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[Can I drink rice soup in confinement?

[Can I drink rice soup in confinement?

]_ Confinement _ can you drink

[Can I drink rice soup in confinement?
]_ Confinement _ can you drink

People who are sick will have a poor appetite. At this time, they do not want to eat some greasy things, and the patient’s digestive function will be greatly reduced. Therefore, it is more suitable to eat some food that is easy to digest. Experienced people often give the patients drinkRice soup. Drinking rice soup can be supplemented with rich water first, and can be supplemented with rich nutrients such as supplements. So, can mothers during confinement drink rice soup?

Can I drink rice soup in confinement?
You can definitely drink rice soup during confinement. As long as you don’t eat raw cold and spicy food, confinement is acceptable. You can eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day, and you can also eat rice steamed buns.Fortunately, drink chicken soup, fish soup, and pork rib soup to help milk secretion.

Confinement is definitely not drinking rice soup, do not eat some cold, hot food during confinement, others can eat properly, a balanced diet can help the body recover.

Maternal confinement can drink rice porridge, boiled into a paste, which is good for digestion.

It is recommended to pay attention to rest and warmth, avoid fatigue, drink plenty of hot water, eat more vegetables, avoid cold spicy spicy food, maintain a good mood and adequate sleep, pay attention to personal hygiene.

Rice is the main type of staple food.

It is the main food source of nutrients such as protein and carbohydrates in human food. It is also a completely healthy food.

There is no saying that the maternal cannot drink rice porridge during confinement.

In this case, the mother can drink rice porridge during confinement.

However, a single rice may lead to insufficient nutritional supplementation, so a balanced diet is appropriate.

It can be taken in moderation. Generally, it is recommended to drink more millet porridge to promote the secretion of milk. The effect is the best. It is recommended to try to drink soup and water foods such as fish soup, pork rib soup, and trotter soup to promote milk.Secretion, increase the nutrition of breast milk, prohibit intercourse in one month after delivery, the purpose is to avoid the possibility of endometrial infection, and at the same time before the menstrual period does not recover, condom as much as possible in the same room to avoid the possibility of unwanted pregnancy.

Rice porridge is cold. During confinement, it is better to eat more hot foods because you are weaker and more vulnerable to cold after having a child.

Such as millet porridge.

Try not to eat rice porridge.

It is recommended not to eat cold and spicy food during confinement, and eat as much lamb, red dates, millet porridge, catfish soup, pork rib soup, etc. as possible, pay attention to a balanced diet and nutrition to ensure the baby’s growth and development.

Keep warm and don’t get cold, so as not to have sequelae.

[Is the Ming clerk the same as Bai clerk]_ Bai clerk _ difference

[Is the Ming clerk the same as Bai clerk]_ Bai clerk _ difference

[Is the Ming clerk the same as Bai clerk]_ Bai clerk _ difference

Ming staff is a very common chemical product in life. Everyone will use Ming staff when they are purifying water in their homes.

In addition, alum is found in food bulking agents and baking powder that are often used by everyone.

White staff is a crystal that can be used to make paints and waterproofing agents. It is also widely used in life.

So, is Ming staff the same as Bai staff?

Aluminium potassium sulfate dodecahydrate, also known as: Ming staff, white staff, potassium staff, potassium aluminum staff, potassium Ming staff, is the double salt of potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate containing crystal water.

Colorless cubic crystals, often with an octahedron appearance, or a polyhedron with cubes and rhombic dodecahedrons, sometimes attached to the container wall and shaped like a hexagonal plate. They are alpha-type complex salts with glass luster.

Density 1.

757g / cm3, melting point 92.

5 ° C.


Lose 9 molecules of crystal water at 5 ℃, lose 12 molecules of crystal water at 200 ℃, degrade water, insoluble in ethanol.

Ming staff has a sour taste, cold, and toxic.

Therefore, it has antibacterial effect, astringent effect, etc., and can be used as traditional Chinese medicine.

Clear and feasible for the preparation of aluminum salts, baking powder, paints, fillers, clarifiers, mordants, papermaking, waterproofing agents, etc., and can also be used as food additives.

In our life, it is often used for water purification, and as an edible bulking agent, such as fried hemp balls, which may be contained in fritters.

