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Men living alone are 80% at higher risk of depression

Men living alone are 80% at higher risk of depression

Men living alone are 80% at higher risk of depression

There are many reasons why people suffer from depression. Uniqueness is also one of the causes of depression.

  Solitary people are 80% more at risk for depression.
Men and women have different causes, according to a new Finnish study showing that people who live alone have a 80% higher risk of depression than those who live with their families.

  Researchers at the University of Helsinki, Finland, the Institute of Occupational Health, and the National Institute of Health and Welfare have tracked nearly 3,500 Finns at work who bought antidepressants for 7 years.

  The results showed that 25% of those living alone would buy antidepressants to treat depression, while only 15% of those living with their families would buy antidepressants.

  According to the survey, depression in women living alone in Finland is mainly caused by socio-economic factors, such as unemployment and poor living conditions.

The depression of men living alone is mainly caused by socio-psychological factors, such as lack of social communication and dissatisfaction with working conditions, etc., and men living alone suffer severely from alcohol.

  Tips: How can you resist depression? Can you not be depressed?

In this case, please question: The first step is to question the correctness of self-denial: Am I really not good at organizing activities at all?

If you think about your past successes, you will find this sentence replaced by: “I am very good at organizing events.

“It’s no less credible than the previous sentence.

  The second step is to focus on what I can control. I ask myself, “What can I do?

“The customer’s account is unclear, can I ask it clearly?

Fund budget is not enough. Can I apply for increase?

If it can’t be increased, will I report to the leader.

  The third step puts failure into the expected range.

Data show that people with depression are more objective in their perception of reality, so they use their strengths to plan for the worst.

How to care for these teeth must know

How to care for these teeth must know

How to care for these teeth must know

The health of teeth has gradually become a new fashion. In the past, people only remembered to see a dentist when they had a toothache. Many people now regularly check their teeth.

And items such as orthodontics and tooth whitening are getting more and more attention. Did you find out?

How to maintain teeth in daily life?

Today’s article will teach you!

  How to care for teeth Sooner or later, brushing your teeth should protect your teeth. First of all, we must keep our mouth and teeth clean.

So morning and evening brushing is a must.

Especially pay attention to brushing your teeth at night.

  Because the food residues of one day are not well purified, when we sleep at night, our mouths will not move, saliva will not be secreted, and the mouth will not be well protected. The next day, you will find that the mouth willStink, that’s why you don’t brush your teeth.

  In fact, brushing should pay attention to the correct brushing method, both inside and outside, to ensure the brushing time, about 5 minutes to keep the mouth clean.

  Many people can’t resist the temptation to eat sweets. Too many people feel uncomfortable without eating sweets for a few days.

But if you eat too many sweets, it is easy to have extra teeth, which is really a headache!

  In addition to eating fewer sweets, if you occasionally eat some sweets, you can also brush your teeth immediately, which can reset your teeth.

  Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are not only rich in nutrients, they can help our teeth to be healthier, but also have a scent of breath.

Vegetables like celery and parsley can also help remove stains from your teeth.

  Use as few toothpicks as possible, why do I mention this.

Many of us have such a habit that after eating, we like to take root toothpicks, plug the gap between the teeth, and pat the belly, it feels very stylish.

  I think if you are really eating meat or something is embedded in the gap between the teeth, otherwise try not to bring a toothpick every day, the pleasure brought by the napkin between the teeth.

  In this way, over time, you will find that your teeth will gradually grow larger. By the time you find them, you will be too late. The teeth will not be more easily embedded in the food. At this time, you ca n’t do without toothpicks.

Therefore, use toothpicks as little as possible.

  Drink plenty of water and drink plenty of water, in addition to ensuring the body’s normal hydration, it can also clean your mouth and teeth well.

The effect of killing two birds with one stone.

  In particular, it is necessary to drink some water after meals to keep the teeth of the mouth clean.

But pay attention not to drink too much water after a meal, too much will dilute the digestive juices, leading to indigestion, which is not good.

  Drink less drinks Carbonated drinks do not drink more. In fact, this is not only not good for our teeth, but too much is bad for our health.

  If you like to drink beverages, be sure to pay attention to the amount, and at the same time, it is better to choose less carbonic acid.

Because the acidity of carbonic acid corrodes the protective layer that protects the gums.

  Tips for whitening your teeth Tip 1: Use vinegar to rinse your mouth. Use: Take a small cup of vinegar, rinse your teeth. After you have made full contact with your teeth, keep the vinegar on the teeth for 2 minutes.It was found that the teeth quickly turned white.

