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Corn too sweet reduces liver detoxification

Corn too sweet reduces liver detoxification

Corn too sweet reduces liver detoxification

It is the season when corn is on the market. Sweet, waxy corn has always been a favorite snack for children and many women.

Have you found that when you buy sticky corn for home cooking, there is always no sweetness bought on the street stalls, so many people wonder why they ca n’t buy more “authentic” sticky corn.

However, some people pointed out that the sweet and sweet sticky corn was actually added with “stuff”.


hzh {display: none; }  家里煮的玉米咋不香?  Now, street vendors are selling boiled corn, and there are more hawkers selling raw corn.

Sweet, glutinous and soft boiled corn is a favorite snack for many children and women.

However, a careful reader called and told reporters about his doubts and findings.

  The lady named Qin said her 5-year-old son loved eating corn. Every time she went out shopping or went to the park, her parents would eat and cook corn, and it would soon be “eliminated”.

After a large number of raw corn went on the market, Ms. Qin bought a few raw corns and cooked them for her son. However, she did not expect that her son said “not sweet and not tasty” after a few bites.

  She thought she hadn’t bought sweet corn, and then bought frozen sticky corn, but after cooking, her son still felt that it was not sweet and delicious.

She asked her friends how to cook corn. Someone told her that when the hawker cooked corn, he put alkaline noodles and saccharin, and some people said that they put corn-flavored sweetener.

  After receiving the phone call from Ms. Qin, the reporter randomly asked 7 citizens about “it is better to buy some kind of cooked corn”.

The answers are basically the same. They are full of grains, bright in color, and sweet and sticky.

At the same time, the reporter also learned that most citizens feel that home-cooked corn does not have the sweetness sold outside.

  The same corn is cooked differently. In the afternoon of July 27, at a few cooked corn stalls near the Garden Commercial Building, when the reporter asked why the corn they cooked was sweet, the hawker said casually: “It was cooked with sugar.

At about 6 pm on July 28, the reporter found a hawker who was cooking and selling boiled corn in Zaozhuang near Jingsan Road, a coal stove, a large stainless steel pot, and hot corn in the pot.Teng Teng, many citizens who come home from work and are shopping for food are bought by you and me, one for each ear.

5 yuan.

“Buy a cooked one, please trouble me for two raw ones.

Children love to eat, and the cooked corn is not tasty for a long time.

“The hawker was very polite to see the reporters, and even reluctantly, but agreed to sell all the cooked ones,” one cooked one for five, and two for raw three. ”

  The reporter came home with two kinds of raw and cooked corn. After cooking the raw corn, a comparison really made a difference.

The raw and cooked two corns bought by the same company have different flavors: they smell sweet when cooked, and they are especially bright in color. They are a little sticky when held in the hand, and they taste soft and sweet when they are at home.The boiled corn smells like a clear fragrance, pale yellow in color, tastes slightly hard, and is not so sweet.

However, the reporter found that the boiled corn that was bought back had a sweet taste, and the mouth became dry after eating.

  After being introduced by a friend, the reporter asked a street vendor who had cooked boiled corn. She said that in order to make boiled corn sweet and soft, cyclamate and corn essence were needed, especially in winter and early spring.You have to put corn extract. As for how much to put, it’s up to the vendors to make their own decisions.

  The content of additives should not exceed the standard. Fu Sanxian, deputy chief physician of the Department of Nutrition of the First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, said that cyclamate and corn essence are additives instead of food. They have no nutritional value and can be used in the process of making food.

However, there are strict dosage requirements, and the dosage added in different foods is also different.

If the dosage is exceeded, the body will be harmed by confrontation.

  And some small food stalls on the street should not put additives in themselves, even if they are placed, they are all “independent definition”, there is no standard for inspection and identification.

If the source is traced, it is the street vendor that tries to add to cater to the taste of consumers.

Just like boiled corn, the original flavor of the fragrance is very good and does not need to be particularly sweet.

Consumers consume foods containing sodium saccharin for a long time, causing damage to the liver and reducing the liver’s detoxification and other functions.

More men, more coquettish women, less wild

More men, more coquettish women, less wild

More men, more coquettish women, less wild

For thousands of years, coquetry has always been a woman’s nature. Women do not have to be beautiful, but they must coquettish, because coquetry is a weapon and a killer to deal with the talents of men.

