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Carp soup can cure cough

Carp soup can cure cough


Carp soup can cure cough

Marine fish contains essential nutrients for the brain. Common marine fish are belt fish, yellow croaker, abalone, squid, sardine, anchovies (flat fish), anchovies, tuna, salmon (salmon), etc.

According to Professor Ai Qinghui, School of Fisheries, Ocean University of China, the liver oil and body oil of marine fish contain a highly unsaturated viscosity not found on land animals and plants, including DHA, which is necessary for the brainNutrients.

It can be said that DHA is very important to improve people’s memory and thinking from high blood pressure, through infants and young children to adolescence, and even during the entire life activities of people.

  In addition, omega-3 fatty acids and taurine in marine fish are more alkaline than freshwater fish.

Studies have found that omega 3 fatty acids have a good effect on reducing cerebral vascular tension and malignant migraine, and can also improve the body’s anti-inflammatory ability.

  Freshwater fish that can be used to treat cough with carp is mainly carp, grass carp, catfish, herring, catfish, flower catfish (fathead fish) and so on.

Professor Ai Qinghui introduced that freshwater fish contains protein, vitamin A, D and various minerals and other nutrients.

  Carp has the functions of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, diuretic and swelling, cough and asthma, relieving breasts and breasts, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Carp and winter melon, lightly boiled soup can cure nephritis edema.

Large carp leave scales and intestines mixed with cooked clothes to cure yellow ulcers.

Taken with live carp and trotters soup, it can cure maternal less milk.

Carp and Chuanbei powder can be used to treat cough and asthma.

  Grass carp meat is sweet and warm. It is steamed with fritters, eggs, and pepper for folk use.

Grass carp also has the functions of warming the stomach and calming the liver, and is suitable for warm-up fitness for the elderly.

  Suitable for fish Suitable for patients with chronic nephritis and edema caused by liver cirrhosis. One fresh catfish (about 250 grams) and 500 grams of winter melon or 150 grams of red beans can be used.

Cook into anchovy and winter melon soup, or anchovy and red bean soup (do not put salt). Eat soup and fish once a day to reduce edema.

Those who suffer from chronic bronchitis and long-term cough can’t heal, you can stew catfish with brown sugar, eat it regularly to nourish yin and lungs, and nourish qi and phlegm.

  Eating yellow croakers can increase appetite. Chinese medicine believes that taking fish has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, and appetizing, and nourishing skin.

Decoction of fresh band fish 4 with half a catty of papaya has a certain effect on postpartum milk volume, trauma bleeding and other symptoms.

Hepatitis patients take the upper layer of oil after cooking with fresh strip fish. Jiufu can improve symptoms.

There are many ways to cook takoyaki, including steaming, braising, crushing, and sweet and sour food.

However, it should be noted that it is not advisable to eat more at one time, especially those with allergic skin diseases such as dialysis eczema and urticaria should be cautious.

  Flat fish protein and many other nutrients have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and softening muscles and bones.

It is effective for indigestion, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, anemia, and sore bones.

  Regular consumption of yellow croaker can increase appetite and prevent spleen and stomach disorders and urinary tract stones.

The protein content of fresh yellow croaker fish is as high as 18%, which is more than that of many other fishes.

  Squid has detoxifying and detoxifying effects on the liver, so it helps the body fight fatigue.

Squid also regulates blood pressure and protects nerve fibers from activating cells. Regular squid consumption can delay the aging of the body.

  The American Medical Association has conducted a survey and found that people who eat 80 grams of salmon a week have a 50% lower risk of heart disease than people who do n’t eat omega-3 fatty acids, so many doctors recommend that people with diabetes eat salmon every weekJust eat a tape-sized piece.

  Cuttlefish is commonly known as cuttlefish, mullet, and mullet is not only delicious, nutritious, but also has hemostatic and analgesic effects.

