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Comply with Four Seasons Health and Seek Harmony

Comply with Four Seasons Health and Seek Harmony

Comply with Four Seasons Health and Seek Harmony

Fan Zhenglun, a well-known expert in traditional Chinese medicine health and director of the original ancient book editing room of China Traditional Chinese Medicine Press, believes that man is a product of nature, and traditional Chinese medicine solves the internal environment of the human body.

Lao Tzu talks about human law, earth law, heaven law, law of nature, and law of nature.

Health care must obey the natural laws of spring, long summer, autumn harvest, and winter Tibetan. This is the nature of human law.

Adapt to nature, harmony is good for health, otherwise, illness will be a problem.

  Humans and bacteria must live in harmony. Everyone lives in a natural environment. This environment is not pure and pure.

If we go to the hospital for an examination, we can find out how many bacteria and viruses there are from the mouth to the throat to the whole body.

Although these bacteria and viruses exist, why can’t people get sick?

  This problem is easier to understand from the perspective of Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine believes: “Evil cannot be done in the right atmosphere;

“That means that there can be complete natural harmony between man and nature.

Nature gives people the right to live, and so does bacteria.

If these bacteria and viruses coexist in harmony with people, then people will not get sick in this case.

However, if the outside is affected by the evil qi such as wind, cold, heat, dampness and fire, or the mood, anger, anxiety, sorrow, horror, horror, etc., will cause the internal environment of the human body to change, and the conditions for the development of pathogenic factors will be reached, and people will get sick.

  TCM believes that the human environment is suffering from a cold and has a fever and a cough. What problems need to be solved?

We know that whether you go to the hospital to check your body temperature, to measure your blood pressure, or to test your blood, you must find the causative factor according to the thinking of Western medicine, which is what bacteria and viruses make people sick. This is probably the first place in modern hospitals.Check it again.

  From the 1940s to the present, through the development of modern medicine, more than 7,000 antibiotics have been studied, but there are still dozens of antibiotics still in clinical use today.

A large number of antibiotics have been eliminated, and modern medicine faces challenges.

And how does Chinese medicine cure disease?

Traditional Chinese medicine relies on grass roots and bark. Most of the prescriptions used today are over 2,000 years old.

The traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions two thousand years ago are still effective. Traditional Chinese medicine solves the internal environment of the human body and continuously adjusts according to changes in the natural environment.

  Health care must comply with the four seasons. Health care must first comply with the four seasons, and must adapt to the changes of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

Chinese medicine believes that in order to study the relationship between the four seasons and health, we must first understand the environment in which people live.

People live in qi, the earth is covered by clouds, and the weather is rained. According to the natural laws of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, the whole process of birth, growth, strong, old, and already completed is a unique aspect of traditional Chinese medicine.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the law of man is natural and that people must adapt to the four o’clock. If the four seasons, spring temperature, hot summer, cool autumn, and cold winter health, can reduce the incidence of disease.

Some people in the “Nei Jing” call it “Xie Xie Ze Feng, sometimes avoid it.” Chinese medicine calls many pathogenic factors, abnormal weather, etc., all of which can lead to illness.

Therefore, the air conditioner is too cold in the summer and the heating is too much in the winter. These are against the laws of nature.

Because Chinese medicine believes that qi and blood are latent in winter, if it is too hot, qi and blood will be dissipated, and no essence will be stored in winter, and you will have a fever in spring.

  Spring temperature, summer heat, cool autumn, and winter cold establish the laws of spring, summer long, autumn harvest, and winter Tibetan of all living things in nature.

Chinese medicine believes that the state of qi and blood is directly related to the five internal organs, which in turn correspond to the four seasons.

In the spring, the liver and the yin are insufficient, resulting in spring sleepiness; in the summer, excessive sweating, easy chest tightness, and shortness of breath; in the autumn, susceptible to dryness and dry cough, and less sputum; in winter, qi and blood should be hidden inside.

Therefore, the four organs of liver, heart, lung, and kidney are directly related to spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In the process of human life, in order to complete the process of life, growth, strong, old, and already, in each yearIt is important to pay attention to health every season.

  Tonic in the four seasons, nourishing the liver in spring. In the spring, qi and blood extend from the inside. At this time, you should pay attention to nourishing the liver. It is best to eat Wuji Baifeng Pills. Women take the liver as the congenital, mainly blood, Wuji Baifeng pills.Ground is used on women.