And Sanye has always been a man’s fault. A Sanye man wants to get a deserved reputation, which is a ridiculous dream, especially a woman. When talking about a Sanye man, he always hates gritting his teeth, lest he avoid it.

  However, if you put it another way, let men be coquettish and women be wild.

Don’t say that such a statement is unrealistic. In an age where everything is possible, there is only reality and nothing unrealistic.

The fact is that women now think of Saye as a personality, while men take it as relaxation.

  The difference is that men’s coquetry can only come secretly, while women’s coquetry always rushes openly.

  Men are coquettish because men are soft, women are wild because women are hard.

Men’s softness is because women are aggressively challenged, while women’s hardness is because of men’s retreat.

  But the coquettish man is not the loser of life or career. Under the pressure of career and life, the man’s vent should cry and coquettish in addition to alcohol and smoke. The world is cruel, and men are always beaten nowhereBreathable, do n’t say that men have tears, but long-term depression will make men less men. Although Uncle Andy shouted that “men cry, it ‘s not a sin.” There are some show suspects, but I ‘m more willingI believe that was the outbreak of his twenty-year entertainer career as a man.

The coquettishness of a man in frustration is by no means shameful, it is a kind of childlike cuteness, a relaxation that will make a man return to male domineering (note: it is relaxation, not indulgence).

Women who understand men will show innate motherhood when men are coquettish, soothing men’s tired hearts and reviving men’s glory.

The incomprehensible woman always considers the coquettishness of men as manless. How many men are depressed because they have nowhere to find the space for release, and finally fall to the rivers and lakes and no longer rise up.

  Saye does not mean that a woman can leave the existence of a man and survive independently. In fact, a woman’s saye is like a variant of coquetry. Women have been coquettish for thousands of years. They found that such a killer like coquetry has sometimes lost its effectiveness against men.Without changing some innovative methods, men do n’t buy anything at all, so Sanye is naturally borrowed by women to become a new weapon. Brutal, spicy, and outrageous have all become the expression of this new weapon. These expressions are in a certain way.To a certain extent, it is very useful, and the imitation of men’s methods makes men sometimes confused.

Confucius’ phrase “It’s difficult to raise a villain with a woman” more than two thousand years ago is actually a prescient assertion that women are savages. This famous saying is interpreted as one word: the wild.

But no matter how a woman’s wildness makes a man indifferent, men always embrace women with a tolerant attitude. This is a man’s generosity, because men believe that no matter how noisy women are, they always want more favor from men.As a man, there is no reason not to let them order.

  Men are very hard, so men can be coquettish at the right time. Although coquetry is a woman’s nature, men also need someone to hurt. When a woman tolerates men in a way that allows men to coquettish, the motherhood of a woman is gentle and coquettish.Men can see.

  Women are very comfortable, so women should restrain their degree of wildness. Although it is said that wildness is just a variation of coquettishness, for men, women are more willing to tolerate coquettish women, and women of wildness often need men to mobilize generosity to tolerate.This hurts the man, even if the man is meaningless, but the bitterness in his heart can’t be seen by the woman in the wild.

  Men, be cautious when you should be coquettish, don’t hold back and laugh at the sky and say it’s not hard; women, when you want to be feral, let’s be ferocious, don’t let your eyebrows and angry eyes say I like it.

Interpersonal Relationships: Nine Taboos

Interpersonal Relationships: Nine Taboos

Interpersonal Relationships: Nine Taboos

It is very important to have a good relationship with colleagues in the same unit or office.

The relationship is harmonious, and the mood is relaxed, which is not only conducive to good work, but also to your own physical health.

If the relationship is divisive and even a little tense, then it will be boring.

In addition to the contradictions on major issues and direct conflicts of interest, the reasons for the lack of rapport among colleagues are also a reason.

  So, what words and deeds affect the relationship between colleagues?

  ● If there are good things, do n’t report the items sent in the unit, receive bonuses, etc. You know first, or have already received them, and put them there silently. It ‘s like nothing. Never tell everyone about them. Some things can be replaced.If you get it, you never get it.

After a few times like this, others will naturally have an idea that you are too gangless and lack a common sense and spirit of collaboration.

In the future, if they know in advance, or if they get something first, they may not tell you.