  Tips: The disadvantage of this method is that it has certain damage to the teeth, and the gums and taste are very uncomfortable. It is not suitable for frequent use, and occasional emergency use once.

  Tip 2: Use orange peel to brush your teeth. Use the orange peel to dry it and grind it into powder. Each time you brush your teeth, stir it with toothpaste and orange peel powder, and then brush your teeth. It has a good whitening effect.

  Tip 3: Use toothpaste with lemon juice to brush your teeth: Every time you brush your teeth, you can use a toothbrush or gauze, cotton, and lemon juice to brush your teeth.

Lemon juice has a strong cleaning effect and whitens teeth.

And its own VC can strengthen the teeth.

  Tip # 4: Sugar-free xylitol chewing gum Usage: Xylitol is a natural sweetener that prevents dental plaque, while ordinary sugar can easily cause dental plaque.

Xylitol also balances the acid-base balance in the mouth and promotes salivation.

  Saliva is a natural cleanser in our mouths that cleans all crevices.

But everything has two sides: saliva can clean up food residues and bring bacteria.

  So if you want to whiten your teeth, it is necessary to brush your teeth twice a day and one grain of sugar-free xylitol chewing gum after meals.

  In summary: the maintenance of teeth and other parts of the body are actually very similar, the most important thing is the usual little bit of maintenance.Brush your teeth at least twice a day. It is best to brush your teeth in time after eating. In addition, eating more fruits and vegetables and less sweets are also methods.

I hope everyone can learn these skills and have healthier teeth!

Solving Workplace Stress with Ah Q Spirit

Solving Workplace Stress with Ah Q Spirit

Solving Workplace Stress with Ah Q Spirit

Do you feel you lack a sense of occupational safety?

If so, what are your reasons?

  It ‘s also difficult for subordinates to admire Sun Ling ‘s 38-year-old deputy manager’s sense of career crisis. I think modern people are a little bit more. After all, it ‘s not the age of eating “big pot rice”, especially female white-collar workers, family career, taking care of both ends, let alone someFan taste in my heart.

  Take me as an example. I entered the company with a college degree.

This education now sounds a little low, but it was still OK at that time, coupled with his young age and willingness to endure hardships, he devoted himself to work and was greatly appreciated by the boss. He was promoted from an ordinary employee to a supervisor within six months and two yearsThen he took the position of the current deputy manager.

  However, even if everything goes smoothly, my sense of professional crisis has never stopped: I was worried about business issues when I started working, afraid that the task would not be completed, and I was afraid that I would be overtaken by my peers. After marriage, I was afraid that a child would affect the job, and I was worried about it.The easy-to-spell position was crowded out by others; now, after so many years, the position should be considered stable, but there are other concerns.

The first is the academic qualifications, which gradually become more and more problematic through time, especially when watching new people keep coming in, each one is at least a degree or above, and masters and doctors are not unusual. They are full of confidence and vitality. They must be convinced.Doing things under my hands, I have to improve myself. Second, age, women are always particularly sensitive on this issue. Although their position is not to eat “youth rice”, they face young colleagues and subordinates.Sometimes it can be particularly embarrassing.

I remember a time when I lost my temper at a work meeting because of business affairs. As a result, when I passed the company ‘s bathroom during lunch break, I actually heard a ridiculous voice like “menopause” inside.Talking to me, don’t worry about how uncomfortable I was at the time, but I still have to pretend to be indifferent and continue to work, it is really aggrieved.

  Therefore, although I am in an important position and working hours, I still take the time to go out to study in a refresher class. I need to get a certificate to make up for my lack of education. I also want to prove that I am young and have enough energy.

However, the price of this is that I spend less and less time at home, and sometimes I ca n’t talk to my husband and son for a week, I feel regretful, but I ca n’t help but hope to be busy soonAt this stage, accompany them well during the New Year, and then continue to add new “fights.”

  I was tired of finding Zhang Zhongming’s 32-year-old department manager. After I left school, everything went smoothly. I mentioned the department manager in two or three years.

In theory, it should be proud of the spring breeze, but I still have potential stress and crisis at all times.

When I entered the unit, I was doing personnel and office internal work. I felt that my strengths could not be realized, so I applied to transfer to the business department.

Finally, I repaid as I wished, responsible for market development and coordination with the outside.

This is a huge challenge for me.

My profession is not related to this style.