However, in the spring, qi and blood reach the table, both men and women will have liver and blood deficiency.

If a man eats a black chicken white phoenix pill every morning, he will feel less tired and the feeling of spring sleep will disappear; in summer, the weather will be sweltering and insufficient in yang, and symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, and excessive sweating will appear.Old friends should drink a little Shengmai drink, which contains three medicines, ginseng, barley, schisandra, ginseng tonic, maidong clears lungs, and schisandra converges, and helps nourish the heart; in autumn, you should eat a little autumnPear cream, pear has lung-moistening, cough-reducing effects, can enter the lung meridian, it can help qi and blood go from outside to in; in winter, qi and blood have gone inside. At this time, we should pay attention to nourishing kidney, women who have gone through menopause, Liuli Dihuang Wan can be used to nourish the kidney.

Young and middle-aged women should also replenish their blood, and they can eat some gelatin, jujube, rock sugar, and walnut kernel implants.

After eating these nutritious things, you can achieve the purpose of keeping in good health in the four seasons by fully transporting them inside the body.

Is there some kind of contraindication to medicated diet?

Is there some kind of contraindication to medicated diet?

Is there some kind of contraindication to medicated diet?

The quality of drinking honey on an empty stomach in the morning is in contact with taboo foods that are contraindicated in hepatitis B. One of the main ingredients of medicated diet for eating bananas is traditional Chinese medicine.

Of the more than 5,000 commonly used Chinese medicines currently in clinical use, more than 500 can be used as medicinal ingredients.

hzh {display: none; }  如冬虫夏草、人参、当归、天麻、杜仲、枸杞子等。These drugs must be compatible with food, processed and applied in accordance with traditional Chinese medicine theories, so that their effects complement each other and coordinate, otherwise errors or effects will occur.

Therefore, traditional Chinese medicine has strict contraindications to medicated diet.

  The drug compatibility of medicated diet is contraindicated, following the Chinese herbal medicine theory, generally referring to “eighteen anti” and “nineteen fear”.

The specific contents of the “eighteen anti” are: licorice anti-gansu, euphorbia, seaweed, coriander flower; aconite anti-fritillaria, melon, pinellia, white sturgeon, white sturgeon; veratrum anti-ginseng, sand ginseng, salvia,Black ginseng, Sophora flavescens, Asarum, Peony.

The specific contents of “Nineteen Fears” are: Sulfuric acid, Parknite, Mercury Fructus arsenic, Wolf poisoning Mito Monk, Crotonweed Morning Glory, Lilac Aquilegia, Chuanwu, Caowuwei rhinoceros, Tetrapyrine tricuspid, OfficerCinnamomum erythrolipid, ginseng pentamyl.

  The above contraindications can be used as a reference for medication, but not absolutely.

There are also some anti-fearing applications in the ancient and modern formula applications. For example, the use of Wulingzhi by the party can supplement the spleen and stomach and relieve pain. These must be applied under the guidance of experienced clinicians.

Baduanjin is the best sport for summer health

Baduanjin is the best sport for summer health

Baduanjin is the best sport for summer health

Baduanjin is the most suitable for the health regimen in summer. The health regimen alternates with the seasons and the methods are different. Xiaoman Baduanjin regimen is also a good method.

Baduanjin is one of the ancient traditional exercises. It can combine the movements of the limbs and the heart, and adjust the breath. It has the characteristics of simple and easy action and significant effect.

Since Sui and Tang dynasties, it has been loved by the Chinese people.

Baduanjin has a small amount of exercise, but its role is multifaceted.

Although practiced all seasons, it is especially suitable for summer practice.

Many people will feel the increase in high temperature before and after Xiaoman, which may cause symptoms of “bitter summer” such as upset and irritability, not thinking about drinking, and having no appetite.

And practicing Ba Duan Jin does not sweat much, it can calm the mood and have a cooling effect.

Modern research has shown that this set of exercises can improve body fluids, regulate the secretion of the system, strengthen blood circulation, have a good massage effect on the abdomen, and correct abnormal body reactions, so it can prevent and heal many diseases.

