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东京奥运会项目设置确定 中国击剑队有望再次“亮剑”

东京奥运会项目设置确定 中国击剑队有望再次“亮剑”


[How to make a vegetable salad egg cup]_ Home vegetable salad egg cup practice _ Shi vegetable salad egg cup practice Daquan _ how vegetable salad egg cup

[How to make a vegetable salad egg cup]_ Home vegetable salad egg cup practice _ Shi vegetable salad egg cup practice Daquan _ how vegetable salad egg cup

[How to make a vegetable salad egg cup]_ Home vegetable salad egg cup practice _ Shi vegetable salad egg cup practice Daquan _ how vegetable salad egg cup

The so-called people take food as the sky, and the diet is unhealthy, and the human body is prone to problems. Usually we set to ensure a healthy diet and a balanced nutrition. The method of seasonal vegetable salad egg cup is very simple, and the ingredients are also common in our lives, Cheap, is a regular at the table of many families.

1. You can prepare any vegetables you like, cut them into dices and mix them for later use.

2. Preheat the oven 180 degrees.

Place four baking paper cups in the muffin mold, add the diced vegetables, break up the 4 eggs, season with black pepper, and pour into the paper cups.

3, baking 15?
20 minutes, you can take it back when you are done.

During this time, salad dressing can be made. I made three different flavors: salad dressing + soy sauce, salad dressing + mustard, salad dressing + chili sauce.

4. Take it out of the oven, drizzle your favorite salad dressing, and decorate it.

Cooking at home can bring the whole family together and make the home more cozy. The practice of the vegetable salad egg cup is simple and can be easily completed.

[Can you drink after cupping]_Recommended diet

[Can you drink after cupping]_Recommended diet

[Can you drink after cupping]_Recommended diet

Cupping is a very good way to keep in good health. Cupping can effectively help you clear toxins from your body. After cupping, you can also achieve a good effect of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation. If you appear outside of work,The problem of physical fatigue, proper cupping can also rejuvenate yourself.

However, there are a lot of precautions in the process of cupping that need to be highly appreciated by everyone.

After cupping, you can drink alcohol, which is inappropriate for the human body to cause particularly large toxic and side effects.

Proper drinking of some alcohol also helps to promote blood circulation in the body, and helps to improve the symptoms of skin congestion caused by the can.

But do n’t drink too much. Excessive drinking will have a counterproductive effect, which may lead to drunkenness, dizziness, unconsciousness and other similar symptoms. The damage to yourself is very great.Be sure to determine the optimal amount of alcohol based on your physical fitness and personal alcohol consumption.

When cupping, you must pay attention not to cut your skin. Before you cup, you must check the jar for damage. You must also pay attention to the choice of the cupping location. Try to choose some quiet light and suitable environmentTry not to cup in a dark and dark environment, and at the same time, you must choose some postures that you think are comfortable. Taking a prone position is a very good choice.

Cupping in daily life can help everyone achieve a good effect of relaxing muscles and promoting blood circulation, while also achieving a good effect of enhancing immunity, helping to transfer toxins in the body, and achieving a cold-dispelling effectHelps regulate the balance of yin and yang in the body, enhances the vitality of the organs, and also helps to promote the recovery of body tissues.

[How to make tortillas?Introduce 3 popular practices!】 _Family Practice_Production Method

[How to make tortillas?Introduce 3 popular practices!】 _Family Practice_Production Method

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Taoli Bakery (603866) Company Dynamics Review: Steady Growth in Revenue and Slight Profit Pressure

Taoli Bakery (603866) Company Dynamics Review: Steady Growth in Revenue and Slight Profit Pressure

Taoli Bakery (603866) Company Dynamics Review: Steady Growth in 杭州桑拿 Revenue and Slight Profit Pressure

Matters: Taoli Bakery released the first quarter of the 19th annual performance report, it is expected to achieve a total operating income of 11 in 19Q.

4 ‰, with an annual value added of 15.

5%; net profit attributable to mother 1.

21 trillion, an increase of 12 in ten years.

1%; deduct non-net profit 1.

1.6 billion, an increase of 10 in ten years.

7%; budget benefit 0.

26 yuan.

Investment highlights: 1Q19 revenue growth was in line with expectations, and net profit growth was lower than expected.

