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Selected OTC proprietary Chinese medicines for insomnia

Selected OTC proprietary Chinese medicines for insomnia

Selected OTC proprietary Chinese medicines for insomnia

This article introduces several OTC proprietary Chinese medicines that are replaced by common insomnia symptoms.

  Sleep time accounts for about a third of life, and from this point you can polish its significance.

Insomnia refers to restless sleep, which makes it difficult to fall asleep or to wake up easily.

There are various causes of insomnia, and their clinical manifestations have their own characteristics, so only symptomatic selection of drugs can achieve better results.

Here are several OTC proprietary Chinese medicines that are replaced by common symptoms of insomnia.

  Insomnia, more dreams, or dreams, accompanied by dizziness, irritability, cicadas in the ears, dry mouth and less, red tongue, pulse count and other symptoms.

  TCM syndrome differentiation of yin deficiency and fire.

OTC Chinese patent medicines selected for nourishing yin and clearing heart.

  The Yangxue Anshen Pill is composed of Shouwu rattan, Heterophyllum officinale, mature land, habitat, acacia bark, Emerald lotus, and crane grass.

Efficacy Nourish Yin and nourish blood, soothe your nerves.

Insomnia due to yin deficiency and blood loss, disturbance on virtual fire.

There are pills, tablets, syrup, etc. can be substituted, concentrated pills 6 grams each time, tablets 5 tablets each time, 3 times a day, warm boiling water.

  Zhibai Dihuang Wan consists of Zhimu, Huangbai, Shudi, Fructus Corni, Danpi, Yam, Poria, Alisma, etc.

Efficacy Ziyinjianghuo.

For insomnia due to heart and kidney yin deficiency, disturbance on virtual fire.

The dosage forms are pills, tablets, etc., instead of Xiaomi pills 9 grams each time, concentrated pills 10 capsules each time, orally twice a day.

  Naolejing oral solution consists of licorice extract, jujube, wheat and so on.

It has the effect of raising the mind and calming the soul and calming down.

Can be taken 30 ml before going to bed.

  Difficulty falling asleep, or waking up with many dreams during sleep, difficult to fall asleep after waking, or having palpitations, fatigue, dull taste, or abdominal distension after eating, not thinking about diet, chlorosis, etc.

  TCM syndromes are full of qi and blood, and can’t raise heart.

Selected OTC Chinese patent medicines for nourishing qi and nourishing blood, soothing mind.

  Ginseng Guipi Wan consists of ginseng, jujube kernel, polygala, licorice, atractylodes, astragalus, angelica, woody incense, Poria, longan meat and so on.

Gong beneficial qi and spleen, nourishing blood and soothe the nerves.

Big honey pills, 9 grams (1 pill) each time, orally twice a day.

  Ginseng Yangrong Pills are composed of ginseng, atractylodes, poria, licorice, angelica, mature land, amaranth, astragalus, polygala, cinnamon, schisandra, fresh ginger, jujube, tangerine peel, etc.

Efficacy Qi and blood, soothe the nerves.

Big honey pills are 9 grams (1 pill) each time, twice a day.

  Jujube Anshen Oral Liquid consists of Sour Jujube, Salvia, Schisandra, etc.

It has the effect of nourishing the heart and nourishing the liver, soothe the nerves and nourish the brain.

Take 1 (10 ml) before bedtime.

  Insomnia and chest tightness, heavy head dazzle, upset mouth, yellow greasy fur, slippery pulse and other symptoms.

  TCM syndromes are disturbed by phlegm heat and disturbed.

OTC Chinese patent medicine is used to remove heat and phlegm, and calm the nerves.

  Naoliqing consists of magnet, vermiculite, mother-of-pearl, French pinellia, wine koji, achyranthes, menthol, borneol, pig bile and so on.

Efficacy: clearing away heat and phlegm, calming the nerves.

Dosage forms are water pills, capsules, tablets.

10 pills each time, 1 capsule each time, orally twice a day.  Zaoren Anshen oral solution can be taken before bedtime.

  If there is a constipation, red tinnitus, dizziness and brain swelling, Huanglian Shangqing pills (or tablets), honey pills 1 pill each time, 4 tablets, orally twice a day.

Psychology: Where hurt by love

Psychology: Where hurt by love

Psychology: Where hurt by love

There used to be a benefactor who always tried to train his son to be perfect and become a brave warrior on the battlefield.