1. With two hands supporting the Tianli three-focus, two feet flat with the same shoulder width, relaxed and natural, calming and regulating the breath, the tongue against the upper palate, Qi Shen Dantian, nasal inhalation and exhalation.

Both hands extend their arms forward from the lower abdomen, the palms of the palms are overly scratched, and they turn their hands upwards. The fingers of their hands cross in front of the lower abdomen. With inhalation, slowly bend the elbows along the veins. When they are raised up to shoulders, elbows, wristWhen it’s flat, hold your palm on top of your head, stretch it straight, look up at the back of your hand, and pause for a while.

Release your crossed hands with your breath, draw an arc downward from your side, and slowly fall in front of your lower abdomen, with your fingers crossed, your palms facing upwards, and you will recover as if you were starting.

Stop for a while, and repeat 6 again as before?
8 times.

2. The left and right arches are similar to the shooting and carving. The left foot crosses one step to the left. The legs bend down and squat to form a horse stand. The two knees do the inner buckle strength, the two feet do the stepping down strength, and the buttocks are sitting down.For example, on the back of a horse, hold your fists empty-handed, and bend your elbows on your hips, about a punch away from your hips.

With the inhalation, raise the flat chest with both hands forward, bend the left arm into an “archer”, and pull it to the extreme to the left, such as tightening a hard bow, and open the bow like a full moon; meanwhile, the right hand is indicated as “Archer”, the fingers doSword skills (immediate food, middle two fingers close together and straight, the remaining three fingers ring and pinch) turn head to right, look through the sword fingers, stare into the distance, meaning bows and arrows.

Stop for a moment, straighten your legs with your exhale, and draw an arc with both hands down; return to the chest, and then draw an arc vertically upwards, slowly leaning at the intersection of the legs, and reset your left leg to return to a standing position.
Then change your right foot and cross to the right, repeat the above action.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

3, adjust the spleen and stomach with a single hand to relax the length as before, the arms hang down, press the palms down, fingers forward, into a push-down standing pile.

Both hands draw an arc forward and inward at the same time, turning the palms upwards with the trend, the fingertips are opposite, standing like a pistol in front of the lower abdomen.

As you inhale, flip your palms, palms down, slowly lift your left hand from the front left, and rest your palms on your palms; point your fingertips to the right and straighten your arms to the left of your head; at the same time, press your right hand down, palms down, pointingPoint forward, use second hand to compete, stop for a moment.

With the exhalation, the left hand slowly rises from the upper left, the right hand goes up, the palms of both hands turn upwards, the palms of the hands are up, and they meet in front of the lower abdomen, as if starting.

Swap left and right and repeat 6?
8 times.

4. Look back at five injuries and seven injuries, and relax as appropriate. Put the left hand Lao Gong acupoint on Dantian under the lower abdomen, and the right hand on the back of the left hand (women’s opposite). With the breathing in the abdomen, inhale to fill the abdomenAs you exhale, turn your head and look behind your left shoulder. Imagine looking inward to the left foot center at Yongquan Point, and lead to the left foot center by intention.

Stop for a moment, then inhale, while turning your head to the front, and lead the air intentionally, rise from the foot center through the back of the thigh to the tail smell, and then to the “Mingmen” acupoint.

Then he turned his head and looked behind his right shoulder.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

5, shaking his head and swinging his tail to calm his heart as he did before, with his left foot making a step to the left to make a horse step, his body is straight and his eyes are flat.

Exhale, take the lead from Xia Dantian to the center of the foot, and guard the Yongquan point with inhalation; inhale, while using the waist as the axis, shake the wrist trunk to the left front, the head and the left knee are perpendicular to each other, and the shoulders are to the rightDo support underneath, look at the right toe, straighten the right arm, and bend the left arm to help swing.

Exhale for a while and then exhale. The idea is the same as above. At the same time, you will swing in the opposite direction. You will start to inhale when you cross the midline.

So swinging around 6?
8 times.

6. Climbing the waist with two hands, the waist and kidneys are loose and slender, the legs are straight, the two hands are akimbo, and the four points are at the back of the Shenshu acupoint;

With both hands, rub down along the bladder to the heel, then climb the toes forward, and roll over the Yongquan point; after a short stop, slowly straighten your waist, carry it to the lumbar vertebrae, in order to deflate air to the waist, and keep the life-saving gate.
Repeat this 6?
8 times.