Contraindications: Yin deficiency, weak stomach, no dampness and heat are contraindicated, and should not be taken long or more, and the diarrhea is prolonged, due to spleen and stomach qi deficiency; woman Bai Wo, due to depression in the gas;

Taste is sour; cold; toxic.

Oral: into pills, powder, 0.

2-1 money.

Topical: Spread or apply.

The white staff member is a crystal made by processing and refining the mineral Ming staff stone.

Its main component is potassium aluminum sulfate dodecahydrate, which is a double salt of potassium sulfate and aluminum sulfate containing twelve crystal waters.

It is a colorless cubic crystal, which is an octahedron or a polymer type formed by cubes and rhombic dodecahedrons.

Ming staff and Bai staff are one of its many names, often used in the paint and other industries.

The water of white employees does not dissolve alcohol. In addition to being used in industrial fields such as waterproofing agents, paper making, and paint, it can also be used as a food additive. Water is often used in our lives, and food expansion agents are often used.To make fried dumplings, fried dough sticks all contain Ming staff.

Haitian Flavor Industry (603288): 3Q maintains steady growth and is expected to achieve expected goals without worry

Haitian Flavor Industry (603288): 3Q maintains steady growth and is expected to achieve expected goals without worry

Haitian Flavor Industry (603288): 3Q maintains steady growth and is expected to achieve expected goals without worry

The 3Q19 results were in line with expectations. The 3Q19 results announced by the company: Revenue 148.

200 million, +16 a year.

6%, net profit attributable to mother 38.

4 trillion, +22 a year.

5%, corresponding to a profit of 1.

42 yuan, of which 3Q single quarter income / return to mother’s net profit increased by +16.

9% / 22.

8%, in line with expectations.

In 3Q19, the company has achieved 75% / 73% of the long-term revenue / attribution net profit budget target.

Development trend The three major categories are steadily increasing, and the growth rate of seasoning sauce continues to accelerate.

From January to September, the company’s soy sauce / oyster sauce / seasoning sauce income plus +13 respectively.

8% / 20.

3% / 9.

2%, compared with 1H19, soy sauce and oyster sauce continue to maintain a stable growth rate faster than the industry, the share continues to increase, the growth rate of seasoning sauce and about 7% of 1H19 is estimated to accelerate, and double-digit growth is expected to resume in 3Q, reflectingThe company’s sauce adjustments gradually appeared.

We think that in 4Q19, while maintaining the leading growth rate of soy sauce and oyster sauce, the company will continue to promote the accelerated growth of soy sauce. At the same time, other categories of cooking wine, vinegar and other products will also help maintain faster than the overall growth rate (we estimate 1-9Other condiments for the year + 36%).

By region, from January to September, the growth rate of the base camp in the south was 12%, and the growth rate in the west accelerated to 26%. All regions achieved double-digit growth.

In the third quarter of the third quarter, the company’s net increase in the number of dealers was nearly 700, a growth rate of 14%. We predict that it will basically match the sales growth rate.

We expect the highest probability to achieve the 16% revenue growth target, and the revenue growth rate in 2020 is also expected to stabilize in the middle double digits.

The gross profit margin was flat month-on-month, and the increase in sales expense ratio was compressed.

The company’s gross profit margin in the third quarter of 19 years was -1.

3ppt, unchanged from the previous month.

At least the reason for the decline is similar to 2Q. It is affected by the structural effects of condiments other than soy sauce with low gross profit margins, changes in the prices of other raw materials for soybeans, and increased depreciation due to increased capital expenditure.The selection of product pick-up is related. The increase of the corresponding discount will affect the gross profit margin to a certain extent but reduce the freight expenses. Accordingly, the sales expense 天津夜网 ratio in 3Q19 decreased by -2.


On the whole, we think that the expected probability of net profit return to mother + 20% will be achieved, and the profit rate will continue to increase.

In addition, the cash received from 3Q’s sales of goods and the net operating cash flow plus +20 respectively.

4% / + 73.

5%, better than the growth rate of income and net profit, and the statement is healthy.

Earnings forecasts and forecasts are raised for other seasoning growth forecasts, gross margin and sales expense ratio forecasts are lowered, and 19/20 revenue forecasts are raised by 0 accordingly.