Quarterly revenue increase of 15 in the first quarter of 19.

5%, in line with expectations; net profit increased by 12 in ten years.

1%, lower than expected.

Channel expansion goes hand in hand with intensive farming and revenue grows steadily.

The main reasons for 北京夜生活网 the steady growth of the company’s revenue are: (1) intensive cultivation in mature markets: under the influence of increased channel coverage and daily distribution rate, mature regions continue to grow; (2) opening up new markets: the company vigorously expands channels in new markets and continuouslyIncrease in the number of terminals, the new market expansion significantly.

Looking forward to the future, some cities in the Northeast market can already achieve two allocations in one day, while the daily distribution rate of small terminals in some cities in other regions is not high, and there is room for deep cultivation of channels in mature markets; the release of new market transportation and the improvement of channel layout,Sustainable volume.

It is estimated that the revenue growth rate in 19 years will be about 15-18%.

The profit in the first quarter of 19 was lower than expected or affected by expenses.

In the first quarter of 19th, the company’s gross profit increased due to the continuous upgrading of its product structure. The growth rate of net profit was lower than expected or due to the impact of expenses: (1) Mature markets: Competitive products expanded in mature markets, and end-product activities of peach and plum products increased;: The new market is still in the period of expansion and development, and the company increased its expenses on the new market.

Looking forward, Taoli is still in a period of horse racing, new markets are expanding, and industry participation is expected to continue to remain high as industry participation increases.

It is estimated that the growth rate of net profit in 19 years will be about 15-17%.

The company’s barriers are strong, production capacity and channel layout are gradually improved, and nationalization is steadily advancing.

The company has a sophisticated operating model, significant scale advantages, strong channel control, and efficient logistics.

Future changes Wuhan Taoli, Shenyang Taoli, Shandong Taoli, and Jiangsu Taoli have been completed. They will add 12 to Central China, Northeast China and East China.

57 calories.

Generally, the new market factories can be profitable for about 2-3 years (the Dongguan subsidiary has turned losses into profits in 18 years). In the future, the production capacity will gradually be released, the channel layout will be perfect, and new factories can slowly turn losses into profits.

At present, the per capita consumption of bread is still growing. Taoli adopts an easy-to-expand wholesale model and steadily advances its nationalization strategy. It can enjoy industry dividends and is still in the golden period of development.

Profit forecast and investment advice: EPS are expected to be 1 in 19-21.

60, 1.

93, 2.

35 yuan, an increase of 17 a year.

4%, 20.

8%, 21.

3%, the PE corresponding to the latest closing price is 34, 28, 23 times.

The short-term insurance leader Taoli has significant scale advantages, strong channel penetration, and efficient logistics. It is still in the golden period under national expansion and maintains a “recommended” rating.

Risk warning: Nationalization is not up to expectations, risks of rising raw material prices, food safety incidents.

Juewei Food (603517) Semi-annual Report Comment: Revenue continues to increase rapidly and cost pressure eases

Juewei Food (603517) Semi-annual Report Comment: Revenue continues to increase rapidly and cost pressure eases