7. The fist of fists increases the strength and quietness of the breath, breathes in, the left foot crosses the horse step, holds the fist half-grip with both hands, the fist heart is upward, the two fists are about three fists away, the two hands are embracing like a moon, intended to guard DantianMingmen Point.
With exhalation, punch the left fist forward to the left, turn the head slightly to the left, stare into the distance through the left fist, and pull the right fist backwards at the same time, making the left and right arms compete and stop for a moment.

Both punches are reset to their original positions at the same time, the virtual punches are released, and the upward stroke is slowly tilted by staggering.
Seduce the left foot back to stand.

So do left and right alternate 6?
8 times.

8. The length of the back of the seven diseases is relaxed, the knees are straight, the arms are naturally drooping, the elbows are slightly braced, and they want to guard Dantian.
As you inhale, press down with your flat palm, and lift your heels up. At the same time, your mind is up and down, and your breath is on your back; as you exhale, your heels are pointed at the ground.
The palms sag and the whole body relaxes.

Repeat this 6?
8 times.


Seven things most needed for marriage

Seven things most needed for marriage

Seven things most needed for marriage

In China, the commonality of a happy family is that it has the following things: Childlike innocence. Many Chinese people like to dance to some middle-aged and elderly people, do not understand singing and dancing, and even reject it as “mental illness.”

These people have seen that innocence can add a lot of life interest.

In fact, only with innocence can youth be permanent and love last forever, so it is best to keep a little more naive, simple, have a little hobby, curiosity, and play more games.

No matter it is middle-aged or elderly, even when you are a “gentle gentleman”, you can return home. It is best to be an older child when the door is closed.

  Romance Many Chinese families pay too much attention to reality and must be romantic.

Maybe someone came across such a question, “Why don’t the family go for a walk after work and housework all day?”

“I will answer,” I’m tired. ”

However, these people who said they were “tired” would soon build up the “Sifang City” and even play mahjong all night.

It can be seen that the key to being romantic is to have romantic feelings.

Don’t think that romance is endlessly offering flowers and dancing, don’t think that without time, you can’t be romantic without money.

You know, the forms of romance are diverse and diverse.

  Humor Many people regard joking as joke, and they can’t be trusted. They think that speaking between husbands and wives should be pragmatic and not about individuality.

As everyone knows, speaking humor can resolve, buffer conflicts and disputes, eliminate embarrassment and separation, increase fun and emotion, and make the family happy.

  Intimacy Many couples regard intimate intimacy as sticky, explaining that “inappropriate intimacy” is an insignificant gesture.

However, expert research has found that intimacy has a wonderful effect on improving the quality of family life, and people who have been hugging and kissing for a long time are prone to “skin obesity” and robes cause emotional fatigue.

Therefore, it’s best to be more intimate in family life.

For example, the grown-up daughter still holds his father’s hand; the couple embraces and kisses before going out; if one party is late, it may be better to pat the busy other’s “hort”, and so on.

  Love words psychologists believe that each spouse must say at least three sentences full of affection to each other every day, such as “I love you” and “I like your XX”.

However, some people’s wives pay attention to subtlety, and if someone hangs “love” by their mouths, they will be said to be shallow and surprisingly nauseous.

Too many Chinese couples prefer their spouses to show their love in meticulous and considerate care.

This is true, but if there is only action and no love, will it give people the defect of “only main course, no seasoning”?

  Communication often heard the couple say in the film and television: “I want to talk to you!

“So both sides will find an opportunity to pour out all the unhappiness in their hearts.

Many Chinese husbands and wives dissatisfied their opinions in their hearts, and did not pick their own ideas. They also called it “good-natured and educated.”

In fact, mutual blocking can only lead to deeper misunderstandings. Long-term depression is equivalent to accumulating evil energy. Once it explodes, it can be destructive.

People can see from time to time that some couples who get along well usually turn over their old accounts once they get into a fight, dumping Chen Guzi’s rotten stale matter, and the result is that the “war” escalates, the conflicts intensify, and some even cause Lao Yan to split.

The normal approach should be to strengthen communication, have opinions, be unhappy, be sincere, gentle, pay attention to tactics and point out, and often actively understand what the other party thinks.