3%, raise EPS forecast 1.

4% to 1.


32 yuan, the current expected corresponding 19/20 56/47 times P / E, will be converted to 2020, giving the company 56 times PE in 2020, raising the target price by 22% to 1四川耍耍网29 yuan, maintaining the outperform industry ratingThere is 18% upside ahead of the current lead.

Risks of raw material fluctuations, the impact of category demand, increased competition in the industry, food safety incidents

China Merchants Shekou (001979) February 2019 sales data review: weak market sales continue to take caution

China Merchants Shekou (001979) February 2019 sales data review: weak market sales continue to take caution

China Merchants Shekou (001979) February 2019 sales data review: weak market sales continue to take caution

Event: On March 9th, China Merchants Shekou announced the company’s February sales data, and the company achieved a contract amount of 83 in February.

0 ‰, +14 for ten years.

6%; Achieve contracted area of 38.

70,000 square meters, +46 per year.

9%; the company added 27 in February.

20,000 square meters, at least -90.

3%; total land price 15.

2 ‰, one year -91.


Opinions: February sales of 8.3 billion, + 15% per year, sales in weak markets have steadily increased, and the average sales price has continued to increase.

0 million yuan, -29.

6%, +14 per year.

6%, the average monthly average of half a month before the mainstream 50 housing enterprises in Kerui.

1%; Achieved contracted area of 38.

70,000 countries, -32 from the previous month.

1% for the whole year +46.

9%, which is 北京桑拿体验网 higher than the high-frequency tracking of 45 cities in February.

0%; the average selling price is 21,483 yuan / square meter, +3 chain.

7%, +4 from 18 years.


From January to February, the company realized a total of 200 contracted amounts.

9 trillion, +5 for ten years.

7%, +5 from last month.

5pct; 95 signing area.

60,000 square meters, ten years +10.

6%, +15 from last month.

9 points.

The cumulative average selling price from January to February was 21,026 yuan / square meter, which was +2 earlier than 18 years.

0pct; Under the overall weak market environment in February, the company benefited from its excellent first- and second-tier layout (84% of first-tier and second-tier cities in unstored soil reserves and 31% of the Greater Bay Area), and sales performance remained relatively low.Yes, the average sales price has further increased. Against the background of the current improvement in the first and second-tier markets, it is expected that sales will continue to maintain a steady growth trend in 19 years.

In February, 1.5 billion land was acquired, -92% per year, and the proportion of land acquisition was relatively 18%. The land acquisition continued to be cautious. In February, the company only added a new residential land in Zhongshan Torch Development Zone, and built another 27.

20,000 countries, at least -90.

3%, corresponding to 15.

200 million, ten years -91.

7%, of which 51% is equity; floor price is 5,610 yuan / sqm, +501 qoq.

3% a year -15.

2%, the average selling price around the project is 1.

5 million / square meter; land acquisition ratio 18.

3%, +17 from last month.9 points.

In January-February, the company acquired a total of 2 new plots and added a total of 32 planned areas.

90,000 countries, at least -90.

3%; total land price 15.

8 ‰, one year -93.

6%; land acquisition accounted for 8%, a decrease of 47pct over 18 years; the average floor price was 4,792 yuan / square meter, which was -33 compared to the average floor price in 18 years.

8%, mainly due to the lowest average price of industrial land in January.

The company took the ground in January-February and remained cautious since September 18, and gradually became cautious.

Investment advice: Weak sales in the weak market, continue to be cautious, maintain “strong push” rating Merchants Shekou actively changed in multiple dimensions after the reorganization, management reform, improve turnover, accelerate integration; the company sits on the first and second-tier high-quality soil storage, especiallyGuangdong, Hong Kong, Macau and the Greater Bay Area have extremely high resource reserves; the company has only the strong advantage of “marketization + non-marketization” to acquire land, has the ability to transfer existing resources, integrate internal resources of the group, a new industrial city model, state-owned enterprises and mergers and acquisitions, and cruise home portsDevelopment and other unique land acquisition models have obvious advantages in non-market-oriented land acquisition.

In addition, with the heavy introduction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area plan, the company, as the core target of the Greater Bay Area, is expected to further increase its asset value.