Juewei Food (603517) Semi-annual Report Comment: Revenue continues to increase rapidly and cost pressure eases
Matters: The company announced its semi-annual report for 19 years, and realized revenue of 24 in 1H19.9 billion yuan, +19 in ten years.4%; net profit attributable to mother 3.9.6 billion, previously +25.8%.In the second quarter of 19, revenue was 13.3.6 billion, +19 a year.2%; net profit attributable to mother 2.1.5 billion, +30 a year.8%, deducting non-net profit 2.1 billion yuan, +28 per year.9%. Ping An’s view: The speed of exhibitions has improved, and the revenue of single stores has steadily increased: The company opened 683 stores in 1H19, which has accelerated compared with the same period of the previous year (406 stores opened). The opening speed of 2Q19 was shorter than that of 1Q19 until the end of June.The company has a total of 10,598 stores nationwide, + 12% per year.During the same period, single-store revenue may benefit from promotional activities, and the growth has 南宁桑拿 declined. Some categories have increased their prices and maintained higher growth. With accelerated store expansion and better single store growth, the company’s 1H19 revenue was +19 twice.4%, the growth rates in 1Q19 and 2Q19 are basically the same, and the growth rates have accelerated compared with the previous quarter.Looking ahead, considering that the pace of opening stores in 1H19 is relatively fast and the speed of opening stores in 2H19 may be moderately inclined, the overall revenue should still maintain a rapid growth. Duck deputy price dropped to a high point, and the cost pressure gradually reduced. Although 19 years ago, although the price of Mao Duck was still higher than the same period of the previous year, the comprehensive price of duck deputy began to fall due to other months, and the overall price 苏州夜网论坛 showed a downward trend.The company’s gross profit margin for 1H19 was 34.2%, down by 1 every year.2pcts, the main reason is that the company’s gross profit margin in 2Q19 was 35 due to the previous high-priced raw material inventory.0%, although it is still down by ten years.4pcts, but up by 1Q19.7pcts, it may indicate that the fall in the deputy price has gradually reflected to the gross profit margin.Company 1H19 selling expenses and expenses 8.2%, slightly reduced by 0 every year.1 case, of which advertising expenses fell significantly, employee compensation and rental expenses increased rapidly, sales expenses in the second quarter of 199.0%, a slight decrease of 0 every year.Two.Taken together, the company’s net profit in 2Q19 was 30 due to revenue growth, lower management expense ratio, and investment income contributed by Safiya.8% high growth, 2H19 or benefit from lower cost pressures, net profit is expected to continue the high growth momentum. The operating situation is good and the “recommended” level is maintained: under the background of macroeconomic growth, the halogen product industry still shows a high degree of prosperity, the company’s community store leaders are integrated, and the channel penetration rate has a lot of room for improvement. It is a scarce growth target and the investment value is becoming prominent.Based on optimistic about the future prosperity of the industry and the increase and decrease of cost increase, we will change the company’s EPS from 1 to 19.29, 1.50, 1.76 increased to 1.38, 1.60, 1.85 yuan, the corresponding PE is 28.5, 24.7, 21.4. Maintain the “Recommended” level. Risk reminders: 1. Risk of weak macro economy: slower economic growth, consumption upgrades are not up to expectations, leading to faster consumer growth; 2. risks of major food safety incidents: consumers are particularly sensitive to food safety issues.For major food safety incidents, it will take a long time for consumers to overcome the freezing point and reshape their confidence in the brand in the short term. 3. Raw material price rise risk: The price of the main raw material of the product, the volatility of the product, the price may rise sharply or cause performance to fall short of expectations.

Hot Yoga in the Cold Autumn

Hot Yoga in the Cold Autumn

Hot Yoga in the Cold Autumn

Core tip: Winter is coming, and yoga enthusiasts can’t help but be ready to practice hot yoga.

Indeed, exercising in the warm yoga room in the winter is really a treat.

  The most suitable yoga for winter-high-temperature yoga. Various types of yoga are aimed at different functions and effects. If you want to keep your body warm in winter, of course, you must choose the most popular way now-high-temperature yoga.

  If you care about and love fashion, especially fashion sports, then you will not be unfamiliar. You may even have experienced it firsthand, the world-famous Indian fitness method “HOTYOGA”.

  The biggest difference between high-temperature yoga and traditional yoga is that the temperature of the practice room must reach 38 ° C.

Because if you practice yoga when your body is not hot, you can easily get injured.

Especially for yoga, which is about stretching, the temperature is occasionally more important.

The indoor temperature of 38 ° C can not only increase the body temperature, but also speed up blood circulation and soften muscles and bones that are hardened by exercise.

In this way, unless it is a normal national body, it can easily complete different reductions and it is not easy to be injured.

Therefore, high temperature yoga is very suitable for beginners or people who have been lack of exercise for a long time.

  The hot yoga classes at both ends are about 80-90 minutes long.

Of these, 26 contraction movements, including lying down, one body and cross sitting.

These two bending and sloping static movements can directly stimulate the nervous and muscular systems, improve spine softness, and are especially suitable for office family exercises.

When you are in a high-temperature room, your body will sweat in a short time, and you naturally aim at the warm-up effect.

After tens of minutes of practice, the body can reach a balanced state, and ideally, it can transport fresh blood filled with oxygen to various parts of the body.

  Precautions: 1. Avoid immediately after meals, at least one hour after meals.

