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Diet also lowers blood pressure-hypertensive drugs on the table

Diet also lowers blood pressure-hypertensive drugs on the table

Diet also lowers blood pressure-“hypertensive drugs” on the table

In 2010, the number of hypertension patients in China has exceeded 200 million, and it continues to increase every year with 10 million.

In addition, hypertension is no longer a “patent” for middle-aged and elderly people. The prevalence of hypertension in people under 30 years of age has reached 10%, and the upward trend is much higher than that of elderly people.
Statistics show that 50% of the 3 million cardiovascular patients who die each year in China are related to hypertension.
  In order to control blood pressure, people have come up with various methods besides taking medicine.
In China, which has always focused on food therapy, it is common practice to prevent or improve certain diseases through imported food.
But what might be effective in reducing blood pressure?
“Life Times” recently interviewed five authoritative experts in cardiovascular and nutrition science, and asked them to prescribe a prescription for “hypertensive drugs” on the table.
  ”One bean, three seeds and one meter” 子 In addition to obesity, in addition to obesity, eating too salty and too high sodium in food are also important reasons, and potassium and magnesium can play a role in neutralizing sodium and counteracting it.Increased blood pressure and blood vessel damage caused by sodium.
In the supplementary antihypertensive food recommended by Professor Hong Zhaoguang, the chairman of the Cardiovascular Expert Committee of the China Geriatrics Association, the deputy leader of the National Cardiovascular Disease Prevention and Research Leading Group, and researcher at Beijing Anzhen Hospital of Capital Medical University, “one bean” is pea.
Pea contains higher amounts of carotene, vitamin E and vitamin C, which are of great significance for protecting the normal physiological functions of blood vessels.
People with high blood pressure or elevated blood pressure who have headaches, upsets, pulse strings and other symptoms are suitable to eat.
  ”Three sons” are pine nuts, hazelnuts and sunflower seeds.
Pine nuts are rich in essential fatty acids, which can lower cholesterol, prevent arteriosclerosis, and lower blood pressure.
Hazelnuts and sunflower seeds contain high levels of potassium.
  ”One meter” means peanuts.
Nearly half of the unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid in peanuts have the effect of lowering cholesterol, preventing atherosclerosis, and lowering blood pressure.
After soaking peanut rice with vinegar for 1 week, take 7-10 capsules per night to help reduce blood pressure.
  The five kinds of antihypertensive tea tinctures are firstly hawthorn tea, which can help digestion, dilate blood vessels, and help lower blood sugar and blood pressure.
Professor Zhao Lin, the chief expert of health education of the Ministry of Health and researcher of the Nutrition Department of the General Hospital of the PLA, teaches that you can use fresh hawthorn fruit 1-2 teas for drinking several times a day.
  Lotus leaf tea: has the effect of dilating blood vessels and lowering blood pressure.
The method is: Wash and chop the fresh lotus leaves in half a sheet, add an appropriate amount of water to boil, and let it cool down before drinking.
  Corn beard tea: Drink corn beard tea several times a day, 25-30 grams each time, which has a good blood pressure lowering effect.
Clinical use of corn to treat hypertension caused by nephritis is particularly effective.
  Pueraria tea: Pueraria has the effect of improving blood circulation in the brain, and has therapeutic effects on headaches, dizziness and tinnitus caused by high blood pressure.
Wash and cut kudzu root into thin slices, 30 grams per day, add water to boil and drink as tea.
  Huaihua Tea: Pick the flower buds of the locust tree and dry it, soak it in boiling water and drink as tea.
Several times a day, it has a unique therapeutic effect on patients with hypertension.
  Celery and mint tincture “Some foods contain substances that dilate and soften blood vessels. In theory, they can help reduce blood pressure.
“Said Professor Wang Xian, vice chairman of the Cardiovascular Diseases Branch of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medicine and director of the Department of Cardiology, Beijing Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine.
For example, people who have headaches and headaches caused by high blood pressure can often eat celery to relieve symptoms.
Because celery is full of butylphthalide, it is also called celery sedative and has a calming and soothing effect.
Although there are many causes of hypertension, once it occurs, almost all patients will have excessive adrenaline secretion due to vascular smooth muscle tension. Celery sedative can inhibit vascular smooth muscle tension and reduce adrenaline secretion, thereby reducing and smoothing blood pressure.
Fry the celery root for better results.
Peppermint also has liver clearing, eye-catching, and antihypertensive effects.
  ”One peel and one core”, “two blacks and two greens”, “one gourd and one garlic”, and one bean and one eggplant: Professor Shen Yanying, deputy director of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, Capital Medical University, explained that “one peel and one core” refers to watermelon peel, Lotus seed core.
Take 9 grams each of watermelon peel and cassia grass, decoction with water, has a hypotensive effect.
The lotus seed core is the germ of the lotus seed, among which the non-crystalline alkaloid Nn-9 has a good hypotensive effect.
  ”Two blacks and two blues”: black fungus, coriander; spinach, celery.  Black fungus is known as “the primordial worm”, and its antihypertensive effect is not direct, but indirectly by improving blood vessels.