I often feel the distrustful eyes of my colleagues and have heard some gossip. What should I do?

I had to grit my teeth, after all, I asked to adjust the work. If I didn’t do well, my colleagues joked, my boss criticized them, or they were simply replaced by others.

I have a rest. In order to get started as quickly as possible, I read a book until two in the morning every day. In addition to working hard during the day, I have to accompany laughter.

  Another point is that I am a Ph.D. With a high degree of education, I have also suffered some damages.

What should have been done by two or three people, and I want to do it alone.

Moreover, you can’t smash things, or you will be accused of “or a doctor, you can’t even do this”.

Although many people are envious of my current part and income, I may not know which day I will be covering up.

Now our company has several masters in management, all of which are in the limelight. I think maybe they are my “reserve forces”.

  Journalists’ notes do not have to be too demanding and is a heavy topic.

  I know that I will really understand what it means to be cold.

Listening to the “story behind the scenes”, I can’t help but feel wronged for the so-called successful people. Behind the scenery is infinite bitterness.

They are faced with too much pressure. The strings in their heads have been tightened tightly, or for fierce competition, or for complex interpersonal relationships, or even for their own image. In short, every family has a difficult experience.
To a certain extent, this is indeed a good thing.

It is precisely because of the existence of so many crises that we are not constrained from moving forward, and we are struggling to move forward under heavy sorrow.

  But everything has a degree, the word “depressed” sounds from time to time, almost all have to win the highest annual frequency award, this is not a healthy phenomenon.

The reason why we have so many psychological tortures is mostly because we have too many desires in our hearts and we are burdened by foreign objects.

Although we can’t be as carefree as children, and can’t roam like fairies in the mythology, we can learn a little bit about Laozi Zhuangzi.

We are all ordinary people, so we must have ordinary mind.

Find a coordinate that suits you, so that we will be self-adapted, more self-deprecating, and more A-Q spirit?

Do your best.

  I have something to say that after nearly two decades of ups and downs, in the last few years I finally realized the dream of my information director.

However, professional advancement and promotion of posts have brought me endless troubles.Every time the corporate reorganization and staff crunch, the information technology department as a second-line department almost took turns.

In order to control and reduce the internal human resources costs of the company, the position of the information director is always vacillating. Sometimes I really want to propose to downgrade my position to be the manager of the information department. Maybe I can sleep more safely at night.

-Sun Jianmou Group Information Director may wish to “AQ” in the workplace.

Think about anything good.

For example, doing more things better than others does not prevent me from thinking about doing things. I have learned more skills than others.

For another example, if someone else is more admired by the leader than himself, he thinks that person must have more skills than me.

-Chen Qi’s competition is very fierce now, and talents are constantly emerging. With a little carelessness, some people will fill the position later.

I’m almost thirty, I don’t dare to have children; it is precisely that there are no children, and the job change becomes a problem. The new unit is always afraid that my age will affect work because of having children.

I’ve been hesitant to ask for a child. The seat must not be guaranteed, should I start again?

-Although Zhang Li said that I worked in a state-owned enterprise, I still lacked a sense of security and always felt unemployed without paying attention.

Employees don’t care about their performance, but they care about the face of their leaders.

When working, the strings are tight and not afraid to be negligent.

-He Zuhong Now, the competition is fierce. No matter which line or level you go to, there will be crises. Therefore, the only way is to learn more and involve more new things in order to adapt to the times.

-As long as you have a fixed job, Xiaoxin will definitely feel a sense of career crisis.

So I simply became a freelancer, “take a shot and change a place”, but I was comfortable, wasn’t it?

-I am an IT person, and I have been living in crisis.

The update of knowledge is a guarantee of our survival for us, otherwise, cruel competition will eliminate you.

-Li Xin’s sense of professional crisis, I think anyone will have it, but now it seems that everyone is used to it, don’t so many people have been jumping around, this is a result of competition, especially young people, sometimes it doesn’t matterBecause we have strength and time.

It’s our slogan to leave if you can’t.

-Chen Qi

One trick, one exercise at home

One trick, one exercise at home

One trick, one exercise at home

When it comes to bodybuilding, someone will immediately think of the gym, think of professional treadmills, professional combination equipment, professional personal trainers and nutritionists, etc., and you will immediately feel that this is a very far away thing from you.

But if you do n’t want to be a professional athlete or a fitness champion, you just want to be healthier. The next time you buy rice, you can easily raise it to the fifth floor. When you are wedding, you can successfully lift it.Your bride does not need to control her weight. If you want to achieve this effect, you should strengthen your arm exercises.