  2. Avoid strenuous exercise or do it immediately after taking a bath, which will cause a burden on the heart. Generally, you need to rest for 20?
After 30 minutes.

  3. Avoid drinking or drunk, only after waking up completely.

  4, if the body is injured or a person with a disease (a regular visit to the hospital or long-term medication), the doctor must agree to practice.

  5. Exercises can only be performed with the consent of a doctor after a major illness has healed or after surgery.

Same-sex awkward art of apology

Same-sex awkward art of apology

Same-sex “awkward” art of apology

Friendship between same-sex friends was awkward. After the Cold War, it was “difficult to ride a tiger.” Especially among women, no one would “pull down” and actively demand reconciliation.
Therefore, the most important thing is how to find the “steps” between close friends.
  ”Sorry” is the simplest and most effective way. Two close friends of the two girlfriends are each other’s most trusted partner. Maybe one party accidentally leaked the other’s secret.
The guilty party may be afraid to meet because of this, so the two gradually become estranged.
  In fact, at this time, as long as you directly and sincerely say “Sorry” and “Please forgive me”, in this case, these simple and direct apologies are most useful, and the most important thing is to make the other person understand.How important a friend is, you don’t want to lose her.
  Ignorance is the best way to break the deadlock. A joke can set off a war between women.
Sometimes the two of them are inexplicable to the joke.
After the quarrel, of course, it was the Cold War. I didn’t meet, I didn’t call, I didn’t text.
  After calming down for a few days, you look back and think that the two are very bored. Then when this thing hasn’t happened, go out and ask an old friend to have a drink, or go shopping, buy clothes from each other’s staff, and eat together.Ice cream.
Ignoring this way is the best way to deal with it.
  Friendship sometimes needs to give up. When the conflict between two people involves the principle and position of being a person, or the other party uses friendship to do something utilitarian, such as promotion at work.
Then, you need to re-evaluate whether she is still suitable as your friend.
You can solemnly ask her to come out and tell her that you care about this friend, but this time she really hurt you.
If she still ignores your feelings, then give up, this friend is not for you.

3 civilian skin care collections

3 civilian skin care collections


3 civilian skin care collections

We are not celebrities, we have no amazing and stunning looks; we are not the kind of popular flat model that makeup artists love, without three-dimensional face; we are not catwalk models, no uneven body; we are civilian MM.

But we love our skin very much, we have the skin that is the star of skin care products.


In fact, there are no shortcuts to take care of, and it is not natural beauty to evacuate care. We often pay attention to skin care information and are diligent in hands-on experiments. Over time, we have formed a set of skin care methods that are suitable for you.DIY some skin care products.

We are skincare stars in civilian MM, let us teach you the precise method of having supple, fair and translucent skin.

3 ordinary MM’s skin care collections. Cheap skin care products can also play a better role in skin beauty. 27-year-old skin properties: mixed partial oil, love acne.

Duoduo cherishes her skin very much, and often just learns some nursing methods suitable for her skin from TV and newspapers. After many experiments, she has obtained the following cheats.

  Cheats 1: Make your essence work best.

After washing your face at night and applying toner, apply a layer of essence you need, which can be whitening, firming, or shrinking pores, and then apply a hydrating mask.

In this way, your skin will have the fairness, firmness and other effects you want, but it will not be dry and very hydrated.

  Cheats 2: morning and night eye creams are different.

After 25 years of age, the skin does not only need moisture, it is easier for the eyes, and there are already faint fine lines and bags under the eyes.

So use a moisturizing flour or gel-like eye cream in the morning and a cream-like eye cream with a firm lifting effect at night. This method has just begun to use recently, and the effect is not bad.

  Cheats 3: apply eye mask with Tremella congee.

Soak the white fungus completely with water first, and then add it to the water to cook, as long as the added water just covers the white fungus.

When the water is fast drying, add more water to continue cooking.

Before repeatedly adding water in this way, until the Tremella is boiled into a paste, the viscosity is high, and the gelatinous substance can be seen with the naked eye.

After letting it cool, dipped it with a cotton pad and put it around your eyes.

Remove when ready to dry.

  Tianyang 30-year-old skin properties: neutral to dry, spots.

Tian Yang likes DIY very much, including making some small accessories and sewing some small household items.