Shen Yanying especially recommends: 15 grams of black fungus and 15 grams of white fungus after foaming, remove the pedicle, tear it into petals, put it in a bowl, then add rock sugar, 20 grams of wolfberry and appropriate water, and steam for 30 minutes.

After taking it out, let it cool and add 20 grams of honey.

As a snack, take twice in the morning and evening.

Applicable to a variety of hypertension, especially for patients with hypertension accompanied by atherosclerosis and fundus hemorrhage.

  Loquat is a good food with both food and medicine.

Because it contains a kind of anti-disease ingredient-Yingying, it has a certain effect on anti-cancer and lowering blood pressure.

Yingying is not heat-resistant, so it is best to eat it raw.

  Spinach contains a large amount of antioxidants such as carotene, potassium and vitamin C, which can help slow down the damage of blood vessels by free radicals. Among them, abundant potassium can help lower blood pressure.

  ”One bean and one eggplant”: potatoes, tomatoes.

Potatoes are also high-potassium foods. The potassium content is much higher than ordinary cereals, so it has a hypotensive effect.

In food therapy, tomatoes are commonly used foods to treat high blood pressure, dizziness, and increased blood lipids.

The treatment method is: take 1-2 red tomatoes, eat on an empty stomach every morning, 15 days for a course of treatment.

If high blood pressure is accompanied by hyperlipidemia, take 100 grams of red tomatoes, wash and squeeze juice; 10 grams of gastrodia elata, thickly fry the juice.

Combine the two juices and mix well, and take them gently, 30 ml each time, twice a day.

  ”One gourd and one garlic”: Gourd has the effects of clearing heat, diuretic, and reducing blood pressure.

The specific method is: take gourds to smash and squeeze the juice, mix with honey, 20-30 ml each time, twice a day.

Garlic can relieve cough and relieve asthma, and it can be used to treat water.

The specific method is: take an appropriate amount of garlic, soak it in sugar, and soak it in vinegar for 7 days, eat 2-4 flaps on an empty stomach before each meal, and drink a small amount of sweet and sour juice for 15 consecutive days; if accompanied by high blood fat, you can use garlicJuice, add an appropriate amount of milk orally.

  ”One Bu One Child One Bean” “One Bu” is radish.

“Professor Wang Guowei, deputy dean of Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Capital Medical University, said that taking white radish, chopping and smashing and taking juice, 50 ml each time, twice a day, can lower blood pressure and soften blood vessels.

“Yizi” refers to lotus seeds, the active ingredients of which have an inhibitory effect on blood flow, can inhibit myocardial contraction, slow heart rate, expand coronary arteries, contract blood vessels, lower blood pressure, and have antiarrhythmic and anticardiac cancer effects.
The use of lotus seeds to reduce blood pressure is: take 10 grams of lotus seeds, 15 grams of longan meat, 12 grams of lilies, 9 grams of schisandra, and decoction with water every hour.

“One bean” refers to mung beans.

It contains many active ingredients. Pharmacological analysis shows that it can effectively reduce blood pressure and blood stasis, and prevent atherosclerosis.

  Antihypertensive foods can be eaten, but they cannot be eaten indiscriminately, let alone replace medicine.

Experts intervened, and patients with hypertension must take antihypertensive drugs for a long time to keep blood pressure stable.

In the treatment of hypertension, food pressurization is only an auxiliary effect, and there is no immediate effect.

To eat antihypertensive foods, one must pay attention to long-term adherence to play a role; the other is to eat according to the different conditions of each person’s constitution, it is best to consult a doctor before eating to determine their own principles of diet.

Shallots and Shallots are as good as nutrition

Shallots and Shallots are as good as nutrition

Shallots and Shallots are as good as nutrition

“One onion a day, thin crickets can survive the winter,” the cold wind is tight, the appetizers and cold scallions have become an essential condiment on someone’s table.

hzh {display: none; }  常见的葱有大小之分,北方以大葱为主,多用于煎炒烹炸,以山东大葱为例:皮厚叶肥,有的长有一米、重达两三斤, Its magnificent momentum can be seen from the name of “Chicken Leg Onion” and “Great Indus”.