  Absolute men and women we can divide the trunk of the body into two parts.

The upper body can be divided into shoulder muscles, arm muscles, back muscles, chest muscles, and abdominal muscles.

In the lower body, we can divide the muscle groups such as hips, thighs, and calves. Before talking about specific movements, there are several concepts that must be clarified: the principle of muscle growth: muscles are only the largest in the shortest timeExcitement will lead to the best growth.

Those who can easily come to exercise, if it is not the level of the world champion, or exercise as work, this is no different from digging coal in the mountains, and it is good to not lose muscle.

Of course, muscle growth also needs to be balanced with the nutrients you implant.

  Women’s muscles are very scary as soon as they exercise: When it comes to bodybuilding, many women disdain, “I don’t want so much muscle!

“It seems a bit irresponsible to say this. If it is so simple, it will grow muscle. I don’t think it is difficult to be a champion. What is the use of professional coaches?

In fact, strength training will not make girls ‘muscles fly at all, and it will regulate your body shape very well, make your gait appear to change speed, wear clothes, and bring other organs.Health, adjust your endocrine, make you less stomach ache, stomach ache and other problems.

  Weight balance: This is a complex system. Simply put, your weight is controlled by several aspects. Simply trying to change weight through muscle and strength training is not easy.

  The reason for talking about these concepts is that you need to repeat a little less, because your hard training a week may be lost because of your overnight mahjong, your day ‘s emperor-like diet, or it may be completely cut off because of a pack of cigarettes .… You need to understand that the development of race is the result of multifaceted cooperation.

Let me introduce some specific actions to help you achieve your ideal figure.

  Top: This is an area that is of great interest to both men and women.

It is mainly composed of pectoralis major muscles, which are divided into upper, middle, and lower bundles. The function is to make the arms move forward and downward.

The muscle lines in this part will directly affect a person’s overall strength and image.

  Action one: push-ups-this may be too classic, not many people can really do this.

In fact, by changing the position of the hand, this action can torture the pectoralis major muscles to the limit, and at the same time have a good exercise on the shoulders and arms.

  Equipment: Bed, chair, small stool Action essentials: toes touch the ground, palms support the ground, keep your body upright, when the elbows are bent, open to the body, the body drops evenly until the nose tip touches the ground, hold for one second, and then support againTo a certain extent, it fell again before straightening, 8 to 12 times as a group (can increase or decrease depending on personal circumstances), and more than three groups for one training, twice a week.

The position of the connection of the hands with respect to the pectoralis major muscle directly determines the training focus on this part of the pectoralis major muscle. It is recommended that at the beginning, the middle beam is the main part, and the hand position is changed later.

At the same time, in order to deepen the movement of the pectoralis major muscle, it can also be supported on the stool with both hands, and the toes can be supported by the bed or objects of corresponding height, which is easy to find at home.

When doing the action, because there is no ground limitation, the body may be surpassed by the horizontal plane of the hands, so that the pectoralis major muscle is fully decomposed.

Exhale as you descend.

Tip: Don’t underestimate this action. With proper hand position adjustment, it can almost train the pectoral muscles, deltoid muscles (main muscles of the shoulders), and three heads (main muscles of the arms).

When women do this movement, they can make a certain angle between the body and the ground. For example, they can support the bedside, which can reduce the weight that needs to be supported, and at the same time, make the arm and the body below the arm present an angle of more than 90 degrees.This is equivalent to upward slanting, which is especially beneficial for women to promote dark colors.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆☆ Complete shortcomings: ☆☆ Action 2: Sit on the bird-dance like a bird instead of just lying on a flat stool.

How it works, look at the sparrow’s pectoralis major muscle that covers almost the entire area in front of the torso, and you will understand.

  Equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a large water bottle action essentials: for men, some kind of pair of dumbbells should not be extravagant, lying on a long chair (if you feel uncomfortable, you can put on a large bath towel).

Lift the bell with both hands, straighten your arms, and then bend your elbows slightly. Open your hands to the side. Use the strength of the pectoralis major muscles to control the decline. When your elbows go down to the plane of the body, you will feel the strong extension of the pectoral muscles.One second, then restore, before the body is not fully straightened, start to descend and complete the second time. Note that the entire process is exerted by the pectoralis major muscle. The position where the hands are connected determines the specific force point of the pectoral muscle.The actual training position.

