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[How to make spring bamboo dumplings]_How to make_How to make

[How to make spring bamboo dumplings]_How to make_How to make

[How to make spring bamboo dumplings]_How to make_How to make

Spring bamboo shoots are a very good food and are popular in the southern regions.

What season of spring bamboo shoots is the best? It must be after the beginning of spring.

Of course, there are a lot of spring bamboo shoots. For example, they can be fried and cooked, and some people like to eat them raw.

The spring bamboo shoots can also be used as a kind of dumpling stuffing for people to eat. Here we will teach you how to make dumplings with spring bamboo shoots.

Ingredients: celery, shrimp, spring bamboo shoots, dumplings, salt, salt, chicken essence 1.

First chop the cleaned celery and shrimps for later use, boil the spring bamboo shoots and then chop them 2.

Put in a large container and stir well (it looks small and fresh), add an appropriate amount of salt and chicken essence 3.

The next step is to make dumplings. Add the boiled water and boil immediately to taste more delicious!

There are many ways to eat bamboo shoots. It is known as the “Mixed Vegetarian”. Once cooked with a variety of meats, it seems to be more and more delicious. It can be fried, roasted, boiled, braised, stewed, etc.

According to gourmets, until it is a large bamboo shoot, it can be eaten in different grades due to the freshness of each part.

Such as tender head can be used as fried food; the middle can be cut into bamboo shoots, fried, roasted or used as an alternative ingredient; a small amount of the root is older, can be boiled, simmered, and soup with meat, or even fermented in the altarMade of mildew, stewed with unique flavor.

The core tips of each part of the routine: the cooking of spring bamboo shoots can be divided into parts. The bottom bamboo shoots are best for soup. The middle bamboo shoots are suitable for cooking. The head of the bamboo shoots is scrambled eggs or used as the ingredient of meatballs.

Bamboo shoots can be eaten in different grades due to their local freshness.

The bamboo shoots at the bottom are white, and the sparse bamboo shoots belong to the roots. They are relatively old, suitable for cooking, steaming, braising, and boiling soup with pork and chicken. They absorb the essence of the broth and have a rich taste.

The middle part is dense with bamboo shoots, and the color is slightly yellow. It is crispy and suitable for slicing or shredding. It is good for fried pork, bacon or as an ingredient.

The best part is the head of bamboo shoots, which is the freshest and tenderest. It is used for scrambled eggs, sweet and delicious. As a meatball, the ingredients for the filling are crisp and delicious.

[How to dissolve pitaya beans]_Methods Daquan_Production method

[How to dissolve pitaya beans]_Methods Daquan_Production method

[How to dissolve pitaya beans]_Methods Daquan_Production method

Dragon fruit is also known as red dragon fruit, fairy honey fruit and jade dragon fruit. Dragon fruit is rich in nutrients, rich in vitamins and alternative fibers, etc. In the summer and autumn, the dragon fruit matures. This time, the dragon fruitSweet and juicy.

Eating some dragon fruit regularly has a good effect on relieving stomach problems, losing weight, and lowering blood lipids and blood pressure.

Dragon fruit is also particularly suitable for making complementary food for babies. Soluble beans made with dragon fruit are particularly popular with babies.

Ingredients: 3 egg whites, 30 grams of pitaya juice, 15 grams of corn starch, 40 grams of milk powder, and lemon juice.

Add milk powder to the pitaya juice and stir well until there are no particles.

Remove the eggs from the egg whites and add a few drops of lemon.

Add powdered sugar and beat at high speed, add corn starch and continue to beat.

There is a sharp point when you lift it.

It is not easy to shake, add the stirred pitaya juice, mix well, put it into the decorating bag, preheat the oven for ten minutes in advance, then put the squeezed beans, bake at 90 degrees for one hour, set the temperature according to your own oven.

Dragon fruit dissolves in beans.

Efficacy of Dragon Fruit: 1. It prevents vascular sclerosis. The content of anthocyanins in dragon fruit is high, especially for red meat.

花青素是一种效用明显的抗氧化剂,能有效防止血管硬化,从而可阻止梗塞和血凝块形成引起的脑中风;它还能对抗自由基,有效抗衰老;还能提高对脑 细胞变性Prevention, suppress the occurrence of dementia.