There are many ways to eat cuttlefish, such as cold salad, stir-fried mullet shredded, mullet roll, roasted mullet soup, slippery fillet, etc., especially braised mullet meat with fresh garlic moss, which is extremely delicious.

  Abalone has the function of eyesight, so it is called “eyeball”.

Abalones are mostly used in fort soups, and can also be used for making famous dishes such as braised abalone and grilled abalone.

However, abalone contains too much sodium and people with high blood pressure should not eat too much.

Do not use too much sodium-containing seasonings, such as oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, MSG, etc. when cooking.

How to deal with a typical confused boss

How to deal with a typical confused boss

How to deal with a typical confused boss

Some bosses who work with forgetful bosses are very forgetful. They talked about the incident the day before, but after two or three days, he said that he did n’t say it at all, or what he said the previous day, but two or three days later.But he said it meant that.

He often turns upside down and four times.

The way to deal with such a boss is: when he is in a specific event or expressing a certain point of view, the subordinate may pretend not to understand, and ask him a few times more deliberately, or put forward his own different views to deliberately cause discussionDeepen your boss’s impression.

In the end, you can also summarize the boss’s statement and repeat it to the boss in a shorter language, so that he can keep it in mind.

  Some bosses, obviously you gave him a certain material in the morning, he will ask for it again in the afternoon without a serious statement.

For such a boss, the feasible method is not to leave the material when sending it, or entrust the person to transfer it, you can extend the contact time appropriately, or give a specific explanation of the material. If anyone else, let them know that there is such a thingA material to expand influence and increase evidence.

If it is important material, you can ask your boss to sign it, and don’t send it by trust.

If it must be forwarded, you can call the supervisor to explain before or after the delivery.

  If you are a clerk and receive superior documents or written notices, and ask your supervisor to attend a meeting or event, then show him the notice directly and use his stroke to draw out the relevant time, place, and items.Or write it on your boss’s desk calendar.

If it is a telephone notification, you can translate the specific content into a written notification and send it directly to your supervisor. If you are not there, you can put it on it, but you need to repeat it when you meet later.

      Working with vague bosses Some bosses are vague and general in setting work tasks, and they never have specific requirements; some can be understood as this and that; some conflict with each other, and the subordinates are fundamentalImpossible to operate and implement.

Once you do it, some bosses will blame him for saying that his request is not like this, and you are mistaken.

For the bosses who are often like this, when accepting tasks, be sure to inquire about their specific requirements, especially in terms of completion time, personnel consolidation, quality standards, amount of funds, etc., and record them one by one. After approval by the bossGo and do it again.

  You ask for a certain job and ask for specific indicators or explicit approval. However, some bosses have no humorous attitude after they have “humped”, some just say “I know” and some say “you seeTo do “.

Sometimes, the things that are requested or reported are different from each other, which is either OK or not, and some supervisors do not express it clearly.

In order to avoid the inevitable troubles in the future, the subordinates can repeatedly explain their intentions and try to induce them to have a clear judgment.

If necessary, you can use language alternatives, such as: “What do you mean” for the boss to continue, or use speculative judgment to let the boss answer, such as: Do you mean ×××?

After the boss has a clearer judgment, repeat it several times to extend and strengthen, and it can be further extended. If so, what will happen.

     Working with sloppy bosses Some bosses are very sloppy and often do things that are both crying and laughing, making their subordinates confused.

Some do not study the above documents carefully, do not attend the meetings of the higher federations seriously, and express opinions, opinions, or communicate them openly without fully understanding the basic spirit.

For example, a company manager and secretary go to the bureau to participate in the housing reform work meeting.

At the meeting, the manager either talked and laughed, or went in and out, very careless.

When he returned to the company, he only followed the declaration.

When the staff asked specific questions, he couldn’t explain clearly, and he didn’t understand himself in some places.

At this point, someone asked the secretary present.