Of course, she prefers DIY masks. There are several types. After using it, she feels blemish and preventive effect. I will introduce it to you.

  Cheats 1: Sugar and olive oil mask.

Take an appropriate amount of sugar and olive oil, mix the two together, and use the same method as a facial cleanser to gently apply on the face and massage it.Receives the effect of reducing pores.

  Cheats 2: Banana Milk Mask.

Moderate amount of fresh banana, milk content (the amount of milk is better than bananas).

Pour the milk into the banana puree to make a paste. Use your hand or a cotton pad as if you are using a facial cleanser, massage while applying, and clean it when it is dry.

This mask can be used as a “time-replenishing mask”. Long-term use can moisturize and whiten the skin.

  Xiaoxiao 24-year-old skin properties: mixed dry, slightly sensitive.

Xiao Xiao has a mild smile on each side.

  She takes care of her skin, but is not affiliated with the use of very luxurious products. She often DIYs things at home, and the results are good.

  Cheats 1: honey + pearl powder mask.

Take an appropriate amount of honey, feel enough to absorb the entire face, add some pearl powder, and then gently and evenly spread on the face, about 10-20 minutes, wash clean.

Has a moisturizing and whitening effect.

  In addition, she thinks that honey is a good skin care product. Sometimes after bathing or washing her face, apply a layer of honey on her body and body, and then wash it off, she will feel very moist.

  Cheats 2: Loofah to blackheads.

Twist the loofah out of the water, or squeeze it out with a juicer, and apply it directly on a wooden board. Leave it for 10-20 minutes and wash it.

Her blackheads were significantly reduced.

Different diets for different types of toothache

Different diets for different types of toothache

Different diets for different types of toothache

There are different types of toothache, and the treatment methods are also different. Here are three different types of toothache diet methods.

  I. Stomach fire toothache type[Clinical manifestations]The tooth body is constantly exposed to erosion and pores appear. Food is embedded in the dental caries when eating. If it is stimulated by hot and cold acid and sweet, it can cause toothache.

  [Dietary medicine]1. Banana salt: 3 bananas (peeled), soak them in salt and eat.

2 times a day.

  2, duck egg oyster porridge: 2 salted duck eggs, 50 grams of dried oysters, 60 grams of rice.

Boil the salted duck eggs with the previous rice, lift the salted duck eggs to remove the shells when cooked, chop and put the dried oysters in the porridge, cook for a while, season and eat.

  Second, wind-heat toothache type[Clinical manifestations]Teeth pain, pain when chewing or tapping, gums swollen or pus; thirst, red tongue, yellow fur, floating pulse.

  [Dietary medicine]1. Banana skin stewed rock sugar: 2 banana skins, 30 grams of rock sugar, stewed in water, 3 times a day.

  2. Loofah Ginger Soup: 300 grams of fresh loofah and 60 grams of fresh ginger. Wash the fresh loofah and cut it into sections. Wash and slice the fresh ginger.

Dessert with simmered water for 1 hour, and drink soup 2 times a day.

  Third, virtual fire toothache type[Clinical manifestations]Teeth are painful or slightly painful, the pain is obvious when biting, the pain is heavier in the afternoon, the gums are reddish, the roots of the teeth are floating, the throat is dry, the tongue is red, and the pulse is fine.

  [Therapeutic medicinal diet]1. Raw ground bone broken tonifying kidney soup: 30 grams of raw ground, 15 grams of bone broken tonic, 1 pig kidney, add appropriate amount of salt decoction, eat pig kidney drink soup, 2 times a day.

  2, raw ground ginseng duck egg soup: 30 grams of raw ground, 20 grams of ginseng, two duck eggs, 20 grams of rock sugar.

Soak the raw ground in two bowls of clean water, ginseng for 30 minutes, wash the duck eggs and cook with raw ginseng, remove the shells after the eggs are cooked, and cook in the raw ginseng soup for a while, season with rock sugar, and eat egg soup.
  3, two winter porridge: 50 grams of Ophiopogon, 50 grams of Asparagus, 100 grams of rice.

Wash and chop Ophiopogon and Asparagus, and add porridge with water to the rice and cook it once a day.

Finely chop and add porridge with water to the rice, once a day.

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