  So when the son was a baby, the benevolent took the millennium grass from the bottom of the mountain cliff and boiled it into a potion, so that the son could soak his body in this magic potion.

The potion slowly penetrated into the skin, and for a long time, the benevolent son’s body became impenetrable.

  But whenever the son soaked in the medicine barrel, the benevolent was afraid that the son would slip into the deep water, and he always grasped the son’s wrist with his hand until it was so.

  After being trained by the benevolent, his son was invincible on the battlefield. He was more brave than ever, and his incomprehensible skill turned him into a god of war.

  But in a battle, the opponent polished the only place on the benevolent’s son’s body that was inaccessible, that is, the benevolent often clenched his wrist because he was afraid of drowning.

It was in that battle that the benevolent’s son was defeated. He was shot with an arrow at the wrist and lost all his martial arts.

  When the benevolent saw his son again, the son was already a waste.

  For love, the place where love holds the tightest and is the most unwilling to let go is often the place that is hurt the most by love.

Experts point out three taboos for kickboxing

Experts point out three taboos for kickboxing

Experts point out three taboos for kickboxing

At the National Taekwondo Invitational Tournament held in Hohhot, Taekwondo Seven Duan Pu Hamfan from South Korea proposed “three taboos” to young people practicing Taekwondo.

  One taboo: follow blindly, weak will.

After the Taekwondo movement came to China, some people regarded the movement as fashion and blindly followed others to pursue it.

As a result, he was unwilling to work hard or had no time or perseverance in the process of practice, and gave up within a few days.

This is contrary to the “endurance” and “unyielding” in the spirit of Taekwondo.

  Second bogey: proud to boast, not to learn etiquette.

Taekwondo movement is based on “beginning with ceremony and ending with ceremony”.

Some youngsters have just learned a few days and think that they are “kung fu” and boast in front of fellow friends.

This goes against the most important “ritual” and “self-denial” spirits in the Taekwondo spirit.

  Three taboos: no plan, want to take shortcuts.

Park Ham Fan said that he has been practicing Taekwondo since 1968. Although he has been practicing for 38 years, he still dare not say that he has completely mastered the essence of Taekwondo.

No one can climb the sky step by step, and there are no shortcuts to practice Taekwondo, and you must reach your stage goals step by step.

He said that the key to practicing Taekwondo is self-cultivation, and finally find the “Dao” of life.

Health and wellness

Health and wellness


Health and wellness

With the center of economic interests, the center is constantly strengthened to the unshakable level, so that the whole world is predicted to be small, the family, the native, the village, the middle to the town, the city, the province, the country, the interests of the alliance, to the natural world.Vulnerable groups, hostile countries, the Earth, and the planet universe unscrupulously intercept large amounts of resources, leading to depletion of natural resources – environmental degradation, conflicts of interest – tensions, national political conflicts – unstable situation, space garbage flying – the earth is in danger!

As a result, human beings began to gradually fall into a state of collapse, and the body, mind, and state of life became chaotic. Various diseases such as poisonous mushrooms emerged on the human body: hysteria, indifference, arrogance, extremes, embarrassmentMental illness such as Qi, high blood pressure, uremia, diabetes, rheumatism, kidney disease, muscle weakness and other chronic diseases.

In this case of forced persecution, health, disease, and longevity have become more and more recognized by people from all walks of life!

Under this circumstance, the state put forward: “The strong country must first be strong, the strong species must first be strong” and the “senior strong is China strong” slogan, calling on young couples “pregnant and eugenics” to begin the transition to the “superiity and more life” stage.

The hospital put forward: the slogan of “early inspection, early treatment”, called on everyone to go to the hospital for annual inspection, check the body’s latent morbidity, the result of the people who have more or less problems, so the hospital business is hot.

The health care products company put forward the slogan of “treatment is not as good as health care, treatment is not as good as prevention”, and calls on everyone to “buy medicine to eat better than to buy health care products”. As a result, everyone eats health care products as food, health care products companies are like cow hair, counting money to hand cramps.
The health organization puts forward: “health, happiness, happiness”, and the results of various methods of martial arts training, one after another, a lot of money.

I said: “Health is better than first to keep fit”, to be the first, to be the foundation, and then to have health.

Body-building is to raise the body of the body, and health has more content, including: physical, psychological, spiritual, social, human life and so on, all-round life road maintenance, simply said “to live a good life.”