In the face of a very embarrassing boss, the secretary was very correct. He did not say that the manager did not listen carefully and did not explain the problems in detail. Other questions were not identified above, and he would ask for a few days before replying.

In fact, the secretary is clear, and he just said so intentionally to take care of his boss’s face.

Afterwards, the secretary explained the problems raised by the staff to the boss one by one.

The secretary therefore, although a bit fake, is completely feasible from the perspective of interpersonal relationships.

  Some supervisors have not read the application, report, report and other materials of the subordinates carefully before finishing this and signing instructions.

Subordinates should be treated separately according to specific situations, such as being very beneficial to themselves, but beyond the scope they should be. Do n’t be secretive, but point out their improprieties; if they are disadvantaged or very disadvantaged, you can make necessary explanations and do not be impatientDon’t blame and blame too much, lest individual confused bosses become angry and stubborn, and make a mistake in the end.

Some materials or events are urgent and important, but some bosses are careless and leave it behind.

The only way for such a boss is to repeat the statement repeatedly, highlighting it repeatedly, preferably three or four people in turn, highlighting their awareness and taking it seriously.

     Working with an ignorant boss means ignorance here, which generally means do not understand, do not understand, unwise layman.

Some bosses clearly do not understand, layman, not good at it, but he has a fashion understanding, pretending to be an expert, he wants to show himself, he has to intervene, some have to blindly direct.

Such bosses can be treated separately.

If it is important, if it is a matter of principle, the subordinates can directly correct their views, or argue based on arguments, or resolutely oppose it; when it is a general issue that has nothing to do with the overall situation, the subordinates can deal flexibly to avoid the intensification of positive conflicts and contradictions.

A city has recently built a large-scale library with advanced equipment.When the construction was basically completed, the director of the city’s cultural bureau granted the secretary and asked him to imply to the library director, asking for the library name to be inscribed.

The secretary knows the director’s “achievement” in calligraphy. He graduated from junior high school and couldn’t even distinguish between Liu and Yan. The secretary knew that the library director had asked a calligraphy expert in the province to write the name of the library.

He felt quite embarrassed: if he didn’t go to the curator, he would blame himself if he asked about it later; if he knew it, wouldn’t he force the curator to be passive?

Later, he made a plan and agreed with the curator: let the director write the inscription and use it, but the production is simple and the materials are ordinary.

Calligraphy master’s inscriptions are temporary, but the materials are exquisite and the production is fine.

Once the Director-General steps down or is re-assigned, he will be replaced immediately.

At the same time someone was sent to explain the reason to the master of calligraphy and apologized.

It should be said that many people will understand this unwise and unfamiliar boss with this mobile and flexible response method.

NIKKO brand introduction

NIKKO brand introduction

NIKKO brand introduction

NIKKO has been providing the best backpacks, clothing and equipment for sports enthusiasts, outdoor campers and tourists since 1981.

  Since its establishment, NIKKO has a diversified product range and series.

Among the leading products-rucksack.

There are many types of NIKKO rucksacks, ranging from camping rucksacks up to 90 liters, travel rucksacks, daily lightweight rucksacks, sports bags, bicycle rucksacks, briefcases, waist bags, camera bags, etc.In addition to the continuous improvement of color, it also keeps pace with the trend.

  In 1993, NIKKO first introduced outdoor casual casual clothes. The casual wear series has included windproof, waterproof and breathable functional windbreakers. It was first brought to Hong Kong by NIKKO. Breathable and warm fleece jackets, even down jackets, sweat-wicking sports underwear, sports suit, T-shirts, sweaters, hunting clothes, etc.

  Clothing and shoes, outdoor equipment, of course, are superfluous hiking shoes, waterproof fabrics are both durable and suitable for any terrain, making hiking shoes one of NIKKO’s best-selling products.

  Other NIKKO brand camping product series, more than sleeping bags, tents, trekking poles, mats, compasses, etc., more than fifty categories, more than a thousand products.