The descending process is slower than the upward lifting. Each group has completed more than 12 times, insisting on at least three groups. Pay attention to exhalation during the descending process.

  For defenseless women, a mineral water bottle full of water can be used to replace the dumbbells mentioned above, and the effect is still good.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆ Difficulty of completion: ☆☆☆ Shoulder: Mainly composed of trapezius muscles (the part that connects the neck and shoulders) and deltoid muscles (the muscles that surround the shoulders).

This part occupies a large proportion in the power distribution of the upper body. Its exercises can greatly change the shape of your shoulders, and even widen your shoulders. You only need to turn on the TV to see the models on the T stage.You know the nature of the shoulder image. It can be said that a piece of clothing is worn on the body. It is mainly determined by this part whether it looks good. I think most women need to exercise this part.

  One of the movements: level bird-mainly training the deltoid muscle bundle, change to make your shoulders look strong, if you insist, it can increase your shoulder width at the maximum.

And a slightly twisted deltoid muscle is a sign of men in itself, and women can change the degree of “sliding shoulders” very well through its training, so that you can show a proud rack of clothes.

  Equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a large mineral water bottle. Action essentials: stand upright, with your feet standing shoulder-width apart, your knees slightly bent, your upper body leaning forward, holding dumbbells or water bottles horizontally with your hands, your elbows slightly bent, and your hands raised flatlyIt is the same height as the shoulders, and then slightly turned to the turning part. It is like pouring water, which can fully stimulate the deltoid muscle bundle.

Complete 12 times × 3 groups or more, and keep the same speed, keep breathing. Boys pay attention to belching when lifting because of weight adhesion during training.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆☆ Completion disadvantages: ☆☆ Action three: Leaning to the bird (jumping sideways)-to develop your back shoulder, that is, the back of the deltoid muscle, it looks like your shoulder willA little thicker, women can make you look from the side, and there is no fat mass behind.  Equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a large mineral water bottle. Action essentials: stand upright, with your feet standing shoulder-width apart, your knees slightly bent, your upper body leaning forward to 90 degrees, your hands holding a bell or water bottle horizontally, your elbows slightly bent, and your sides flat.Lift to shoulder height.

Complete 12 times × 3 groups or more, keep the same speed and keep breathing. When men training, due to weight loss, pay attention to belching when lifting.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆☆ Complete shortcomings: ☆☆ Action two: Straight arm flat front-mainly trains the deltoid muscles to make your shoulders fuller.

  Equipment: a pair of dumbbells, a large mineral water bottle. Action essentials: stand upright, with your feet standing as wide as your shoulders, and your hands raised horizontally from the front of your body.

Complete 12 times × 3 groups or more, the same speed, keep breathing, men during training, due to weight extension, pay attention to belching when lifting.

  Classical level: ☆☆☆☆ Difficulty of completion: ☆☆ For all the above actions, beginners should not exceed three groups for each action at the beginning, and increase the intensity after being proficient.

Either increase the number of groups or increase the weight.

  This issue introduces how to increase strength and muscles, how to achieve the best state of the body, and also introduces the specific actions of strengthening the chest and shoulders.

How to improve metabolism in winter

How to improve metabolism in winter


How to improve metabolism in winter

In winter, the weather is cold, and the body’s function is low in metabolism. How can we accelerate metabolism and discharge excess energy?


Spicy food can speed up the metabolic rate.

Capsaicin is a compound that activates the vitality. With it, pepper can exude heat, just like a torch, speeding up metabolism and burning more energy.

The study found that a small spoonful of pepper contains 30 mg of capsaicin, which can increase the metabolic rate by 23%.

In another study, it was 0 in tomato juice.

9 mg of capsaicin was given to the participants, and it was found that these people reduced their energy intake by 10% to 16% every day, but two days later, those who participated in the experiment did not feel hungry because of reduced food intake.
銆€銆€Tip: When making stews, such as macaroni noodles, sprinkle some pepper, not only can increase the taste, but also lose weight, why not.


Adding more protein can speed up the metabolism.

Protein accelerates metabolism compared to adults and plasma because the body needs more energy to consume protein.

This is also the principle of the thermal effect of food: the energy needed to consume food.

The study found that the energy required to consume protein is a double consumption of glucose.

In general, 14% of our energy comes from protein.

If we change the diet structure, the protein supply will double, but the supplement intake will be relatively reduced, so that the metabolism of daily metabolic consumption can be increased by 150 to 200 calories.