If this continues, the relationship between each other will not be harmonious.

  ● Knowingly and arguing that I don’t know if a colleague has gone on a business trip, or went out for a while, at this time someone happens to come to him, or just call him, if the colleague didn’t tell you when he left, but you know, you don’t prevent telling them;I really do n’t know, then you might as well ask others and then tell them to show your enthusiasm.

You know it clearly, but you call it unknowingly. Once you are known, your relationship will be affected.

Outsiders look for colleagues, no matter what the situation, you must be sincere and enthusiastic. In this way, outsiders will even feel that your colleagues have a good relationship.

  ● In and out do not tell each other that you have to go out for a while or ask for leave from work. Although it is the leader who approves the leave, it is best to speak to colleagues in the office.

Say hello to colleagues even if you go out half an hour temporarily.

In this way, if leaders or acquaintances come to you, you can also let colleagues explain.

If you do n’t want to say anything, there are mysterious things in and out, and sometimes it ‘s just a matter of importance that people ca n’t say, and sometimes you ‘re too lazy to say that it ‘s probably you who are affected.

Informing each other is both the need to work together and the need to connect feelings, and it shows that the two sides have mutual respect and trust.

  ● Don’t talk about private things that can be said. Some private things can’t be said, but there are no harms in talking about some private things.

For example, your boyfriend or girlfriend’s work unit, education, age, temperament, etc .; If you are married and have children, there will be topics related to love and children.

By the way, you can talk by the way, it can enhance understanding and deepen the relationship.

If these contents are kept secret, and you never say to others, how can this be considered a colleague?

If you don’t say anything, it usually indicates the depth of the relationship; if you don’t say something, it naturally shows the alienation of interpersonal distance.

You take the initiative to talk to others about personal matters, others will tell you, and sometimes you can help each other.

You don’t say anything and you don’t know anything. How can people trust you?

Trust is based on mutual understanding.

  ● It is right to refuse to ask colleagues for help if there is something.

Because asking for help always causes trouble for others.

But everything is dialectical, and sometimes asking for help can show your trust in others, rapport, and deepen your feelings.

For example, if you are not well, your colleague’s lover is a doctor, and you don’t know it, but you can find it through a colleague’s introduction. The armor can be diagnosed quickly and the diagnosis can be made more detailed.

If you are unwilling to ask for help, colleagues know that, instead they will feel that you don’t trust others.

If you do not want to ask others, they will be embarrassed to ask you; if you are afraid of trouble, they think you are also afraid of trouble.

Good interpersonal relationship is inevitable to help each other.

Therefore, asking for help is generally possible.

Of course, we must pay attention to proportion and try not to make others embarrassed.

  ● Reject colleagues’ “snacks” Colleagues bring some snacks such as fruits, seeds, sugar, etc. to the office and eat them during breaks. Don’t push them, don’t reject them ashamed.

Sometimes, some of your colleagues have won awards or been awarded professional titles. Everyone is happy. It is normal for him to buy something to treat, so you can actively participate.

You don’t sit cold and don’t say a word, let alone give it to you, but you reject it, showing a look of disdain or rareness.

People give away enthusiastically, but you often refuse, for a long time, people have reasons to say that you are lofty and arrogant, and you find it difficult to get along.  ● There are several people in the office who often “bit their ears” with one person. You should try to maintain a balance for each individual and always be in a state of being in constant contact. Then, do not be particularly close or alienated to one of them.

In normal times, don’t always whisper with the same person, and don’t always be with one person in and out.

Otherwise, you two may be close, but you may be more alienated.

Some people think you are working in small groups.

If you often “bit your ears” with the same person, and other people come in and don’t say it, then others will inevitably have the idea that you are talking bad things about others.

  ● People who are keen to listen to family affairs can say, don’t dig it if they can’t.

Everyone has their own secret.

Sometimes, people don’t pay attention to the secrets in their hearts. If you do this, you shouldn’t listen to it, and don’t want to ask what it is.

Some people are keen to listen, they want to know everything clearly, and they want to figure it out. This kind of person is to be looked down upon by others.

You like to listen, even if there is no purpose, others will avoid you.

In a sense, it is an immoral behavior to love to listen to people’s private affairs.

  ● I like to take advantage of the mouth. In the treatment of colleagues, some people always want to take advantage of the mouth.