We are still optimistic that the company, as an industry leader, is expected to benefit from the further improvement of industry concentration and the future sales flexibility brought by the company’s strong first- and second-tier and the Greater Bay Area layout. We maintain our forecast for the company’s 18-20 year earnings.

94, 2.

42 and 2.

97 yuan, the current price of 18-19PE is 11.

0 times, 8.

8 times, maintaining target price of 28.

00 yuan, maintaining the “strong push” level.

Risk warning: The real estate market sales fell more than expected and the industry funds tightened more than expected.

Shanghai Construction Engineering (600170): The revenue and orders of leading companies in the Yangtze River Delta region are improving

Shanghai Construction Engineering (600170): The revenue and orders of leading companies in the Yangtze River Delta region are improving

Shanghai Construction Engineering (600170): The revenue and orders of leading companies in the Yangtze River Delta region are improving

Event: Shanghai Construction Engineering released its 2019 semi-annual report.

The company’s 1H19 revenue was 1,035.

0 billion, a year-on-year increase of +32.

2%, net profit attributable to mother 19.

6 billion, a year-on-year increase of +51.

7%, performance growth in line with our expectations.

In the second quarter alone, revenue was 564.

0 billion, a year-on-year increase of +19.

5%, net profit attributable to mother 6.

4 billion, a year-on-year decrease of -15.

5%, the decrease in net profit attributable to mothers in the second quarter was mainly affected by actual income.

Opinion: Revenue from main construction business, strong order growth: 1H19 company revenue +32 YoY.

2%, a growth rate of +14 for ten years.

1 pcts, of which 2Q19 revenue increased 19 year-on-year.

5%, a growth rate of ten years +0.

3pct, revenue maintained steady growth.

In terms of business, YoY for the construction / building materials industry / real estate development business in 1H19 was +41.

1% / + 61.

6% /-27.

3%, the growth rate exceeded the change by +30.

8 / + 34.

6 / -132.

6 pcts, the construction / building materials industry grew strongly in the first half of the year, of which the proportion of construction revenue from main industries increased by 5.

1 to 81.

5%; real estate business income has fallen sharply, with reference to the pre-sale situation to determine the short-term operation will be low.

1H19’s new long-term unit amount was 172 billion, a year-on-year increase of +19.

9%, a growth rate of +16 for ten years.

3 pcts, including 2 trillion yuan in the new decade, 800 trillion yuan, +9 year-on-year.

3%, two years of growth +13.

6pcts, the new long-term single growth is stable, the growth rate continues to increase marginally.

In terms of business, the single-year growth rate of 无锡夜网论坛 construction / design / industrial in the 1H19 company was 23 in the new decade.

9% / 11.

6% / 32.

1%, the growth rate is twice +16.

9 / -42.

7 / -18.

Two, the construction orders for the main business grew strongly, benefiting from the deepening of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta, and it is expected that the steady growth will continue; the pre-sale contract value of real estate in 1H19 was only 6.6 billion, -75 year-on-year.

0%, gradually obvious. The total value of newly signed contracts in the last four quarters was 332.2 billion yuan, which was one of the 18 years of revenue.

9 times, there are plenty of orders in hand, and subsequent results continue to expand support.

1H19 company’s comprehensive gross profit margin 9.

2% per year -0.

8pct, of which 2Q19 comprehensive gross profit margin 9天津夜网.

0%, flat for one year.

In terms of business, gross profit margins for construction / building materials industry / real estate development in 1H19 were 6 respectively.

4% / 10.

0% / 29.

8%, a change of -1 in ten years.

0 / -1.

6 / + 12.

6 pcts, it is expected that the reduction in the gross profit margin of the construction industry is related to the high proportion of large-scale projects, and the increase in the price of some raw materials. The main impact is concentrated in 1Q19.

8%, it is judged that the gross profit margin for subsequent construction will continue to be revised upwards to drive the improvement of comprehensive gross profit margin.

In 1H19, the net interest rate extended to the mother increased by 0.

3 points to 1.

9% was mainly due to the increase in fair value gains of financial assets driven by the increase in stock prices in 1Q19 (the implementation of new financial instruments in 19 years). The gains from changes in fair value in 2Q19 had little contribution, and the subsequent impact was judged to be reduced.

Single 2Q19 return to net mother interest rate fell 0.