銆€銆€Tip: Add 10 to 20 grams of protein per meal.

A low-fat yogurt for breakfast can add about 13 grams of protein, a bean can add about 10 grams of protein for lunch, and a fish can add 17 grams of protein for dinner.


Eating grapefruit before three meals can speed up metabolic errors.

Grapefruit is not a magical food, it can’t make a miracle in metabolism, but grapefruit can really help people lose weight.

Eating half a grapefruit three meals a day for 12 weeks can help people lose 4 pounds.

The principle is: grapefruit is rich in fiber and water, which can reduce the amount of calories you eat when you eat.

銆€銆€Tip: The first half of the staple food, grapefruit or an orange, instead of salad or soup, is a trick to lose weight.


Lifting a dumbbell can increase metabolism more than aerobic exercise.

Strength exercises can help people build muscle. For every 3 pounds of muscle, the conversion of metabolic combustion can increase by 6% to 8%, which means you can consume 100 calories a day.

Aerobic exercise does not help people exercise lean muscle.

The best way to increase lean muscle is to do endurance exercises.

銆€銆€Tip: Strengthen exercise, especially those that can exercise lean muscles, such as pull-ups, crouching, etc. can also increase muscle groups.


Celery is a negatively migrating food because it requires more conversion to digest it than it does.

The thermal effects of food indicate that it takes a certain amount of time to digest food each time.

But the transients consumed by this process are few.

A trace of celery contains only about 6 calories, and the food heat effect it produces consumes only zero.

5 calories.

銆€銆€Tip: Celery is a healthy food that lowers blood pressure.

But don’t think about eating celery to lose weight.
Tea can improve metabolism.

Tea polyphenols in green tea and oolong tea can increase the rate of human consumption.

A Japanese study found that those who drink a cup of oolong tea a day can increase their metabolic rate by 10%. A cup of green tea a day can increase the metabolic rate by 4%. Other studies have found that drinking two to four cups of tea a day is probably rich.Containing 375 to 675 mg of tea polyphenols, the body can increase calories by 50 calories per day, and can lose 5 pounds a year.

銆€銆€Tip: Drink a cup of green tea every day, while drinking lemonade can help the body absorb tea polyphenols.


Excessive appetite before menstruation can promote metabolism.

If there is no benefit to proper symptoms before menstruation, it is that people’s resting metabolic rate will increase during the luteal phase (the first day after ovulation to the time of menstruation).

Increased metabolism can cause the body to consume 300 calories more, which is why many people want to eat before menstruation.

銆€銆€Tip: Write down what you eat in the week before menstruation and one week after menstruation.

Then properly control the amount of food, you can effectively use this period to lose weight.


If time is limited, then increasing the intensity of exercise can also improve some of the transformation pairs burned by Chen metabolism.

After high-intensity exercise, people’s resting metabolic rate can be several times higher than usual.

Even after stopping after exercise, the body continues to consume the degeneration that is 10% of the free radicals consumed during exercise.

銆€銆€Tip: Appropriately increase the intensity during exercise, jogging instead of walking, this effect is better.


Drinking cold drinks and eating cold foods consumes more calories.

This news will make many people excited.

The study found that drinking five or six glasses of ice water a day, the human body will burn 10 calories per day, and one year, you can lose one pound without much effort.

銆€銆€Tip: This effect is not obvious. For some people with bad stomach, eating cold food is not good for the stomach, so it is necessary to weigh it.


Drinking water in moderation can help the body consume more energy.

Water is required for all chemical reactions in the body, including metabolism.

According to researchers at the University of Utah, if the body is dehydrated, the calories burned by the body will be reduced by 2%. They actually experiment with 10 adults, and their daily drinking water is different.

The final results found that those who drink 8 to 12 glasses of water a day have a higher metabolic rate than those who drink only 4 glasses of water a day.

銆€銆€Tip: If your urine is not light yellow and the color is darker, then it is confirmed that you have insufficient water every day.

Remember to drink a glass of water before three meals or half an hour before eating snacks.


Dieting to lose weight slows the rate of resting metabolism and hinders weight loss.

For every pound lost in weight, the energy consumed by the resting metabolic rate per day is reduced by 2 to 10 calories.

If you lose 10 pounds, you will lose 20 to 100 calories per day, so you should reduce your energy intake by 20 to 100 calories.

However, things are artificial.

There are still ways to keep your metabolism rate down while losing weight.