  Shallots burst with scallions, scallions with lamb, scallions with sea cucumbers . Scallions are like a lady’s show who often enters the hall, and frequently appear on the menu.

The south is rich in green onions, also called chives, which corresponds to Shandong green onions. The small jade green onions in Guangzhou are quite southern: they are as small as a thread and soft and smooth.

The green onions are like Xiaojiabiyu, and they are silently accompanied by various dishes, mixed with tofu, and clear soup, and the bottom strips are generally used for raw food or cold dishes.

Folks have the statement that “scallion dipping sauce, the more you eat the stronger”.

  The nutritional content, the content of protein, minerals and carotene in shallots is relatively high: per 100 grams, shallots contain 72 mg of calcium, shallots contain only 29 mg, shallots contain 840 micrograms of carotene, and shallots are only 60 micrograms.

  Green onions and shallots reduce onion allicin (also known as allicin) and sulphur naphthalene, which can deodorize and enhance aroma, stimulate digestive juice secretion, and increase appetite. At the same time, hot spring has alternative bactericidal effects and promote sweat glandsThe secretion of related glands in the respiratory tract and urinary system, so the “onion ginger water” made with ginger and brown sugar is a Chinese medicine for treating colds and colds.

  Regardless of North and South, people like to use scallion shabu-shabu when cooking, because in high-temperature oil, the sulfide naphthalene in scallion volatilizes quickly and emits a special aroma. However, this method destroys vitamins compared to cold or raw words.C and other nutrients, so use onion to fry and shorten the frying time. For reference, sprinkle a little green onion before the dish is cooked, which can make both nutrition and delicious.

It should be noted that although the onions are delicious, people with gastrointestinal ulcers should eat less.

Five secrets of Lin Jiaxin’s private beauty

Five secrets of Lin Jiaxin’s private beauty

Five secrets of Lin Jiaxin’s private beauty

Nowadays, she uses chemical dyes to dye her hair. Lin Jiaxin recommends a secret formula that can dye hair with natural materials. This is a method that she had no money when she was a student and studied with her classmates: use seven or eight lemons to squeeze the original juice and put it in a spray gun., Evenly spray it on the hair, and then bask in the sun, a little down, the hair will turn into a natural coffee red without the problem of chemical residues.

  Lin Jiaxin, the five secrets of private beauty: Experience one: To scar scar vitamin E to speed up this trick is a small recipe from Lin Jiaxin from classmates, “When I was studying in Canada, there was a classmate with acne scars.It was gone. She broke the vitamin E capsule she took, and applied the vitamin E oil to the scar, and the scar gradually disappeared.

“Lin Jiaxin’s calf was full of” red bean ice “bitten by mosquitoes. After knowing this secret recipe, Lin Jiaxin went home and tried. One month later, all red bean ice was gone. Now Lin Jiaxin uses this method to treat any scars on his body.

  Tip 2: You do n’t need to buy any exfoliating cream with sugar in the exfoliating olive oil. Just take a bottle of olive oil and add an appropriate amount of sugar, and apply it on the body where exfoliation is needed, especially on the elbow and heel.”Olive oil can moisturize the skin. Don’t buy sugar too much, and don’t make it too big, so you can exfoliate once a week.

Lesson 3: Hand cream Vaseline Super is easy to use. This trick was learned by Lin Jiaxin from the beautician. If you feel the hands are rough, wipe Vaseline on your hands, massage while rubbing them, and then wear the ones used by the surgeon.The kind of plastic gloves, or the plastic bag gloves of hand-cooked chicken, as well as wrap with plastic wrap, remember to wash it off after an hour, because Vaseline is not breathable, it is not good to put it on the hand for a long time, after washing clean, You will find that your hands are tender and slippery.

  Lesson 4: Whitening the sunscreen Lin Jiaxin The good skin of Dangdang is the result of sun protection. “Whether it is cloudy, rainy or indoor, you must remember to use sunscreen to reduce freckles and dark spots.
Lin Jiaxin said that she was quite dark before, but she came back slowly by using sunscreen.