4pct to 0.

6%, mainly from: 1) Expansion of research and development, leading to an increase in the expense ratio during the period to 0.

7 points to 6.

2%, 2) Decreased deferred income tax expenses significantly increased the apparent income tax rate (tax expenses / profit growth) by 20.

5 pieces to 38.


Judging that subsequent tax rates will return to a reasonable level (?
20%), and through a reduction in gross profit margin, improvement in net profit margin.

At the end of 1H19, the company’s debt ratio and interest-bearing debt ratio were 83 respectively.

5%, 24.

2%, respectively changed by -0.

6 / -0.

6pct, resistance level dropped slightly in half a year; 1H19 cash-to-cash ratio and cash-to-cash ratio were 98 respectively.

3%, 103.

6%, respectively, changed to -2.

7 / -7.

0, including 2Q19 cash-to-cash ratio and cash-to-cash ratio 86.

2%, 79.

5%, change by +1.

3 pieces, 0 pieces

0pct, the cash-to-cash ratio continues to improve, indicating that the company’s cash flow continues to improve.

Benefit from the deepening of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta and maintain the “Buy” rating: Shanghai Construction Engineering is a leader in the construction of the Yangtze River Delta region, which will significantly benefit from the strategic integration of the Yangtze River Delta and the high prosperity of regional infrastructure investment.

The company has abundant orders in hand and strong performance guarantee.The company’s main business construction income, strong order growth, and the influence of changes in gross profit margins are gradually being digested. We maintain the company’s 19-21 year return to net profit forecast34.



400 million, the current price corresponding to the PE of 19-21 years is 9x / 8x / 7x, compared with similar local state-owned enterprises to maximize returns, the company’s dividend payout rate has maintained a high level throughout the year (18 years dividend payment amount of 35).

0%, the lowest point in recent years), dividend yield (currently 3).

75%) have the advantage and maintain a “Buy” rating.

Risk reminder: real estate business, fair value gains change rapidly, infrastructure investment is less than expected

6 Must-Have Antipyretic Tips for Parents

6 Must-Have Antipyretic Tips for Parents


6 Must-Have Antipyretic Tips for Parents

The mothers who care about the fever of their babies are familiar, which is “38.

The temperature is lowered below 5 ° C, 38.

Take antipyretics above 5 ° C.

“The most commonly used physical cooling method today is to use antipyretic stickers, but many parents do n’t know how they work?

I don’t know if some kind of antipyretic paste is good, then follow the editor to learn it!

  Q: What is the principle of antipyretic paste?

  A: The main structure of the antipyretic paste is divided into three parts: the non-woven fabric of the substrate, the gel layer of the main layer and the anti-adhesive layer. The hydrophilic gel of the gel layer has a good energy conversion function and can stimulate the coldness of nerve endings.Sensory receptors, which produces a cold sensation.

After applying the antipyretic paste, the transients on the skin will be absorbed by the polymer gel layer and dissipate heat through vaporization to achieve the purpose of continuously taking away the body’s transformation.

The cooling time of antipyretic paste is generally more than 6 hours.

  Q: Can antipyretic patches treat fever?

  A: Although many parents hope that babies can cure fever by using antipyretic patches, in fact, the main role of antipyretic patches is to reduce the local temperature of the brain, slow down the brain’s metabolism, and protect the brain cells for a long time.

Parents should not think that it is safe to put an antipyretic sticker on their children, whose temperature is over 38.

Take antipyretics at 5 ℃!

  Q: Why are the fever stickers mostly blue?

Is it bad in other colors?

  A: This is mainly because it is designed to look more blue in blue. In fact, some antipyretic stickers are still brown or white. It does not matter. The key to antipyretic stickers is the cooling effect of the polycarbonate gel layer. Any color can.

  Q: How can I buy the best anti-fever paste for cooling?

  A: At present, there are many antipyretic products on the market, and the quality is also uneven. The specific use effect varies from person to person, so it is difficult to say which product has the best cooling effect.

However, the speed and magnitude of cooling is the core of the antipyretic paste.

The cooling speed is too fast, the amplitude is too large, or the cooling effect is high or low, it is not good for the baby’s health. A good quality antipyretic patch should have a small and stable cooling range. It is recommended that you have already purchased a relatively well-known product.
  Q: Is it better to have a scented antipyretic paste?