Arguing is not necessarily a bad thing, after all, it is also a means of communication, just don’t turn over the old accounts and do not carry out personal attacks.

  Appreciate the way people often look at their children, so they always feel that “the child is their own good”; and because they often look critically at their spouse, they always think that their wife (husband) is good to others.

For example, one side is devoted to work, while the other side can appreciate: “He (she) has a strong professional heart!

Can also be accused: “Do not take home at all!

This shows that evaluating the same thing with different eyes is called very different.

If you can count the many shortcomings of your spouse without thinking, then most of you lack appreciation.

If you face to face and only talk about the advantages of your spouse, then you are learning to love and gaining love.

  As long as you can treat family life with childlike and romantic, humorous feelings, treat your spouse with appreciation, and express your affection (especially love) for your spouse in affectionate words, or express it with intimate actions, happy and happyIt is not difficult to have a family.

What is the baby’s calcium supplement super practical calcium recipes to take away

What is the baby’s calcium supplement super practical calcium recipes to take away


What is the baby’s calcium supplement super practical calcium recipes to take away

Baby Calcium Recipes: Fish and Rice Rice Paste Ingredients: Rice flour (or milk cake), 15-25 grams of fish and vegetables, seasoned with salt.

銆€Method: Mix the rice flour with water, stir it into a paste, and boil it for about 8 minutes. After washing the vegetables and fish, cut them into mud and cook them in the pan. Continue to cook until the fish is cooked and seasoned.After that.

You can give some food to the baby for more than 4 months.

銆€Baby Calcium Recipes: Eggs, Tofu, Raw Materials: Eggs, South Tofu, 150 grams of bone soup, diced green onion, etc.

銆€Method: The eggs are broken, the tofu is chopped, the bone soup is boiled; the tofu is cooked under low heat, seasoned properly, and sprinkled with egg flowers, and finally garnished with diced green onion.

It is especially suitable for small babies who are not chewed for about 6 months.

Baby Calcium Recipes: Shrimp Skin Chopping Ingredients: 5 grams of shrimp skin, 50 grams of cabbage, 1 egg, spontaneous flour, some seasonings, etc.

Method: Wash and soften the shrimp skin with warm water, cut into pieces, add the fried eggs; add a little bit of washed cabbage, cut into pieces, and the eggs into a filling; spontaneous flour andOk, wake up a little, wrap it into a pleated bun, and steam it on the basket.

Baby who is more than 10 months old will definitely like this delicious little buns.

Baby calcium supplement recipe: Xiangxiang bone noodle soup ingredients: pig or burdock bone or 200 grams of spine, 5 grams of dragon mustard, 50 grams of green vegetables, seasoned with salt, a few drops of rice vinegar.

Method: mash the bone, add in cold water, boil over medium heat, boil and add rice vinegar, continue to cook for 30 minutes; discard the bone, take the soup, put the dragon’s face into the bone soup, wash, cutThe chopped greens are added to the soup and cooked until cooked. Add salt and spread until served.

Calcium and iron can be added to infants over 1 year old who are growing rapidly to prevent chest disease and anemia.

How to avoid diabetes when fattening?

How to avoid diabetes when fattening?


How to avoid diabetes when fattening?

Q: I have recently been eating fat, eating McDonald’s, chocolate biscuits and drinking cola. I am afraid that I will get diabetes long ago. I feel that the effect of eating biscuits such as Oreo is obvious.

How can I avoid it?

銆€銆€A: To put it simply, eating unhealthy, obesity is a risk factor for diabetes, but it is only a risk factor, not a cause. This means that if you continue to gain weight to reach the standard of obesity, you don’t necessarily have diabetes, but the probability of getting diabetes will beIncrease.

To make an analogy, when you walk by the river, your clothes may not get wet, but the probability of getting wet is higher than when you are away from the river.

銆€銆€Very real thing, the European business organization chose volunteers to eat high-calorie McDonald’s for 2 months. The volunteers gained more than 20 kilograms or more than 20 kilograms. I forgot to check the body before and after the test and found 2After the McDonald’s diet of the month, the volunteer’s biochemical indicators (blood pressure, blood lipids, etc.) showed many abnormalities and significant physical strength.

銆€銆€If you want to gain weight, you can slowly increase your weight. It is best to choose healthy food.