  Lesson 5: Hair dyed with lemon juice is very healthy. Now I use chemical dyes to dye my hair. Lin Jiaxin recommends a secret recipe that can dye hair with natural materials. This is a method that she had no money when she was a student and studied with her classmates.The lemons are squeezed out of the original juice, put in the spray gun, spray it evenly on the hair, and then bask in the sun. After a period of time, the hair will turn into a natural coffee red without the problem of chemical residues.

Spring neonatal flu prescription

Spring neonatal flu prescription

Spring neonatal flu prescription

The flu is common in all four seasons, and treating Liaoning is tricky.

The author has used traditional Chinese medicine therapy for many years, and has achieved relatively satisfactory results. Now my colleagues are for reference.

  Drug composition: 3 grams of citron, 5 grams of honeysuckle, 5 grams of scutellaria baicalensis, 3 grams of Polygonum cuspidatum, 3 grams of ephedra, and 3 grams of raw licorice.

The upper part is once, soak the tea in boiling water and drink it at any time without restriction.

The dosage of this prescription is very effective for prevention. If it is used for treatment, increase the amount of traditional Chinese medicine and increase the amount of each medicine by 3 times. Use dipping for dipping, one dose per day, and frying twice.

  Pharmacological effects: The antiviral effects of citronella, silver flower, scutellaria baicalensis, Polygonum cuspidatum, and ephedra are broad-spectrum antibacterial drugs, which interact with viruses and bacteria; licorice has a hormone-like effect.It can be used for both prevention and treatment, and the effect is obvious.

  This party is easy to use and can be used for personal, family and collective supplements.

Does not affect work and study, can be taken anytime, anywhere.

The application of schools, institutions and families in recent years has proved that this party is an economic alternative, effective and worthy of popularization.

  (Excerpted from “China Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine”)

Tai Chi Chuan Sanda Secrets

Tai Chi Chuan Sanda Secrets


Tai Chi Chuan Sanda Secrets

What is a loose hand?

The use of the boxing method is broken up and used in actual combat. It is not limited to the fixed method, but all in the instinctive reaction, free to do whatever it pleases, do not know the dance of the hand, the repetition of the foot, that is, the loose hand.

銆€銆€Tai Chi Chuan’s Sanshou method is all in the boxing, skillful and skillful.

銆€銆€When you are in the hands of the hands, you are always calm and calm, and your heart is not busy, calm and calm, can only be interrupted, and quickly play the skills, the technology is natural, the gallbladder is the gods, the glory, the inviolability, shocking the enemy.

銆€銆€At the time of the Sanshou, there was no law in the heart, and the enemy moved me. There was no parry. There were ten bets on the parry. If you didn’t move, you would be thunderous and arrogant.

銆€銆€When you are in the hands of the hands, the mind sinks into the foot, the mind sinks the heart and the hand is poisonous, the foot is decisive and sensitive, and where is the sinking?

I regard my enemies as my parents, and my sisters hate being born, but when they hate to live, they are also sinking, but they are still full of strength, and they are so eager to fight.

銆€銆€When you are in the hands of the hands, you are in control. The enemy and I are already under the control of my spirit. When I am shot, I am everywhere. Although I am self-denying, I am stalking the enemy, such as the Sokka rope, and the beast.In a trapped cage, it is necessary to kill the chicken at this time.

銆€銆€When you are in the middle of a hand, why do you need to look at the shoulders of the people, look at the eyes of the people, and look at the shoulders of the people. All of them rely on the intentional listening, the hostility is pointing, I mean already, the enemy is moving, I move first, I wantIn the first place, the enemy is strong, I am strong, I am in the first place, and then come first.

銆€銆€When I was in the hands of the hands, I saw the red, not a lot of time, I don’t know where I am going, I don’t know what I’m going to do, and I’m going to do it in one way. This is also Tai Chi, yin and yang, too.

It is said that the strength is strong, and the law is also returned to the sect.

銆€銆€When one person is against the enemy, it is to hurt the ten. It is better to break one. Take the courage to be the first. Only I win, I can defeat me, I will not tolerate it, I will look for opportunities, and I will fight for it. If I win, I will fight.Winning is the way to go, and walking is also called fighting. If you are beaten by people, you can choose a favorable terrain to control the group. Any weapon that can be used by me can be used.

The hand grabbed the bite, the elbow hit the top of the knee, and the expensive ones were in the thunder, the hot weapons, and the cold weapons were used by me.

The enemy’s weapon hit me, and I greeted it, and it was hidden in the city.

Why is it that it is useless? If you are short, then you will be short-sleeved.