  A: Many parents will choose products with light smell when choosing baby supplies. This is very correct!

On the one hand, heavy odor products may add fragrance residues that will irritate the baby’s skin; on the other hand, heavy odor products may easily stimulate the baby’s smell and may also affect the baby’s mood.

  Q: Why are antipyretic pastes always easy to replace?

  A: More than one parent can’t stick the antipyretic paste. Why is this?

There are three main reasons: First, the stickiness of the antipyretic paste itself is relatively poor, but the adhesiveness of different brands of products is greatly different; the second is that the way of pasting is not correct.Easy to remove; third, the baby does not like to stick things on his head.

If this is the case, the parents would give up the antipyretic paste to the child, so as not to waste money, in fact, physical fever to drink more water is the most effective!

Beer belly can also train abs mermaid line

Beer belly can also train abs mermaid line

Beer belly can also train abs mermaid line

Nowadays, people have a lot of work and social pressure, especially for male friends. Most of the time is occupied by work, and there is very little time for fitness. The accumulation of abdominal pain has formed an annoying “beer belly”, which makes men very troubled.What about getting rid of “beer belly”?

Let ‘s do a few simple exercises with us, get rid of the “beer belly”, get back to health, look handsome, practice a sexy “mermaid line”, and act quickly.

  Lie on your back with your belly curled and your knees folded with your hands across your chest. Tighten your abdomen and lift your upper body until the shoulder blades completely relax from the ground. Repeat the above action.

  The static support double forearms and double toes support the body off the ground, keeping the body parallel to the ground.

Inhale to tighten the abdomen, exhale to relax the abdomen, repeat 10 times.

  The “V” shape supports both hands and torso support. Legs are raised and stretched together to keep the upper body upright. The abdomen is tightened to keep the body in a “V” shape. Keep it relaxed for 15 seconds.

  Raise your wings and beat your knees flatly, tighten your abdomen, lift your body forward, straighten forward, and oscillate up and down with the shoulders as the axis to maintain a normal breathing rhythm, with 100 shocks as a group.

  Lift the upper body of the lateral abdomen with your legs off the ground at the same time, put your hands on the sides of your ears, tighten your abdomen, bend your knees, insert your legs while twisting your body to this side, relax and do the other side, repeat the above actions.

  Side kicking with one arm supporting the body to lie on its side, the body is in the same plane, the flank is contracted, the legs are lifted together, repeat 10 times to change the other side.

Samba dance moves in Chinese and English

Samba dance moves in Chinese and English

Samba dance moves in Chinese and English

Samba Bronze: (Bronze) 1.
Basic Movement step (freely moving forward, backward, left, right) 2.
Whisk (L.
& R.
Forked step 3.
Samba Walks in P.

P goes into the fork step 4.
Samba Side Walk 5.
Progressive Bota Fagos
Bota Fagos in P.
P & C.
P.P goes forward and backward side step 7.
Reverse Turn 左 8.
Cota Jaca Pushback Silver 9.
Closed Rocks 10.
Samba Side Step 11.
Volta Steps 12.
Shadow Bota Fagos 13.
Agentin Cross Argentina Gold 14.
Stationary Samba Walks 15.
Open Rocks 16.
Back Rocks back sway 17.
Plait Rope Step 18.
Changment of Foot
Contra Bota Fagos 20.
Rolling roller step 21.
Natural Roll 右 22.
Volta (Closed Shadow Profressive) Pad Walk In

Rice and beans are equal to eating meat.

Rice and beans are equal to eating meat.

Rice and beans are equal to eating meat.

There is no best food, only the best match.

“Rice plus beans equals meat” is a classic match in nutrition.

  The rice here refers to all the grains, including rice and noodles, some rice, porridge, steamed bread, noodles, etc.; while beans refer to the legumes, including soybeans, mung beans, red beans, and soy milk including the fillings., dried tofu, tofu, etc.

Although the two types of food are very nutritious, they are all defective.

For example, the content of lysine in cereals, and the content in beans; the content of methionine in cereals, and the content in beans.

Which one to eat, their protein is not well absorbed, but a ride, there is a “complementary effect”, greatly improving the absorption of protein, just like the protein of meat.