  The development of NIKKO keeps pace with the times. In 1995, it launched the swimwear and swimming goggles series. So far, swimming supplies have included slippers, towels, floating boards, water skiing, etc.

  Moving forward forever and never stop is the spirit of NIKKO’s business development. Sunglasses series launched in 1997.

  As a world-class brand, NIKKO’s footprint can be seen everywhere. NIKKO’s distribution network ranges from Norway in Northern Europe, the Soviet Union, Switzerland in Central Europe to Chile in South America, Argentina, Australia in the Pacific, New Zealand, and China.

10 things to ensure the quality of sleep

10 things to ensure the quality of sleep


10 things to ensure the quality of sleep

Brief content: Pillow is too high From a physiological point of view, the pillow is 8-12 cm.

Too low, easy to cause “stiffing”, or too much blood infused into the mind, causing the next day’s brain to swell, eyelid edema; too high, will affect the smooth suction channel, easy to snoring, and long-term high pillow, easy to leadDiscomfort or hunchback.


Before going to bed, getting angry and angry before going to bed, increasing people’s heart rate, screaming, and thinking, so that it is difficult to fall asleep.


Eat well before going to bed, eat too much before going to bed, digestion should be stepped up digestion, the stomach filled with food will continue to stimulate the brain.

If the brain is excited, people will not fall asleep safely, suggesting that Chinese medicine says that “the stomach is not harmonious, then it is uneasy.”


Drinking tea before going to bed contains caffeine and other substances. These substances will stimulate the central nervous system and make people excited. If you drink tea before going to bed, especially strong tea, the central nervous system will be more excited, making it difficult for people to fall asleep.


The initial exercise before bedtime episodes, the nerve cells of the brain that control muscle activity show a very strong state of excitement, this excitement will not calm down in a short time, people can not fall asleep quickly.

Therefore, try to keep your body calm before going to bed, but it does not hinder some minor activities, such as walking.


The pillow is too high. From a physiological point of view, the pillow is 8-12 cm.
Too low, easy to cause “stiffing”, or too much blood infused into the mind, causing the next day’s brain to swell, eyelid edema; too high, will affect the smooth suction channel, easy to snoring, and long-term high pillow, easy to leadDiscomfort or hunchback.

When the pillow is sleeping, both hands are under the head. In addition to affecting blood circulation, causing numbness and pain in the upper limbs, it is easy to increase the pressure in the abdomen. Over time, it will produce “reflux esophagitis.”

Therefore, it is not advisable to use both hands as a pillow when sleeping.


It is easy for a quilt to be masked to cause difficulty in sucking; at the same time, absorbing the carbon dioxide that it has taken out is extremely detrimental to health.

Infants and young children should not be so, otherwise there is a danger of suffocation.


Zhangkou’s suction and closing night is the best way to maintain vitality, and Zhangkou sucking will not only suck in dust, but also easily cause the trachea, lungs and ribs to be stimulated by cold air.

It is best to suck with the nose, the nose hair can block some dust, and the nasal cavity can warm the inhaled cold air, which is good for health.


It is less able to adapt to environmental changes when sleeping in the wind, and is susceptible to cold illness.

The ancients believed that the wind was a long-term disease, and that it was good and varied; the photographer was well-adjusted, although the summer was not the wind and the sun was exposed.

Therefore, the place to sleep should avoid the open air outlet, the bed should be separated from the window, and the door should have a certain distance.


Sitting and sleeping, some people have a full meal to sit on the sofa, turn on the TV and re-pot tea, which is comfortable enough.

Maybe the work is too tired, watching TV and falling asleep, this makes the second big hidden danger appear!

Because sitting and sleeping, the heart rate is slowed down, the blood vessels are dilated, and the blood flowing to each organ is less.

In addition, the digestion of the stomach requires blood supply, which aggravates the lack of oxygen in the brain, leading to dizziness and tinnitus.

