the meaning of complementation, together promoting the circulation of qi and blood, the blood circulation of the whole body has been improved accordingly, and the hands and feet naturally warm up with it.

  In addition, the brown sugar in jujube ginger soup also has the functions of tonifying, nourishing and activating blood.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that gingerol contained in ginger has a direct excitatory effect on the heart and vascular motor centers, transforming the rapid heartbeat, expanding the blood vessels, exuberant blood flow and smoothing the veins, improving the body surface circulation and making people feel the whole body.warm.

  Need to remind everyone: ginger is warm, friends who are often swollen and painful in the gums, mouth ulcers, constipation and other symptoms of “fire”, should not take too much ginger; jujube ginger soup is sugar-fractionated, and people with diabetes should not eat it.

  Xiaobian recommends hot text: In addition to jujube ginger soup, those with cold hands and feet should also eat more foods such as meat, pasta, eggs, milk and so on to increase the body’s heat production, but obese people with diabetes should be carefulfood.

When choosing fruits, vegetables, meat and other foods, it is best to choose mild, such as longan, orange, mutton, dog meat, beef, etc. are all good choices, at the same time, avoid excessive consumption of pears, bananas, cucumbers, winter melon, oranges,Cool foods such as watermelon.

Three high elderly should eat pig blood

Three high elderly should eat pig blood

“Three high” elderly should eat pig blood

Today, when all kinds of chronic diseases have a special liking for older friends, suffering from high blood fat, high blood pressure and high blood sugar means less high-fat foods.
This is undoubtedly a very painful thing for many elderly people who like meat.
銆€銆€Pig blood is known as “liquid meat.”
Its protein content is slightly higher than that of lean pork. The proportion of amino acids contained is close to that of amino acids in the human body, and it is easily digested and absorbed.
And the fat content in pig blood is very low.
Every 100 grams of pig blood contains only 0.
4 grams of fat, about 1 / 40 of the same quality lean pork, so the elderly with high blood lipids often eat, it will not cause elevated blood lipids.
In addition, pig blood also contains a large amount of lecithin, which can prevent atherosclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.
銆€銆€Pig blood can be soup or fried, and it is cooked with tofu, fungus, etc., and the taste is very delicious.
銆€銆€Although pig blood is good, there are also many places to pay attention to.
First of all, pig blood is very susceptible to contamination during collection, so it is best to buy boxed pig blood that has been sterilized.
Pig blood should be eaten 150-200 grams per day, and can be eaten 2-3 times a week.
Patients with diseases such as gastroptosis, dysentery, and diarrhea should not consume pig blood.
Pig blood should not be eaten 3 days before routine stool testing.

How to choose beans and vegetables in August

How to choose beans and vegetables in August


How to choose beans and vegetables in August

At present, there are 11 kinds of legumes and vegetables supplied by the market. Their protein content is generally 35%-40%, so it is called 鈥減lant meat鈥?

In addition, vitamins and minerals are abundant, especially calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Beans contain no cholesterol, and the adults are basically unsaturated fatty acids. They are ideal food for patients with hypertension, coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia and arteriosclerosis.

Common bean vegetables are: edamame, bean, cowpea, lentils, peas, etc.

銆€銆€The edamame is now listed in the middle and late-maturing varieties. Generally speaking, the late-maturing edamame is large and eaten, so the edamame after the autumn is more delicious than the May-June.

Nowadays, the edamame cultivated in spring and autumn is mainly made up of the “black-eyed” beans in the northeast (light brown in the bean umb, black in the old), and the beans are large and partial.

銆€銆€Fresh edamame is easy to cook and tastes good.

When purchasing, pay attention to whether the bean pods are fresh and the skin of the pods is dull.

Fresh pods are harder and have 2-3 beans per pod.

The color of the beans should be green or greenish white, with a translucent seed coat tightly wrapped around the white film (the white film around the seed), and the juice is replaced by juice.

Non-fresh edamame is often soaked in water. If the pods are yellow and the coat color is dark, the pods are easy to crack. When the beans are peeled off, the beans are separated from the seed coat, indicating that the beans are not suitable for fresh beans.

銆€銆€When purchasing the bean, you should choose bright green color, the bean pod is hard, and the pod wall is full in the cross section when there is a split. There is no gap between the bean grain and the pod wall, and there are few tears on both sides.