One of the methods is to relax amateurs, keep the body lean and muscle, and insist on doing aerobic exercise and endurance exercise.

Warning: If the calorie intake per day is less than 1000, the proportion of lean muscle in the body is likely to decrease.

銆€銆€Tip: The best way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake by 250 per day while maintaining 250 calories.

This will reduce the sputum, and will not reduce the lean muscle mass to affect the metabolic rate.

What food to eat is good for getting angry.

What food to eat is good for getting angry.


What food to eat is good for getting angry.

In summer, the temperature rises and the weather is hot. It is a season that is easy to get angry. So how do you reduce the fire?

From a diet perspective, what foods are good for getting angry?

Don’t worry, let’s come and tell you how to get rid of the summer heat. Let’s take a look.

What food to eat is good for getting angry. Eating “fruit” is good for getting angry. Pear: It can be eaten raw. If you want to go to the fire quickly, put some water in the pot, then cut the pear into pieces and put it into boiling.In the water, put a little salt, after three or four minutes of boiling, you can fish out the pears. Pears and soups have the function of reducing fire, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Dragon fruit: It has the functions of clearing away heat and detoxifying, repelling intestinal fire and laxative.

Eating dragon fruit can also promote eye health, increase bone density, help cell membrane formation, prevent anemia and anti-neuritis, keratitis, lower cholesterol, whiten skin and prevent dark spots.

The dragon fruit tastes sweet and is a good result for the summer.

Strawberry: sweet and sour, very delicious, also has a good fire-fighting effect.

Chinese medicine believes that eating strawberries can go to the fire, clear the heat, relieve the heat, remove the annoyance, so it is easy to get angry in summer, you can choose to eat strawberries to reduce the fire.

Watermelon: It is a good fruit that must be mentioned in the summer. Eating watermelon in summer can not only relieve heat, but also add water and various nutrients. Therefore, if you are afraid of getting angry in summer, you can eat more watermelon.

Watermelon is a cool food, so you can’t be greedy.

Grape: It can nourish the yin of liver and kidney, stop the thirst, moisten the bones, and benefit the eyesight. The effect of reducing the fire is good, and it can pass through the stomach. It is a very beneficial fruit in the summer heat season.

Tomatoes: It can clear the heat, relieve the heat, and remove the trouble.

Tomatoes are even visible throughout the year, but tomatoes are the most abundant in summer, the sweetest and the most nutritious.

It can also clear away heat and detoxify, and heal the liver to “fire.”

Second, eating “vegetables” is good for getting angry. Bitter melon: Although bitter, but the effect of reducing fire and detoxification is very significant.

When cooking, first saut茅 the garlic slices, then add bitter gourd, stir fry quickly, stir fry, add a small amount of vinegar and natural soy sauce, salt, etc., cook in 20 minutes, add ham to the right amount.Wait, it won’t feel too bitter to eat.

Cucumber: It has obvious heat-clearing and detoxifying, detoxifying and nourishing, and thirst-quenching effect. Cucumber acid can promote the metabolism of the human body and discharge toxins.

It is very beneficial for the lungs, stomach, heart, liver and excretory system.

Helps relieve summer thirst and phlegm.

Cucumber raw or fried can be.

Fungus: fungus also has the effect of detoxification and detoxification, clearing the stomach and intestines, and stopping bleeding.

The fungus contains a gel that can absorb dust and debris, help eliminate waste, and detoxify and clear the stomach.

Kelp: salty, cold, with the effect of eliminating phlegm and relieving asthma, detoxification and laxative.

Carrots: sweet, cool, and supplemented with various vitamins, have the effect of nourishing blood and detoxification, spleen and stomach, and accelerate the discharge of mercury ions in the body.

Third, drinking these “drinks” is good for getting angry. 1. Many people have misunderstood milk. They think that milk will cause “getting angry.”

In fact, it is not good, milk is cool, can nourish yin, antipyretic to play the “fire” effect.

2, honey honey sweet, on the lungs and cough, laxative, detoxification and beauty have a significant effect.

Helps toxins, beauty and beauty, and is also good for cardiovascular diseases and neurasthenia.

What you like to do during the summer will increase the wetness of the poison, and never learn from the doctor.

What you like to do during the summer will increase the wetness of the poison, and never learn from the doctor.


What you like to do during the summer will increase the wetness of the poison, and never learn from the doctor.

In daily life, many people will have excessive moisture.