To raise a good is to enjoy a happy life, to raise a bad is to toss a lifetime, painful life, helpless life!

But people must have a good body in order to be happy and happy in this life.

The healthy spindle shell has, the mentality is good, the energy field of the body is just right, then the interpersonal relationship is also harmonious, then more and more noble people can help, your life career can notIs it a complete success?

The causal theory of physical health’s success or failure in life is arranged in the previous article. If you are interested, you can pay attention to it!

The so-called “health” that we are currently hearing or the so-called “health” that we are doing is actually just “healing the body”, and there are thousands of ways to promote the market. The market is chaotic, and many outsiders have gone astray, even to the enchantingTo the point, I feel that the method is good, I am willing to spend money to buy, spend money to learn, I feel that the more I learn, the more expensive the better.

In the end, my body is just doing other people’s experimental products, and also sending money to others.

They all stunned themselves, and it became worse and worse to make the body of the experimental field.

Even the most basic body can not be raised, what about health care?

Baichuan returns to the sea, and Wanfa returns to the sect!

Is there any way to really “keep your body” and spend very little money?

If so, where is it?

Share it for everyone in the future!

The relationship between Taijiquan and sputum meridians

The relationship between Taijiquan and sputum meridians


The relationship between Taijiquan and sputum meridians

Regardless of Chinese medicine or Tai Chi, its prevention and treatment, health care, and ultimately, rely on the function of the organs.

The theory of viscera and meridians in traditional Chinese medicine is the core part of it. Because human beings are an organic whole, there are special divisions between the internal organs and the internal organs, which are interdependent, cross each other and coordinate with each other.

Moreover, between the five internal organs and the external sputum, there is a close relationship between the five internal organs and the emotional activities.

Therefore, the balance of physiological functions between the health of the five internal organs and the organs is the key to maintaining a relatively constant environment inside and outside the human body.

At the same time, maintaining a good emotional state can stabilize the normal activities of the internal organs.

Tai Chi exercise uses the guidance of the action, adjusts the breath and absorbs the nerves, exercises the mind, etc., and normalizes the function of the internal organs and the internal and external relationship to carry out health care and disease prevention.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that the heart of the blood, the main mind, poor blood flow, heart and blood deficiency can affect the function of the heart.

Taijiquan speaks about conductors, and uses body to guide the air. The air moves at random, and the boots push the blood to run. That is to say, the “excessive retention of the body throughout the body” mentioned in the boxing theory, instead of meditation and nourishment, is conducive to the effort.Support and peace of mind.

According to modern research, when practicing Tai Chi, the movement of the round and the stretch, the rhythmic contraction of the whole body muscles, the capillary reflex expansion makes the blood smooth, the venous blood flow increases, thus accelerating blood circulation and reducing the heart.The burden has a health effect on both the human body and the heart.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that the spleen is transported, the stomach is accepted, and the liver is discharged. The functions of the three affect the normal movement of the air and the normal digestive function of the human body.

Taijiquan through the Zhongzheng Anshu, the movement of the ups and downs and the opening and closing of the internal gas coordination, so that the chest, septum, abdomen, back, waist and other muscles have regular, rhythmic contraction and relaxation, this guidance method not only makesThe internal organs got a “self-massage”, and also guided the movement of the air machine, thereby regulating the transport of the spleen, the receiving of the stomach, the relief of the liver, and the digestive system has the effect of disease prevention treatment.

At the same time, the muscles of the spleen are normal, the digestion and absorption are normal, the nutrition of the musculoskeletal is replenished, and the movement guides and twists the muscles and bones to get exercise, so that the pain of the exercise system can be recovered.

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the lungs are breathing, and they have a function of declaring and descending.

If the lungs are sick, they will cough, sputum, poor breathing, and the function of Xuan Su is dysfunctional.

Taijiquan exercise first requires “deep, long, thin, even” natural breathing, and the robes should be “qi Shen Dantian”, which can exercise the respiratory muscles, improve the thoracic activity, maintain the elasticity of the lung tissue, and increase the vital capacity.

Taijiquan requires “the looseness of the abdomen in the abdomen”, which may increase the pore ventilation and develop the qi, which is beneficial to the function of the lungs and the function of the lungs.