Some people say that they will take a break at noon, who will bring a quilt to the unit, and find a place to stay.

Things are saved, but the body will protest.

The Four Basic Principles for Healthy Eating Rice

The Four Basic Principles for Healthy Eating Rice

The “Four Basic Principles” for Healthy Eating Rice

Many surveys at home and abroad have found that the total amount of food eaten is inversely proportional to the risk of chronic diseases; however, a survey in Hong Kong found that the amount of white rice eaten is positively related to the risk of diabetes.
Some surveys in the United States have similar findings.
It can be seen that if you can’t eat rice wisely, you may be in trouble.
銆€銆€The first principle – try to make the rice “light” On the one hand, try not to add fat to the rice, so as not to add extra energy, but also to increase blood lipids after meals.
Therefore, fried rice is best to eat less, add sausage to cook rice, or use bibimbap with oily dishes, should also be avoided.
On the other hand, try not to add salt, soy sauce and MSG to the rice to avoid adding extra salt, otherwise it will not help to control blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular accidents.
銆€銆€The explanation here is that the addition of vinegar, the use of laver, the addition of vegetables and raw fish in the middle are in line with the principle of lightness.
Vinegar itself reduces blood sugar levels and helps control blood lipids; seaweed and raw fish are also cardiovascular-friendly ingredients.
Therefore, as long as you do not eat salty dishes at the same time, seaweed rice rolls are a staple food suitable for chronic patients.
銆€銆€鍋ュ悍绫抽涓€鏃ユ帹鑽愶細銆€銆€鏃╅锛氶粍鐡滀笁鏂囬奔绱彍楗嵎4涓紝鐗涘ザ1鏉紝鏌戞2涓€€銆€鍗堥锛氱嚂楹﹂粦绫崇櫧绫抽キ锛屾湪鑰崇倰榛勮眴鑺斤紝娓呰捀楸硷紝绱彍鐣寗楦¤泲姹ゃ€€銆€鏅氶锛氳嚜鍒舵潅璞嗗叓瀹濈播(鏃犵硸)锛岃姖楹婚叡鎷岃彔鑿滐紝棣欒弴鐐掕眴鑵愶紝闈掓鐐掕儭钀濆崪涓濄€€銆€绗簩澶у師鍒欌€斺€斿敖閲忚绫斥€滅矖鈥濄€€銆€鎵€璋撶矖锛屽氨鏄敖閲忓噺灏戠簿鐧界背楗紝涔熻灏戝悆绯背椋熷搧銆俆heir blood sugar response is too high, which is very unfavorable for controlling blood sugar and blood lipids.
Only by eating enough fiber can effectively reduce the digestion speed of rice, and at the same time, it can absorb cholesterol and fat in the intestine, and play a role in reducing postprandial blood sugar and blood lipids.
This can also make people eat more slowly, eat less, and help control weight.
In fact, most of the chronic patients are of the type that exceeds the standard of fat. Controlling weight is the first priority of dietary adjustment measures.
銆€銆€Some rice with particularly high nutritional value, such as brown rice, black rice, and germ rice, have a relatively “rough” taste.
Although 鈥渃oarse鈥?is good for health, eating 100% brown rice every day feels uncomfortable on the palate and it is difficult to persist for a long time.
Therefore, when cooking rice, it is advisable to use “rough” grains such as brown rice, barley, oats and rice to “cooperate”, and the taste will be more acceptable.
It is best to first soak the “crude” material in the water for a night so that it can mature at the same time as the rice.
銆€銆€Neither diabetics, hyperlipidemia patients, hypertensive patients, fatty liver patients, etc. should eat too much white rice as a staple food.
People with diabetes require a staple food with a slower rise in blood sugar and a lower blood sugar load; patients with hypertension require a staple food that is as salty as possible; patients with fatty liver require a dietary fiber-rich staple food, and patients with hyperlipidemia require a choice to help reduceThe staple food of blood lipids.

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