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How often do you apply lipstick to your body?

How often do you apply lipstick to your body?

How often do you apply lipstick to your body?

There are eighteen weapons in the woman’s cosmetic bag, and the lipstick must be “handcuffed.”

But, you know, lipstick can also be “hidden crisis.”

Lipstick is the best artifact to enhance the charm. Even if you don’t apply powder, a little bit of lips will be bright and moving.

Every day, I will wipe it on my mouth, and I will inevitably eat it a little.

According to a Canadian study, women eat an average of 4 pounds (about 1 in their lifetime).

8 kg) lipstick, if converted according to the general specifications, about 300 lipsticks.

The lipstick of the entrance, can you rest assured?

Inferior lipstick, heavy metal content, high lipstick, complex, composed of lanolin, wax and dye.

All coal tar dyes used in lipsticks are carcinogens.

In addition, in order to increase the brightness of lipstick, manufacturers often add natural mineral mica to lipstick.

Mica, on the other hand, contains heavy metals such as lead, manganese, chromium and aluminum.

Choose a distance product, pay attention to the use, generally do not cause harm to the human body.

What needs to be guarded is the inferior lipstick and the three-no products, in which the heavy metals are seriously exceeded, and long-term use will endanger health.

For example, lead with high content in inferior lipstick has accumulation. Long-term absorption by the human body can lead to chronic lead poisoning, causing anemia, abdominal pain, acute renal failure and brain neuropathy.

Chapped lips, itching, may also blame the lanolin in lipstick lipstick can cause allergic reactions, such as chapped lips, peeling, itching or mild pain.

In addition, lanolin has a toxic adsorption property, which can adsorb dust, bacteria, viruses and some heavy metal ions in the air to the lips.

When people drink water and eat, they can bring lipstick and some harmful substances on them into their mouths, and then directly enter the body.

Pregnant women should apply less lipstick. After applying lipstick in the general population, if it is found to have slight itching and abnormal feeling, wash the lips and stop applying lipstick.

Before and after applying lipstick, before applying lipstick, you can apply a layer of lip balm or petrolatum to avoid direct contact of the lipstick with the lips, reduce pigmentation, and reduce the irritation to the lips when swabbing.

After applying lipstick, try not to eat, use a straw when drinking water.

Wash your lipstick before eating.

It is best to use a special lip makeup remover to remove makeup.

Can not give up, then smart to buy a small secret to buy lipstick – buy sealed packaging, label full of lipstick, buy brands from natural raw materials.

Read the lipstick carefully before buying

Don’t buy too much scent, as it may be to cover up the smell of oil.

If there is a small hole in the appearance of the lipstick, it means that there are bubbles, and the size is not solid; if the inside of the lipstick also has a small hole hidden, the quality is less reliable, and the lipstick will soon deteriorate.

The color distribution of the lipstick is not uniform, and there is a spiral shape, which means that the color material is concentrated on the front end of the lipstick, and it will become less and less colored for a long time.

The moisturizing lipstick is easy to break, and it may also be uneven in color when rubbed.

Can be applied to the back of the hand to test, determine the appropriate to buy.

Lipsticks are preserved with lipsticks and are best kept at room temperature.

Lipstick “sweating” means that the quality is worse, mainly related to the high temperature and deviation of the place.

As long as the lipstick has passed the shelf life, it is best not to use it again.

Lipsticks have odors, and it’s best not to use them. This phenomenon often appears in high-grade lipsticks.

Because of the use of high-grade grape seed oil, jojoba oil and other natural ingredients, containing a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, it is easy to rancid and oxidize to produce oily odor.