2. Detoxification and stomach-protecting dragon fruit is supplemented with vegetable albumin supplemented by general vegetables and fruits. This active albumin will automatically combine with heavy metal ions in the human body and be discharged from the body through the excretion system, thereby detoxifying.
In addition, albumin also has a protective effect on the stomach wall.

3, whitening weight loss Dragon fruit can whiten the skin’s vitamin C and is rich in weight loss, lower blood sugar, moisturize the bowel, and prevent the replacement of colorectal cancer.

4. Prevention of anemia The iron content in dragon fruit is higher than that of ordinary fruits. Iron is an irreplaceable element in the manufacture of hemoglobin and other iron substances. Absorption of an appropriate amount of iron can also prevent anemia.

5, other value dragon fruit fruit juice is sweet and sweet, in addition to fresh food, but also wine, canning, jam and so on.

Flowers can be dried to make vegetables, and the color can be extracted from food coloring.

[Encyclopedia of cold ham practice]_ cold ham _ how to do _ how to do

[Encyclopedia of cold ham practice]_ cold ham _ how to do _ how to do

[Encyclopedia of cold ham practice]_ cold ham _ how to do _ how to do

Ham sausage is the most common ingredient in our daily life. Ham is also eaten more often. It can be eaten raw or made into dishes. However, cold ham is also a good choice. Let’s introduce the method below.

Ingredients for ham cold salad: ham sausage, green pepper, garlic, sesame oil, vinegar, salt, chicken ham cold salad Step 1.

Sliced ham sausage and sliced green peppers 2.

Pat the garlic and chop 3 pieces.

Add small milled sesame oil, vinegar, and salted chicken essence to mix.

The ham sausage products are classified, and the price is based on the quality. The product’s grade will be marked on the product label. The special grade is the best, the superior grade is the second, and the ordinary grade is the second.

High product grade, high meat content, high protein content, low starch content; low product grade, slightly meat content, low protein content, high starch content.


Ham sausage labels should be marked with the production date, manufacturer, address, phone number, standards of production, shelf life, storage conditions, raw materials, etc.

If the label is not complete, it means that the product is not produced in accordance with national standards and it is best not to buy it.


Generally, the quality of the products of large enterprises and established enterprises is relatively guaranteed.


Shop for products that are within the shelf life, preferably near the production date.

Because meat itself is susceptible to oxidation and spoilage, the fresher the product, the better the taste and the safest.


Buy meat products with good elasticity.

Products with good elasticity have a high proportion of meat, high protein content and good taste.


If there is any damage on the casing, please do not buy it.


If the ham sausage cannot be stored refrigerated, please purchase a product that can be stored at room temperature. This product will indicate the shelf life at 25 ° C.

New Dairy (002946) Company Review: Acquisition of Fuzhou Aoxiu Dairy National Map Adds Another City

New Dairy (002946) Company Review: Acquisition of Fuzhou Aoxiu Dairy National Map Adds Another City

New Dairy (002946) Company Review: Acquisition of Fuzhou Aoxiu Dairy National Map Adds Another City

Event: On August 12, New Hope Dairy announced the official acquisition of Fuzhou Aoxiu Dairy. After the reorganization of Aoxiu Dairy’s assets and business, a new company, Dairy Company and Animal Husbandry Company, was established and reorganized. The new company completed and met the investment cooperation agreementAfter the prerequisites, New Dairy will own 55% of its equity, and the number of new companies involved is estimated to be no more than 3.

500 million.

  Comments: 1. Fully empower, and jointly build the leading brand in the southeast region, “Fuzhou Aiuiu”. The brand has been operating in Fujian for more than 20 years. It has a stable brand image and loyal followers in the region. Its brand is the main market in Fujian.One of the brands has a higher market share in the local market.

Revenue in 2018 reached 1.

About 9.6 billion.

With 50 chain fresh milk bars and 6 large ranches, the product distribution rate in Fuzhou City and Changle District has reached 70%.

  New Hope Dairy’s strengths in industrial technology innovation, product development, brand and talent rejuvenation provide strong support for the subsequent development of Australian cattle.