Some people like to tell other people’s jokes and ask others for their cheapness. Although it is a joke, they will never end with their own losses. Some people like to argue, they have to reason, and they must fight for three points.It ‘s still a daily matter. Whenever you see a flaw in the other party, you just hold on to it, and you have to let the other party defeat. Some people also want to fight over the issues that are already unclear; some people oftenTake the initiative to attack, they do not say him, he always said first.

The posture is in the position of rising minutes to make her orgasm position

The posture is in the position of rising minutes to make her orgasm position


The posture is in the position of rising minutes to make her orgasm position

The posture is seen in the minute and the height of her position makes the female orgasm a very technical job. The most common forms of orgasm in sexual life are mainly vaginal orgasm, clitoris orgasm and G-point climax.

According to an authoritative expert survey, women are generally given a wonderful orgasm experience by stimulating sensitive points in the vagina of women.

In fact, as long as the posture is used well, women can reach the climax in minutes.

Regarding the yin d orgasm and the yin d orgasm, the main reason is the yin d orgasm instead of the yin d orgasm. If the yin d is high, most people should be able to reach it by the partner’s hand or mouth.

Men can’t fully understand women’s physical feelings, but according to communication and imagination, the summary is basically the pleasure of men’s ejaculation under the yin and climax, and there will be a twisting period like men, and continuous stimulation will be uncomfortable after the climax.

Yin D orgasm is completely different. When the other party climaxes, you can perceive the body to involuntarily align and yell, and some people will grab bite, accompanied by a fierce contraction in Yin D.

If you insist on living, you can even let the other two times or even three consecutive climaxes until the collapse.

From this point of view, women who admire women and dare to explore their bodies should enjoy more sex than men.

After all, it’s a man, it’s just a few tricks, and it’s getting worse after 30 years old, so I think it’s one of the great pleasures to help a female partner find her body.

Since it is the Yin D climax, the key is to stimulate the G point. First of all, you need to know what the G point is. In actual experience, most girls have a very shallow G point. You don’t need how long the male organ can stimulate it.It is the level of ordinary people, between 14-15 cm, which is enough.

To be honest, if you only want to give the other party a climax, the exclusion of visual effects is not very good, even 10 cm should be enough, durability and hardness are also important, but the biggest problem in terms of age is hardness, goodPhysical fitness and exercise habits will delay men’s aging period.

Before sex, do more foreplay, first let the other person relax with your hand or mouth or simply reach the climax of the yin first. Try to explore the G point and observe the reaction of the partner, which is very helpful for mastering the pleasure of the other party.

Of course, some characteristics of the organ itself are still very favorable conditions. Imagine that there is a soft area on the upper wall of the vagina. It needs to be constantly rubbed and squeezed to stimulate it. It seems that the trait of the orgasm is an upward angle of the yin, relatively thick.The diameter, or the comparison of the glans, and the most important one is: hardness.

Which positions are good for girls?


The missionary finds the right way, it is very easy for women to climax, you need to find a g head obliquely up into the position of the Yin D, and be careful not to blindly sprint deep thorns, of course, it is quite cool to enter deep, but for female orgasmNothing to use.

Padding a pillow is a good aid, the meaning is actually to raise the position of the Yin D, so that you can enter from the bottom up, it is easier to stimulate the upper wall of the Yin D.


The post-entry position is very cool for most women, and men will enjoy this visual impact. However, it is often seen that girls are waist-shoulders. In fact, it is better to have a waist down, assTry to go up as much as possible.

Anyway, do not have such a strong purpose, change the various positions, and exchange feelings is also good.


The main advantage of the female upper position is that the girl can control her own feelings. The sitting position can be relatively lower, and then the waist is constantly going forward. The upper and lower styles should be only men.

The advantage of the female is that it can stimulate the G point while stimulating the yin d. If the girl is happy, the boy can also help with the hand.

For men, this position can enjoy the visual stimulation, it is really fun.

The only problem is that most girls don’t have the physical strength to get themselves to the climax. Only exercise a lot.

Physical strength is very important for boys and girls.

There is also a situation in which women are girls who are kneeling down, and men are moving upwards and moving upwards. It is also easy to find a good angle for girls to reach a climax. Of course, the physical strength of boys is tested.