Parent-child communication three spirits have three ways

Parent-child communication three spirits have three ways

Parent-child communication “three spirits” have three ways

[Introduction]There are always parents who complain and slowly do not understand some of the children’s practices. You may try the following methods, and you will find that it is not difficult to understand the mind of the child.
  Xiao Xiaoming is five years old. At home, when parents ask him to do things, he often says, “Go get the cup”, “Bring the newspaper”, “Hurry to play the piano”.
Although sometimes Xiaoming is very willing to do these things, but when I hear such words, I have no motivation.
  Comment: The words “bring the cup” and “bring the cup to mom” sound similar to adults, but children’s feelings will be very different.
Although the child is small, he also does not like imperative tone, and likes to be commissioned.
Therefore, whenever parents ask their children to do something, as a child’s caregiver, if it is always difficult to forget their role of “educator”, it will be difficult to maintain an equal position when communicating with their children. “You want”,Words such as “you should” and “you can’t” often linger. As a result, the more parents talk, the more likely they are to say things they shouldn’t say. In this way, the child gradually loses the desire to communicate with the parents.
  Learn to listen to the child’s 3-year-old Xiaoxin is the little emperor at home, grandparents, grandparents are very much loved.
Xiaoxin’s hobby is reading picture books. When his parents come back, he will report to his parents “post-reading”, but because he ca n’t speak clearly and expresses trouble, his father often reads the newspaper when he hears half of it.New self-talk.
  Comment: When communicating with their children, parents often only care about what they say. This is actually clogging their children’s ears or letting them shut up, and it will evolve into the most common mistake-preaching.
Children also have a desire to communicate, and they want their words to be listened to.
  Whenever a child talks to his parents, the parents should try to let go of the matter at hand and listen to the child intently. This can make the child feel that the parent cares about listening to him, the child feels respect and encouragement, and will be willing to speak to himselfFeeling.
  Do n’t compare with friends and relatives. “You see, Xiao Tao next door will do addition and subtraction within 100. You do n’t know anything, how can you catch up with others?
“Nini, who is downstairs, is so ridiculous. Since I was in first grade last year, I have never passed the math test. In the future, don’t do that.
“Fei Fei, who is in the big class, is most afraid of hearing her mother mentioning Xiao Tao and Nini. It turns out that everyone often plays together, but after listening to her mother’s puppet, she doesn’t know if she wants to play with them.
  Comments: Because children are still in the development stage of abstract thinking, when telling children what to do and what not to do, do not give them a general concept of “good child” and “bad child”, but be specific and clear.More often, a sample is needed.
However, this sample is best found in story books, cartoons, and literary classics, which will be more secure.
If parents take relatives and friends as an example, I am afraid that it will create problems for their children to establish interpersonal relationships in the future; on the other hand, one-sided evaluation of parents will virtually hurt others.

Interpersonal moderation

Interpersonal moderation

Interpersonal moderation

Moderation is neither too much nor too bad. It may be appropriate to look at moderation in several ways: (1) The word “thank you”, if used properly, will become very attractive.

Only when you really have the desire to be grateful to say it again can you feel kind.

Otherwise, it will become “custom words” for people.

Thank you straightforwardly, and don’t mumble in a vague manner.

Thank you one by one for the specifications and surnames, which are more sincere than those in general.

  When you are invited to visit relatives and friends, be careful: be on time.

Being late is a disrespect to the host’s performance; arriving early, the other party is not ready, and it will be very embarrassing.

  Be careful when talking to the other person.

The so-called snatching of others or continuous questioning also ignores exclusive topics; if the other party is more cautious, you may wish to talk about trivial matters and open up the deadlock.

If you feel that the other party is far from yours in terms of taste, the topic should not be profound and it should be enough.

  (2) The first “appearance” cannot be rushed.

首次印象往往决定着交际的成败‘出场前必须对交际场所的情景、活动内容和参加的人员有所了解,特别是对你交际对象的职业、爱好、家庭、气质、性格等尽可能了解得详细These, therefore, designed their debut accordingly.

This cannot be ignored in communication.

  (3) Be accountable when making introductions in social networking.

When introducing, please say hello to the other party, such as “Please allow me to introduce you to know-“. When introducing the name, please spit out the words clearly and make the necessary explanations.

  (4) The farewell method should also be moderate.

If you want to leave early at the banquet and cannot leave in a hurry, you should apologize to the host and say goodbye to other guests.

The family has three years of Ai, Langzhong is not used!

The family has three years of Ai, Langzhong is not used!


Teach you the four great recipes for Ai Ye health!

The family has three years of Ai, Langzhong is not used!
Teach you the four great recipes for Ai Ye health!

Ai Cao is also known as Xiang Ai, Ai Ai, Artemisia argyi, bitter taste, Xin, warm, into the spleen, liver, kidney.

Can dispel cold and dehumidify, warm and stop bleeding.

It is suitable for debilitating bleeding and abdominal pain. It has obvious curative effect on women’s cold and menstrual irregularity, abdominal pain and uterine bleeding. It is a kind of gynecological medicine.

The wormwood can also be used as a variety of dishes and medicated diets.

Ai Jiang boiled eggs: sweep the female body in the body of aversion to cold: Ai Ye ginger and eggs: 15 grams of Ai Ye, 25 grams of ginger, 2 eggs.

Method: Add the appropriate amount of the above 3 flavors with water.

After the eggs are cooked, peel off the eggshell and put it into the original juice for a while.

Drink soup and eat eggs twice a day.

Efficacy: with menstruation, hemostasis, fetus, cold and cold.

Ai Ye ren porridge Ai Ye 6 grams, 1 egg, 50 grams of coix seed, pepper, salt amount.

Add the porridge to the coix seed and set aside.

Cook the leaves and eggs together until the eggs are cooked, add the soup to the porridge of the coix seed; egg shelling, simmering pepper, fine salt, and porridge with food, 2 times a day.