銆€銆€1 weight loss is also related to genes. If the appetite is not good, you can adjust your appetite first. Do some proper exercise between two meals (avoid fasting). 2 Exercise can increase appetite properly. Therefore, you can eat some acidic food before meals.Appetite; 3 three meals full of nutrition, breakfast milk + bread, or soy milk, porridge with buns and other staple foods; 4 continuous eating, can add appropriate beef, chicken, fish; 5 dinner can eat, mainly with porridge and stir-fryDo not eat too much; 6 can add meals before going to bed at night, eat some snacks; 7 usually increase physical exercise; fattening is a long-term process, and it is necessary to scientifically and reasonably recommend a healthy lifestyle.

What soup to drink and beauty, four soups let you drink a good color

What soup to drink and beauty, four soups let you drink a good color


What soup to drink and beauty, four soups let you drink a good color

Jujube is a natural beauty sacred product. It is the best companion for a woman’s life. It can nourish yin and moisten, but also qi and easy lungs. It also supplements vitamins while supplementing blood.

Chinese medicine said that jujube sweet, warm, can make up the gas, nourish the blood, eat three times a day, not a lifetime.

Therefore, women with cold stomach, using red dates tonic is the most suitable for Codonopsis pilosula sinensis red jujube chicken soup effect: blood and nourish, prevent flu, enhance immunity, brighten skin, anti-aging.

Ingredients: 1 chicken, Astragalus, Codonopsis, Jujube, ginger, 10 grams each, 15 grams of onion, cooking wine 10ml Method: first fill the pot with water, put chicken, cooking wine and onion ginger, cook with high heat, wait for the water to openAfter that, remove the oil foam floating in the pot, then add the material and simmer it. After about one and a half hours, cook over medium heat. If you want the meat to be fresher and more beautiful, then slowly cook it with a small fire.

Honey contains a lot of sugar, vitamins and amino acids that can be absorbed by the body. It has a certain effect on the skin. It can be used in winter tonic, which can relieve the phenomenon of dry skin and peeling. It can also help the working friends to moisten the lungs.Raise the outside.

Chuanbei honey stewed snow fungus effect: moisturizing, nourishing liver and kidney, Shengjin drying materials: honey 120 grams, Xianglianzi 80 grams, platycodon, dry snow ear 60 grams, Chuanbei 40 grams, longan meat 10 grams practice: SichuanShell, Campanulaceae and longan, Xianglianzi washed with water, Xianglianzi went to the nuclear, pumped away the pain, soaked in the snow ear for 20 minutes, wait until it is completely soaked, cut off the roots and tear into small flowers.

Then, Chuanbei, Campanulaceae, Xianglianzi, longan meat and snow fungus are placed in a stew pot, and poured into 600 ml of boiling water for about 1 hour.

After the simmering, the temperature will be added to the convenience of the honey.

Fish and fish are completely fleshy and can be easily absorbed by the body with protein and nutrients and minerals.

Adults in fish are much smaller than other meats, and the fatty acids contained in fish can eliminate collagen-damaging substances, help fight aging and prevent wrinkles.

Radish silk squid soup effect: stomach spleen, blood and nourish, prevent cold materials: squid 1, white radish 400 grams, ham, ginger, 2 slices, onion, salt, pepper, a small amount of practice: first radish, gingerSlices, shredded green onions, squid cleaned and fried yellow placed in the dish for spare.

Then boil the water in a casserole, then simmer the squid and season it.

Finally add the radish and ham slices, roll for about 25 minutes, and finally the ginger, onion, and then roll up the onion to enter the plate.

Soy is a very good food. It contains lecithin, which is very helpful for women to continue aging. It also prevents pigmentation, brightens skin tone and, most importantly, it makes women menopause.

Effect of mushroom soup pea sprouts: delay skin aging, prevent pigmentation, detoxification and beauty materials: 250 grams of bean sprouts; 100 grams of mushrooms; ginger silk, onion silk alternative practice: first wash the bean sprouts, mushrooms, cut into the plateLeave spare.

After the pot is hot, add a small amount of oil, pour in ginger and mushrooms and stir fry.

Pour about 500ml of water into the pot to boil, put the bean sprouts into the pot, cook for about 2 minutes, and finally add seasoning according to your own taste.

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