This is: “rice plus beans equals meat.”

  But this is not the same as eating soy milk in the morning and eating rice at noon.

“Rice and Beans” must be played together to get the best performance.

For example, when adding soy milk, add some rice, add some beans when cooking porridge, or add soy milk when cooking rice and porridge.

Not only is the fragrance more intense, but also the most nutritious.

The slightly worse effect is to eat “rice and beans” at the same time.

For example, when you eat steamed bread, you can order dried tofu, and then eat a steamed buns.

63 suggestions to make newlywed sex hotter

63 suggestions to make newlywed sex hotter

63 suggestions to make newlywed sex hotter

Below, these 63 suggestions are from the 2006-2007 wedding couples across the United States. “How can I have a hotter wedding night?

Super answers selected in the Sexual Interest Survey, they will help you to increase the happiness of sex and increase your sexual desire.

  Sweet Foreplay 1 Sit on the sofa and talk about some household chores, and then began to kiss her fingers. It was obvious that her eyes light up and her body trembles. This is the best foreplay beginning!

  2 Do not rush to untie all the clothes, just gently rub his corners, and then look at him affectionately.

  3 Hold his hand, guide it to swim along your body, and finally fall into your underwear.

  4 Try “Embrace in 8 Minutes” The newest method of flirting in the United States: Two people hug each other in bed. You control the rhythm of your breathing. Start with slow breathing, and then make your breathing quick and powerful.Let him hear.

  5Massage his tibia, knowing that the upper part of the man is the largest sexually sensitive area.

  6 Let him stand behind you, and explore the position of the chest button of your clothes a little bit, then help you to untie them.

At this time, don’t make fun of his awkwardness, and even show your happiness and appreciation to him.

  7 Blows hot air to his back neck.

  8 Describe a sex scene, which may be a movie fragment you have seen, the storyline in a novel, or maybe you have experienced an orgasm scene.

  9 Don’t always kiss your lips, neck, ears, eyes, forehead . are all areas that can induce sexual impulses.

  10 with music melody kiss, when it is soothing, slowly kiss each other’s lips, neck, ears; when the rhythm becomes intense and cheerful, it is necessary to quickly kiss, in conjunction with the beat for kissing exercise.

  11 Let your clean, soft hair slide over the tip of his nose.

  12 Help him do a leg massage, especially a thigh root massage.

  The point is: hands only hover at the base of the thigh, without touching his key parts.

  13 ear irritation is the best experience.

In the faint candlelight, the whisper in the ear is the most disturbing, drunk lying tenderly embraced.

You may wish to play with his earlobe gently with your fingers, then gently put your mouth together and blow slowly, this kind of stimulation will surely stir up his whole body’s lust.

  14 Let him look at you, but you look like a wild cat of age, licking his lips all the time.

  15 Gently kiss her toes.

  16 Like a puppy, he only used his nose to smell the smell of his body, which inspired the most primitive passion in his body.

  17 Don’t be afraid to touch his “baby”, touch it boldly!

  18 Touch his retina puck slightly, knowing that it is also a sensitive area.

  Extending happiness 19 Hidden in the quilt, groping his body in the dark, and gently calling his name.

  20 He breathed lightly on his spectacles, blurring his vision, and could only obey your mercy.

  21 Use your feet to test his body, rub the hair of his legs, and stir his heat.

  22 Let him say “I love you” 100 times, and kiss while saying.

  23 Both men absorbed chocolate, cream, and even ice cream on their chests and licked each other.

  With 24 fingers using three fingers, he massaged his head, making him feel relaxed and happy.

  25 Let him follow you all the time, even if you want to drink saliva, seduce him with your eyes and notice him: come with me!

  26 Use your brush to draw your favorite pattern on the other person and tell him: I like to tease your body like this.

  27 Watch a pornographic movie with a storyline, and then look at him affectionately.

  28 sucking his body as if sucking a can of cola.

  29 Stroke the body hair on his abdomen, then rub these quickly.

  30 eyes full of desire: I just want to eat you!

  31 shouted 32 Both closed their eyes, let him fumble your underwear buttons, and quickly take it off.

  33 Ask him to carry your legs, and you press down on his body.  34 kissed his penis, using saliva as an additive.

If you feel thirsty, eat a slice of lemon that works well.