Ai Caoqing group materials: glutinous rice flour 180g, sticky rice flour 120g, Cheng powder 75g, sugar 90g, wormwood powder 15g, salad oil 45ml, water 480ml.

When you pack, you should apply a little oil on your hands, so it is not easy to stick your hands.

On the container of the green group, also brush a little oil.

Take the fresh, hurry to eat!

The Youth League is delicious and nutritious.

Ai leaves are a kind of traditional Chinese medicine. It has the functions of warming, stopping bleeding, dispelling cold and relieving pain.

After soaking in water, it has a good effect on cold-blooding for patients who have foot-bathing. Therefore, Aiye can prevent colds and appropriate resistance.

Ai Ye itself is very good for dredging meridians to regulate the balance of the human body. Therefore, for patients with meridians and meridians, Ai Ye has an effective therapeutic effect, especially for headaches caused by meridians and meridians, joint pain has a good effect.

Remind that 2 types of people are not suitable for using Ai Ye1. It is not suitable for patients with hot sex who are more severe in heat to use Ai Ye soaking feet. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive and cause bad consequences.

2, pregnant women can not use Ai Ye, pregnant women with Ai Ye bath or smoked Ai Ye, it is not good for the fetus inside the stomach, a serious one will lead to abortion.

#澶忓ぉ鍏荤敓姝f椂##娓呴璁″垝# Read more about the college entrance examination for children to eat health care products, is it necessary?

At these 3 points, most parents don’t know that in the summer, gout still dare to eat seafood and drink?

These 3 habits must be corrected!

ED man, 4 strokes to find confidence!

Article 1 can’t be done by most people. How many of you do you have?

3 more fun and exciting sex

3 more fun and exciting sex


3 more fun and exciting sex

Usually when people want to reinvigorate their sex life, they will start by trying new poses or changing to unusual places.

There is actually a simpler way to change the length of time you have sex.

How long a couple’s time will last can be predicted (about tens of twenty minutes), although there may be several gestures in between, but overall, the effect is the same.

What should have been stimulating fun has turned into a tedious routine, and it’s not a life of vain!

銆€銆€To reform this boring life without change, it is recommended that you usually adopt a three-to-slightly sex type, one of which can be fast ejaculation.

When both husband and wife feel tired or only one of them is excited, fast ejaculation is usually the best solution.

Sometimes, only one of the two wants to reach a climax, and this simple and quick way can be used.

銆€銆€The fast-ejaculation sex type occupies an important part in the sexual life between husband and wife. It can not only satisfy the side of sexual desire, but also relax the tension, and it can also be a fresh and exciting place.

銆€銆€The second type of sex takes 15 to 30 minutes for both parties to reach their climax, so you need enough time.

It usually happens before going to bed at night or after waking up in the morning, at the bedroom.

Most couples use this method.

There is nothing wrong with this type of lovemaking, it is suitable for busy people.

This is a comfortable, easy and predictable way.

銆€銆€The third type of state is that when the couple are older than the previous time, they can spend 45 minutes or more.

If you are busy on weekdays, you may wish to vacate a quote in advance.

Play music at a date, light up the candle, wear sexy clothes, or take a bath together.

In general, couples gradually ignore this way of enhancing their feelings after several years of marriage.

Develop a fattening plan for yourself

Develop a fattening plan for yourself


Develop a fattening plan for yourself

I grew too slim from small to large.

I am especially envious of those women who are strong and fit.

I hope that I can grow fat 8-10 pounds again, so that I look good, right?

銆€銆€When someone asks me what method do you use to keep your body?

I have a bitter smile: I don’t have to keep it, how can I eat it without fat?

So I never quit my mouth in eating.

銆€銆€I don’t want to be Zhao Feiyan who can dance on the plate. I yearn for the richness and sleekness of Yang Yuhuan.


I must be fat and good!

I have developed a fattening plan for myself.

銆€銆€First, change from three meals a day to five meals a day, add more meals, eat more and eat more, grab the opportunity to eat.

銆€銆€Second, from a vegetarian to a fornicist, change the bad habit of not eating fat, eat fat meat, and then vomit.

銆€銆€Third, change the habit of laziness and exercise in moderation.

Only with more exercise can we increase the amount of food and form a virtuous circle.

銆€銆€Fourth, people often say that “the heart is wide and fat,” so I don’t want to be a melancholy woman anymore. When I think about happy things and relax my heart, the meat naturally goes to the upper body.

銆€銆€Fifth, can you stay online overnight, can a woman staying up late be fat?

銆€銆€Ok, the above is my fattening plan, okay?

When I am fat, will I tell you the good news?

Waiting for my good news!

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