What to eat in winter, warm stomach, eat nine kinds of food, warm winter

What to eat in winter, warm stomach, eat nine kinds of food, warm winter


What to eat in winter, warm stomach, eat nine kinds of food, warm winter


Fennel size fennel is one of the commonly used seasonings. It has a mild taste, warm liver and kidney, warm stomach, cold and pain relief.

Fennel is rich in vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, carotene and cellulose. Calcium and iron are also high in content. It can stimulate gastrointestinal nerves, promote secretion of digestive juice, increase gastrointestinal motility, and eliminate accumulated gas.It is good for stomach and qi. It is suitable for people with spleen and stomach deficiency.


Pepper “Food Materia Medica” said that pepper can warm the spleen and stomach.

If you have vomiting, diarrhea, stomach aches and other symptoms in case of cold, you can eat some peppers.

Chili has a certain medicinal properties, so it can “except the wind, sweat, sputum, dehumidification.

“Explained in modern medicine, it can promote blood circulation, improve cold, frostbite, vascular headache.

Although spicy, it is enjoyable. If you eat too much, some people can’t bear it.

Experts say that eating sweet and sour foods can help solve the problem.


Sweet potato sweet potato is rich in dietary fiber and pectin, which can effectively promote the translocation of the degenerative tract, provide the body with rich B vitamins, vitamin C, 尾-carotene and lysine, the best recommended by the sorghum World Health Organization.The vegetable list tops the list.

Chinese medicine believes that sweet potato supplements, warm stomach, fat five dirty, with tonic and Qi, spleen warm stomach and other effects.


Glutinous rice Chinese medicine believes that glutinous rice is warm, sweet, into the lungs, spleen, is a mild tonic, with tonic, blood, spleen and warm stomach, antiperspirant and so on.

Applicable to spleen and stomach caused by nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea and qi deficiency caused by shortness of breath, pregnancy, abdominal bulge embolism.

The main function of glutinous rice is to warm the spleen and stomach, so it has a good beneficial effect on the weak spleen and stomach.

Glutinous rice and yam porridge, can strengthen the spleen and stomach; add lotus seeds with the same sputum, can stop the diarrhea; loss of appetite, you can also cook the glutinous rice and pig belly.


Ginger We usually feel spicy when we eat ginger. This is the essential oil ingredient in ginger, which can increase the calorie consumption.

After heating, most of the gingerol dissolved in ginger is converted into ginger essential oil, and its heat preservation effect lasts for 3 hours!

In the autumn and winter, eating 10 grams of ginger per day can increase the calorie consumption. Add ginger ingredients, breakfast and dinner, and snacks in the afternoon. If you add it properly, your body will warm up and stimulate blood circulation throughout the day.The metabolism remains active.


The fat head fish has a warm stomach, tonic, phlegm, and asthma.

It is best to eat the fish head of the fat fish with weak constitution. It can also treat tinnitus and dizziness while warming the stomach.

Fat head fish also has the effect of soothing the liver and relieving depression, strengthening the spleen and lungs, supplementing the weak, chilling the wind, benefiting the bones, coughing, edema, hepatitis, dizziness, nephritis, urinary dysfunction and weakened body can be used for diet therapy.


Brown sugar is analyzed from nutrients. One thousand brown sugar contains 900 mg of calcium and 100 mg of iron. Iron is a substance that can supplement blood.

From the perspective of Chinese medicine, the brown sugar is warm, and it has the effect of dissolving stagnant fluid, dispelling cold and promoting blood circulation, warming the stomach and strengthening the spleen, and relieving pain.

Maternal qi and blood are weak and weak, and there is blood stasis. Drinking brown sugar can relieve cold and relieve pain.

Brown sugar is a high sugar, and it is not suitable for diabetics.

In addition, brown sugar is warm, if I am old and constipated, if the tone is heavy, drinking brown sugar water will reverse the opposite effect.


Chestnut according to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, chestnuts taste sweet and warm, can nourish the spleen, stomach, kidney three classics, have the effect of nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen, strengthening the muscles and promoting blood circulation, can also be applied to chronic diarrhea caused by spleen and stomach deficiency.

What warm stomach to eat in winter?

It is recommended to eat more chestnuts.