銆€銆€Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kidney essence, main water, main gas, renal dysfunction (mainly yin and yang qi and blood disorders), Yuanyin Yuanyang damage, affecting human growth, development and reproductive function.

If the main function of the kidney is dysfunctional, the whole body water and fluid will be blocked.

Taijiquan requires 鈥渢o pay attention to the waist gap鈥? First of all, it is necessary to guide the kidney to 鈥渟elf-massage鈥? After exercise, the digestive function is enhanced, the metabolism is accelerated, and the qi is absorbed, the acquired nature and the qiIt is fully replenished, and the skin is also replenished to Yuanyin in the kidney, and Yuanyang is replenished.

At the same time, it is beneficial to the main water function of kidney transpiration gasification by guiding the three-focus gas machine to move in and out.

Tai Chi Chuan’s cultivation of Qi, training and training, is itself a practice of the Lord.

Therefore, Tai Chi Chuan can also contribute to good physical therapy to kidney patients mentioned by Chinese medicine practitioners.

銆€銆€In the meridian of traditional Chinese medicine, the meridians, collaterals, twelve meridians, twelve skins, and Taijiquan are based on the two rules of Tongdu, and require “to transport the body with gas, such as Jiuzhuzhu in every possible way” and to talk about “transportation.”It is made to the hair.”

Therefore, through the guidance of Tai Chi, the natural adjustment of the meridian qi and blood makes it run smoothly and without stagnation.

This can eliminate the pathogenic factors such as the meridian qi and blood decay, and the meridian qi and blood disorder.

The practice of training the fists of the young people from the meridians – the ribs – the skin, from the inside and the table, from the table to the inside.

Over time, it can improve the connection between the human microcirculation and the viscera, accelerate the body’s metabolism, and achieve the purpose of physical health.

Drinking beer in summer is easy to induce 6 diseases

Drinking beer in summer is easy to induce 6 diseases


Drinking beer in summer is easy to induce 6 diseases

Summer weather is hot and people like to drink beer.

Beer is rich in sugar, vitamins, amino acids, inorganic salts and a variety of trace elements and other nutrients, known as “liquid bread”, the right amount of interchange, heat dissipation, increase appetite, promote digestion has a role.

Many people think that drinking a few bottles of beer is nothing more than going to a few toilets. In fact, the risk of drinking too much beer is very big, and may cause the following diseases. 1. Acute gastroenteritis: a large amount of inhaled beer in a short time will dilute the gastric juice.It can damage the acidic environment of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the immunity of the digestive tract, easily infect pathogenic bacteria, cause bacterial abscess, acute gastroenteritis and other infectious diseases. At the same time, it can increase the speed of peristalsis and accelerate the excretion of food, which is prone to bloating.,diarrhea.

Cold beer is more serious, the temperature of the gastrointestinal tract suddenly drops, complications such as preventive abdominal pain and diarrhea, severe stomach bleeding.

銆€銆€2, alcohol liver: beer itself is rich in nutrients, heat production, the nutrients contained in the body can be absorbed by the body, but because of alcohol through the liver metabolism, long-term large amount of alcohol damage, can lead to alcohol liver.

銆€銆€3, stones: brewed beer barley bud, not only contains calcium and oxalic acid, but also a large number of large amounts of strontium, a large accumulation, resulting in excess heat, increased uric acid production, and promote the occurrence of stones.

銆€銆€4, cardiovascular disease: heavy drinking is likely to cause short-term increase in blood volume, increase the burden of heart and blood vessels, damage to cardiovascular, kidney, liver, lung and other organs, some will appear dizzy, blood pressure increased, heart rate acceleratedIt even leads to the onset of cardiovascular disease.

銆€銆€5, cold: drink a lot of frozen beer, I feel very happy, but a large amount of frozen beer will cause the pores to suddenly meet the cold contraction, stop sweating, so that the body heat dissipation is blocked, causing diseases such as colds.

銆€銆€6, aggravating the side effects of drugs: such as people who are taking the following drugs should not drink alcohol, such as anti-epileptic drugs, hypoglycemic agents, antidepressants, sedatives, antibiotics, nitrates, hemostatic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, anti-tuberculosisMedicines, anti-allergic drugs, etc., because alcohol can aggravate the side effects of these drugs.

銆€銆€Drinking beer should not exceed 300 ml each time, the combined temperature is preferably around 8 掳C, and the refreshing taste is most obvious when alternating.

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