If the bean is prone to brown spots on the epidermis during storage, it means that it is aging, the degree of fibrosis is high, the pod is dehydrated, and the quality is deteriorated.

There are new varieties from the north on the market. The bean is about 20 cm long and the flat is about 2-3 cm wide. The quality is soft and musk.

銆€銆€Kidney bean long bean is thick and tender and crisp.

First of all, the pods are white and green than the green and tender.

When purchasing, the pods are thick and the slices are hard. The fresh grains are not obvious. If the pods and seeds are separated and the shell is soft, it means that the kidney beans are aging and not easy to be used for food.

Kidney beans, which are selected for kimchi, require a fine, fine-grained cowpea variety.

銆€銆€Special attention should be paid here to the fact that peas and lentils contain two toxic substances, saponin and phytohemagglutinin, which must be destroyed at high temperatures. After cooking and boiling, the toxic protein loses its toxicity and can be safely eaten. OtherwiseCan cause vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, dizziness and other toxic reactions.

The foundation of health begins with the living environment

The foundation of health begins with the living environment


The foundation of health begins with the living environment

Health is a healthy concept.

A way of life that blends in with our daily lives and work, and does not exist independently.

The method of health is extremely rich, and it can be said to be everywhere.

The ancient healthologists took the overall concept as the guiding ideology and replaced the close relationship between man and the natural environment.

銆€銆€The ancient healthologists regarded the “inner cause” of happiness, anger, worry, thought, sorrow, fear, and sorrow, and regarded the wind, cold, heat, dampness, dryness, and fire six as the “external cause” of illness.”The experts have played a leading role at the same time.

It is also worth paying attention to the important role of external factors.

銆€銆€The classics of traditional Chinese medicine, “The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” pointed out: “People and the heavens and the earth also participate in each other, corresponding to the sun and the moon.
“People live between heaven and earth, within the space and time, the physical function of the gods is affected by the natural environment and the social environment. Scientific health care must put people in the environment, improve and give consideration.

銆€銆€Seasonal change, day and night changes, geographical heights, water and soil, transformation and greening, home furnishings, and even social social, living conditions, interpersonal factors, etc. affect the health of the body, suitable for health, but adverse health, please be carefulTune to be.

銆€銆€The natural environment takes seasonal change as an example. The consequences of climate change on human health in the natural environment.

Spring is warm in summer and cool in winter.

There must be a certain limit, neither too much nor too much.

If the human body can adapt to this change.

It is more healthy and disease free.

However, if the climate changes abnormally, or if the human body cannot adjust accordingly according to the seasons, each of them may cause discomfort or even disease.

銆€銆€This requires us to make timely and physiological adjustments based on different seasonal characteristics.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” has a monograph on “four-time adjustment of the gods”. As stated in the argument: “Spring March, the night lays up early.

Stride in the court, put on the shape of the hair, so that Zhisheng. This spring should be the best way to maintain health.

“It means to live in spring, you should go to bed early and get up early.”

In the morning, I have long hair, soothing the body, and walking in the courtyard.

Bathing in the spring, so that the physiological comfort, in response to the spring hair.

Another example is winter March. “When you get up early and stay up late, you have to wait for the sun, go to the cold and warm, no suffocating skin, so that the gas is robbed, this winter qi should be, the way to raise the Tibetan also.”

銆€銆€It means that the winter health care is best to go to bed early and late, and it is necessary to wait after the sunrise to avoid disturbing the yang.

It is still necessary to protect against cold and warmth, and to protect the yang from solidification.

銆€銆€Today, due to the rapid development of modern industry, the living environment of human beings is affected and destroyed by various harmful factors, becoming no longer natural and no longer ecological.

Faced with such a living environment.

Health activities should be done to avoid harm, and the protection of air, water, soil, and transfer is actually to contribute to the creation of a good crowd health environment.

Protecting the environment, each of us can do it. In normal life, we should pay attention to not placing garbage anywhere, not spitting, not smoking, and not making noise.

銆€銆€Social environment The impact of social environment on human health is self-evident, harmonious social environment, harmonious interpersonal relationships, and comfortable work positions.

The harmonious family ethics are beneficial to people’s physical health.

On the contrary, it is harmful to physical health.

The positive and negative examples in this regard are numerous.

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