In addition, the dairy consumer market in the southeast region is broad, and the market concentration is still relatively low. Australian cattle are expected to become the leading dairy brands in the region.

  2. Strengthening the market layout in East China. National Dairy Industry has another 13 dairy production companies in Southwest, East China, Central China and North China.

  Owners of the new milk have adopted the “fresh strategy” and the products are mainly low-temperature milk. The regional characteristics of cold chain distribution are obvious, and industrial layout needs to be carried out in each market.

After the new dairy industry will use the Australian cattle brand advantages and channel resources to cut into the Fujian market, or it will better integrate the supply chain system, gradually radiate to South China and distribute the country.

  3. Focus on short-term fresh-keeping milk, and the integration of advantages will drive profit growth. The low-temperature milk market is coming. The annual growth rate of low-temperature white milk in 2018 is 9%.

4%, much higher than 2 at room temperature for white milk.

9%, of which, the growth rate of high-end and ultra-high-end fresh milk products in the overall fresh milk category was 20.

3% and 56%, the 杭州桑拿 fresh milk market has a lot of growth potential.

In fact, the gross profit of low temperature milk is much higher than normal temperature milk.

Ausnutria has always focused on the room temperature milk industry. The new hope that the roots of the low temperature milk market are integrated will promote the development of low temperature milk business and high-quality milk projects, which will better assist the development of low temperature milk products.

  Profit forecast: Estimated revenue for 2019-2021 is 61.



600 million, net profit 3.



810,000 yuan, EPS0.



80 yuan, with reference to comparable companies, giving 30 times PE in 2020 with a target price of 17.

1 yuan, maintain overweight rating.

  Risk reminder: food safety risks, intensifying competition in the industry

China National Travel Service (601888): Licensing of duty-free shops abroad without deregulation

China National Travel Service (601888): Licensing of duty-free shops abroad without deregulation

China National Travel Service (601888): Licensing of duty-free shops abroad without deregulation

Recent Situation of the Company The five ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued and issued the “Interim Measures for the Administration of Duty Free Shops at Ports”.

We believe that this policy has advantages and disadvantages for China National Travel, and the disadvantage is that it has liberalized the port’s duty-free business right to exit the country. However, we believe that it has limited impact on China National Travel.

Commenting on the deregulation of export duty-free shops at ports, we believe that the impact will be limited.

The deregulation of business rights is a date for China Travel, but: 1) Deregulation of business rights is not the same as deregulation of tax exemption.

This policy is actually a continuation of the 16-year port entry duty-free shop bidding policy on exit duty-free shops. It only applies to “enterprises that have the qualifications for operating duty-free products and have operated port or city entry-exit duty-free shops continuously for the past 5 years.”Letting 天津夜网 go, the competitors facing China International Travel Service are still only Zhuhai tax-free, Shenzhen tax-free and medium service.

The tax exemption is still on the list of internally affluent market access checklists, and we don’t think the Ministry of Finance currently has the idea of continuing to issue permits.

2) Most of the airport duty-free shops have just signed the contract in the past two years, and the short-term impact is not significant.

Capital Airport T2 and T3 contracts from 2018 to 2026 (8 years), Baiyun Airport T2 outbound contract from 2018 to 2026 (8 years), Pudong Airport T2 contract from 2019 to 2025 (7 years), DaxingThe airport contract is 10 years from the date of commissioning.

In 2018, the company also completed the renewal of exit shops in Hangzhou, Qingdao and other airports.

3) Even some airports are about to re-tender, China Travel has advantages.

The policy guideline “avoid one-sided pursuit of the highest price”, “technical indicators must not be less than 50% of the bid evaluation”, the leading scale (market share over 80%) brings the supply chain advantage and capital advantage to China Travel,The airport is still very likely to sign a contract with China International Travel Service. The tenders for the Capital Airport and Daxing Airport are parking lots.

In the long run, it is likely that rents will fall.
The policy guidelines “the unit price of rents shall in principle not be higher than the average unit price of retail commercial sales with tax in the domestic department”.

5 times; the sales commission shall not exceed 1 of the average commission of the retail business with tax in domestic halls.