Usually this phenomenon is accompanied by some other symptoms. Some tongues have jagged edges, dizziness and bloating, and there are troubles, weightlessness and inability to fall down. It is invisible and invisible.

I don’t know if you have this kind of situation. When you are in the summer, you will often feel dying, tired, weak, even insomnia, sore throat and so on. Some people think that they are getting angry, but they have no effect after taking the fire-fighting medicine.!

In fact, it is caused by moisture.

Summer is hot, and people often ignore the existence of “moisture”. However, it is rare to see people who really catch colds in winter. On the contrary, there are many summers.

Cold catching in the summer is caused by moisture!

What is moisture?

Traditional Chinese medicine often says that the human body has the saying of “six sinister evil spirits”, which are “wind, cold, heat, sputum, wet, fire”. They are located at the head of the six evils, which is the moisture that people often say.

Now this season can be said to be wet, everyone is the least concerned about health, and the humidity will naturally be serious.

Why is the summer heavy?

Summer should be the season of sweating, but because of the use of air conditioning, sweat does not volatilize, resulting in the accumulation of wet evil in the body, causing yang deficiency.

In the hot season, in addition to the cold air, people love cool drinks, cold dishes, a glass of cold beer, and cool from the inside out.

As everyone knows, in order to covet this “cool”, the deep evil has been buried in the body, becoming a major hidden danger in the body.

The body that has been invaded by moisture for a long time has only one piece of decaying wood.

Even if this piece of wood is no longer expensive, it will become worthless after decay.

When moisture collects in the body, it can cause a variety of diseases.

Wet on the upper coke will produce sputum, chest tightness, cough, and shortness of breath.

Wet in the middle of the coke will spleen, insomnia, loss of appetite, excessive thinking, forgetfulness, sleepiness, weakness, stool and diarrhea.

Wet in the lower focus will be weak waist, lower limbs, edema, weakness, urination and so on.

If you have the above symptoms, it is likely to be caused by moisture.

Everything you often do, each one will increase the wetness!

1 summer air conditioning temperature is low, the outside temperature is hot, and the indoor temperature is cool and pleasant.

The temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, it is easy to reduce the body’s immunity.

2 Sedentary in the summer to the office workers, sitting in the office during the day, lying at home at night, it is easy to endogenous water and wet.

3 I like to eat cold drinks in the summer, everyone likes to eat some cool and refreshing cold drinks, but people with heavy moisture should not eat more, it will consume yang in the body to increase moisture.

4 lunch break is too long to eat after lunch, can eliminate the fatigue of the morning, but the long time of nap will increase the humidity.

The above is the reason for the humidity, so how can we improve this phenomenon in daily life?


Do more aerobic exercise If you stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time, then you may wish to go out and have a look.


Keep the interior dry If the weather is bad, you need to close the doors and windows to avoid moisture intrusion and cause the body to produce moisture.


Pay more attention to the usual estimate. We usually eat some jaundice, which is a common traditional Chinese medicine. Take it to soak in water and drink it. It can raise stomach and warm the stomach.

People who are uncomfortable in the stomach usually use jaundice to soak in water. This can promote the circulation of blood in the stomach, reduce the accumulation of toxins in the stomach, and also promote the repair of the gastric mucosa, remove the cold and make the stomach healthier.

In addition, drinking yellow sputum water can also reduce the body’s moisture, which has many benefits for the body.

Method of moisturizing powder: Take a spoonful of Pueraria powder, a spoonful of Astragalus powder with boiling water as a tea, can be very good for phlegm and qi deficiency.

A spoonful of Astragalus membranaceus powder: Add the scutellaria powder to the cup and add hot water for about 10 minutes.

Can be brewed repeatedly.Astragalus membranaceus tea takes 10 grams of Atractylodes Rhizome, 30 grams of Astragalus, and uses water to make it as a tea drink. Effect: Astragalus is a good qi medicinal material, it can make up the body, it can also make up the spleen and lungs, and it has good benefits.The role of gas-solid watches.

Atractylodes can be used as qi and spleen, dampness and diuresis, can treat spleen deficiency caused by loss of appetite, body weakness, urinary adverse, edema and other complications.

When you see the end, guess that you like Chinese medicine to look at your tongue, pruning the root of the disease at a glance, can you learn to eat kidneys for a long time?

Old Chinese Medicine: teach you to avoid eating, don’t miss the effect of jaundice and the method of eating qi and blood. If you learn, you will click[learn more]health knowledge, phlegm and cold, commonly used traditional Chinese medicine, jaundice powder.

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