  35 Help him masturbate, help him rub his penis, know that women’s soft hands have infinite charm.

  36 Ordinary pillows are the most overlooked sex toys. Using one or two pillows can increase the sexual interest.

Use the pillow to support him in the back and perform oral sex, and he can see very clearly everything you do to him.

  37 If possible, oral sex between the two can be performed on the stairs: you sit on the stairs with a pillow cushion, he sits on the next stairs in the middle of your thighs, which not only makes his neck and head move betterIt will also give you a better view and more sexual stimulation.

  38 Naked, sit back against the wall, let his head rest on your thigh, and you gently give him with the additional ring.

Feeling each other’s warmth, breathing and heartbeat.

  39 Inhaling and sucking each other’s wet lips can especially arouse sexual desire.

  40 In the morning, lie on his right side, lift your right leg, place his right leg under your right and left leg, and make sure his right thigh is between your legs.

Insert his penis into your vagina and adjust your upper body so that you can kiss each other comfortably.

This position works best when you are tired.

  41 Let his penis stay in your body for a while, feel its presence, feel his stoutness, feel his blood beat.

  42 hands will make you feel more free in sexual fantasies.

Moreover, both men and women become more sloppy and enthusiastic when using their hands.

  43 The combination of massage and essential oils can make people feel irritated.

Ask him to do a back massage with essential oils and discover new areas of your body that are new and interesting.

Moreover, the fragrance of essential oils is also very effective in diluting the odor in sexual affairs.

  44 At the most passionate moment, clinging to his tibia and realigning him deeper can make him realize the angle you want.

You may wish to try to go a little deeper, both holding his legs tightly with both hands, and letting his hands move freely on his hips, turning his feet lightly on his back or waist, I believe he will thankEverything you do for him.

  The smoothest thighs on 45 men’s bodies are best suited for women’s hands to tease.

You can flick with your fingers across his pants, caress, massage, and pinch a few times are fine.

If he buried his head in his thigh, it would make him even more irritable.

In addition, you may wish to use your fluffy part of the lower body and gently swipe over his thigh, this is a feeling mixed with fantasy and inexplicable.

  46 Most women don’t know enough about men’s bodies. Few women actually touch the G spot of men. This is a mysterious area that ignites the enthusiasm of men.

The perineum is a hidden insulin pill for men. Between the anus and the scrotum, there are two blood vessels hidden in the body, which are the indirect motive force for men’s erections.

Touching this place makes it easy for him to trigger.

Touching the perineum can not only help him reach an orgasm, but it is also a good means of boosting happiness.

  47 Opening your eyes can increase your familiarity with each other’s body and the good feelings about sex.

  48 breaths.

If you hold your breath (or breathless) while having sex, your body will struggle to reach orgasm.

Therefore, keep breathing smooth from beginning to end.

  49 Live in the moment, don’t let your mind wander, and fully enjoy all the feelings in your body.

  50 selfish.

If you know that certain positions are the easiest for you to reach orgasm, then enter that position when you are ready to reach orgasm.

  51 brings the pelvis closer to each other.

This way you can make the clitoris and pelvis rub against his pelvis or pubic bone, making it easier to orgasm.

  52 When his penis is in your vagina, carefully stimulate the clitoris to reach orgasm.

  53 Interact at the right pace.

When you are ready to reach the climax, find the rhythm and intensity that works for you, and maintain that rhythm and intensity.  54 controls ejaculation.

Men must know exactly how they feel before ejaculation, learn to control sexual excitement, and reach orgasm when they want to reach it.

  55 Put a mirror next to the bed, you can see the loving scene of the two of you at any time, as exciting as watching a third-level film.

  56 When you are nearing the climax, shout his name aloud, be sure to shout his full name!

  Let Ai Yanmian 57 talk about the feelings just now, can you do better?

What else do you expect?

  58 Is your breast plump?

Then bury his head in your bare breasts and rest quietly for a while.

  59 Drink lemonade to replenish the water you lost previously.

  60 hug and sleep for a while, let him hug your naked body from behind, quiet like a child.

  61 Take a bath together and stroke each other’s bodies.

  62 must say: I love you!

  63 must say: you are awesome!

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