The chestnut shell is too hard to peel. You can cut the chestnut shell with a knife first, then put the chestnut into boiling water to cook 3?
5 minutes, remove and put in cold water to soak 3?
5 minutes, it is easy to peel off the skin.9.
Walnut Walnut is a very nutritious dried fruit. It contains 40%?
50% of the small amount, most of which is unsaturated fat, has the effect of lowering cholesterol, preventing arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

Walnut kernels also contain phospholipids and vitamin E, which have enhanced cell activity, promote hematopoietic function, and increase appetite.

These are all inadequate for improving physical health and resisting cold.

Walnut Starch Omega-3 fatty acids help prevent dry skin from the inside out.

OL Health and Combat 10 Office Beauty Tea

OL Health and Combat 10 Office Beauty Tea


OL Health and Combat 10 Office Beauty Tea

The most beautiful-black tea with rose black tea is always suitable for women who are cold, put a bag of tea in the office counter, convenient to brew at any time, no trouble.

If you put a few more roses, a cup of aromatic and beautiful tea will be OK.

In addition, add the right amount of honey or rock sugar to the rose black tea to taste, but also relieve the liver and relieve depression.

銆€銆€The most nourishing – ginseng tea If you are cold and easy to catch a cold, you can brew a cup of ginseng jujube tea in OFFICE afternoon tea time.

Use scutellaria, red dates, and codonopsis for three money, and make tea as water.

This tea is especially suitable for women who are weak and chilly.

In addition, longan, medlar, and red dates are brewed with boiling water, which can also be made into sweet and rich, warm-filled tea, which is most suitable for taking during menstruation.

銆€銆€The clearest fire – pineapple black tea will add pineapple slices to the brewed black tea, then add lemon peel and mix well.

Pineapple contains a lot of fructose, glucose and vitamins, which can clear the heat and suffocate.

銆€銆€The most cough-Chrysanthemum Luohan tea Luo Han Guo is soaked in water for 20 minutes, boiled with chrysanthemum; or soaked in boiling water for 5-10 minutes.

After cooling, add two slices of fresh lemon and rock sugar.

It can cause sore throat and itching and coughing.

銆€銆€The most obvious-mung bean chrysanthemum tea is suitable for the spring morning tea, it can exude the cold evil in the body and promote the growth of yang.

If you add a piece of Gongju or Hang Chrysanthemum, three parts of green bean paste, and the same as the flower tea, you can use the effect of clearing the liver and clearing the eye, which is most suitable for relieving visual fatigue.

In addition, chamomile can be used instead of chrysanthemum. The reconstituted flowers are wrapped with gauze and wiped around the eyes, which can remove dark circles and make your eyes more beautiful.

銆€銆€The most pharyngeal-Kumquat Mint Tea If you feel uncomfortable, you can use fresh kumquat and mint leaves together with 80-degree hot water.

Add some rock sugar and flower tea, drink it cool, sweet and sour, and leave a hint of coolness in the scorpion.

This tea not only clears your throat but also refreshes your mouth.

The bright kumquats and green mint leaves are paired together for visual enjoyment.

銆€銆€The most degreased – Ume Pu’er tea 2-3 tablets of ebony or plum, add appropriate amount of Pu’er tea to brew together.

If you are greasy at noon, you may wish to have a cup of Umpu tea in the afternoon.

This tea can lower blood fat and have a natural slimming effect.

銆€銆€The most anti-fatigue-Gao Lishen tea ginseng tablets or red ginseng tablets and black tea together brewed into the tea, can resist fatigue, improve the spirit and improve resistance.

You can also choose ready-made granulated Korean ginseng tea drinks.

銆€銆€The most moistening – Lily red tea drink lily powder or lotus root powder with a small amount of cold water and mix thoroughly, then rush into the new metered black tea soup, immediately brew into a glass of jelly-like drink, and then season with honey.

The early spring in the north is still dry and dry, and the lily, alfalfa and honey have a good moisturizing effect, and it is still a good low-radiation healthy meal.

銆€銆€Most nourishing stomach – sweet-scented osmanthus oolong tea Many tea city scented osmanthus oolong tea is sold.

If you make it yourself, the amount of sweet-scented osmanthus should not be too much, and the water temperature should be 80.

The fragrant osmanthus fragrance can awaken the stomach and strengthen the spleen. Oolong tea can warm the stomach and nourish the stomach. People with spleen and stomach deficiency are most suitable.

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