銆€銆€Sitting on the road and watching people are enemies, people are all hurting me, and I pay attention to me, and I care about it. I am deliberately cultivating my heart. It’s a long time, my heart is clear, my mind is moving, my spirit is there, I’m all in one god.OK, people don’t know me, I know people, why are they suddenly attacked.

銆€銆€Quiet as a lady, moving like a rabbit, before the hands of a scholar, move hands and then know the courage.

銆€銆€The difference between the martial arts and the boxing of Tai Chi, the noble energy is easy to change because of the fist, so it can be all-encompassing, and it moves with others. No matter what method he has, I will respond to him and it should be true.If you don’t leave it, you will become a martial art in the platoon.

What should I eat for hepatitis B patients?

What should I eat for hepatitis B patients?


Note point-1

What should I eat for hepatitis B patients?
Note point-1

Currently, it is a large country with liver diseases, and patients with liver diseases account for half of the world.

China’s hepatitis B virus carries about one.

2 billion, in addition to hepatitis C, hepatitis A, hepatitis E, drug-induced hepatitis, liver and so on.

We Chinese people pay attention to health care. The diet of hepatitis B is seriously related to the condition of hepatitis B. How should we pay attention to diet in the case of treating hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B patients should pay attention to the supply of protein, vitamins and water in their daily diet. Do not drink alcohol or eat irritating food.

1, in order to promote the repair and regeneration of liver cells, should increase the protein supply, generally accounted for 15% of the total heat energy, in particular, should ensure the supply of a certain number of high-quality protein, such as animal egg packaging, soy products.

2, to ensure the supply of vitamins.

B vitamins such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and niacin, as well as vitamin C, play an important role in improving symptoms.

In addition to foods that choose these vitamins, you can also take a multivitamin preparation.

顎?, properly drink more juice, rice soup, honey water, watermelon juice, etc., add too much liquid, can accelerate the excretion of poison and ensure the normal metabolism of the liver.

4. Do not drink alcohol.

The main component of the wine is ethanol. Ethanol can be converted into aldehyde in the liver. They have direct damage to the liver, causing deformation and necrosis of the liver cells.

The liver cells of patients with hepatitis B have been damaged, and drinking is even worse, causing the disease to evolve toward cirrhosis and even liver cancer.

Eat more vegetables?

Spinach, carrots, mushrooms, fungus, lily, etc., such as carrot oxide vitamin A, has detoxification, clearing heat and cooling blood, Jianweixiaoshi and so on, and can replace the indirect prevention of liver cancer.

Ok, I hope I can help you!

Concerned about Dr. Li Ping, about the epidemic of infectious diseases, some private letter Li doctor!

Postpartum mad 20 pounds of new mother to protect the marriage to gain weight

Postpartum mad 20 pounds of new mother to protect the marriage to gain weight


Postpartum mad 20 pounds of new mother to protect the marriage to gain weight

In this era of pursuing the beauty of the skin, the girl loves beauty and often shouts to lose weight. However, Miss Chen of Haikou has lost her troubles. After marriage, she gave birth to a child who was nearly 20 pounds, because she was too thin and often suffered from her husband’s disappointment.

In order to gain weight, she tried her best but did not help. Miss Chen, who was helpless, found this newspaper to seek ways to increase her weight.

銆€銆€This afternoon, the reporter saw Miss Chen, the woman in front of her eyes was dressed in fashion, but her cheeks were thin and she could obviously trim her hands and her feet were very thin.

Ms. Chen told reporters that she is 28 years old and is 1,59 meters tall. She has 102 pounds before marriage.

After marriage, because her husband is very busy, she resigned to take care of her children after she gave birth to a child more than a year ago.

Because her mother-in-law died prematurely, she did not have a helper with her children. She got up 5 or 6 times a night. She was quickly lose 20 pounds in the continuous internal fatigue. Today, she weighs only 82 pounds.

After thinning down, coupled with physical anemia, her whole person is not as fat as before, and she feels tired when she is heavy.

銆€銆€”My husband has often been frustrated recently that I have completely changed from the past, and said that let me quickly find ways to grow meat.

Miss Chen said that since she was too thin, her image contrast was too disparate. From the slim figure to the slim now, it’s hard to see, and the husband’s treatment of herself is not as close as she used to be. She is very upset, she has tried running.Waiting for exercise, I hope that my appetite will become better after I gain weight. I didn’t expect it to be counterproductive. I am tired and getting thinner.

銆€銆€”I feel that I am unhealthy, so I have the courage to seek media help, I hope to get a fattening program and be a pretty woman.”

Miss Chen said.

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