2 times”.

According to the calculation by the CICC Transportation Group in the report “New Deal on Port Duty-Free Shops, the short-term impact on the airport sector can be controlled, long-term or biased”, the rental unit price of Baiyun Airport T2 Duty-Free Shops is approximately tax-included.

6 times, the commission ratio is about 1.

9 times, Shanghai Airport Satellite Agency duty-free shop commission ratio is about 1 including tax.

6 times, all exceed the current upper limit of policy guidelines.

If the policy is strictly implemented, the possibility of rents falling after these leases expire will not be ruled out.

Estimates suggest maintaining earnings forecasts.

The current contradiction corresponds to 34/31 times P / E in 2019/20.

Maintain Outperform rating and 93.

The target price of 35 yuan corresponds to 35 times 2020 P / E and 12% increase.

Macro fluctuations in risk led to less-than-expected demand for tax exemptions; changes in tax exemption franchise policies.

Lycium barbarum prevents kidney stones

Lycium barbarum prevents kidney stones

Lycium barbarum prevents kidney stones

Although there are many causes of kidney stones, doctors’ analysis shows that wolfberry has antioxidant effects and can effectively reduce the damage of renal tubular epithelial cells, thereby preventing the formation of calcium kidney stones.

Because research has shown that renal tubular epithelial cell damage is the earliest basic deformation of stone formation.

  Through animal experiments, the doctor verified his point: the right amount of medlar polysaccharide (the main active ingredient in medlar) can reduce the formation of calcium oxalate stones.

  In fact, a female botanist at Central South University for Nationalities said that her father drank wolfberry water for a long time, and by chance she discovered that there was no scale on the inner wall of the thermos bottle that his father used to soak wolfberry water.

So she used wolfberry water to soak a bottle with thick scales. After a day or two, scales of large and small scales gradually fell off. After soaking, there was no scale on the bottle wall.

  Therefore, the female botanist conjectured that some substances in wolfberry may combine with calcium to form soluble substances and disintegrate scale.

It is inferred from this that wolfberry water should also be able to dissolve stones in the kidney.

Guava anti-aging antidiarrheal constipation eat with caution

Guava anti-aging antidiarrheal constipation eat with caution

Guava anti-aging antidiarrheal constipation eat with caution

Guava’s medicinal value[Sexual Flavor Meridian]is sweet, astringent, and flat.

  [Indications]Convergence and diarrhea, anti-inflammatory and hemostatic.

Leaves, fruits: acute, chronic enteritis, dysentery, dyspepsia in children; fresh leaves: topical treatment of bruises, trauma bleeding, scabies do not heal for a long time.

  [Usage and Dosage]Leaf, fruit 0.

5-1 two; appropriate amount for external use, fresh leaves smashed and applied to the affected area.

  [Excerpt]”National Compendium of Chinese Herbal Medicine” Guava has high medicinal value, can prevent hypertension and diabetes, and is the most ideal fruit for patients with obesity and poor stomach.

  [Related population]Consumption by the general population, especially suitable for children during growth and development. It is an ideal fruit for high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and poor gastrointestinal conditions.

  Tips: Children and people with constipation or internal heat should not eat more.

People with liver fever should be careful of constipation, because guava has astringent and antidiarrheal effects.

  Guava’s therapeutic effect is guava’s warm, sweet, astringent, sour, non-toxic; guava has the effects of astringent and antidiarrheal, hemostatic, and itching. It treats diarrhea, chronic diarrhea, eczema, wound bleeding and other symptoms.

  Use Tips: Take one at a time.

  Guava nutritional value analysis Guava is rich in nutrition, which can increase appetite and promote children’s growth and development. It contains protein, trace amounts, sugars, vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and iron.

Guava has high nutritional value. In terms of vitamin C, it is higher than citrus, banana, papaya, tomato, watermelon, and pineapple. It also has rich iron, calcium, and phosphorus. The iron content in seeds is better than other fruits.I can eat together.

Eating more can prevent aging and eliminate toxins from the body.

  Guava Usage 1.

Raw food, fresh fruit can be washed (without peeling) and can be eaten. Some people like to cut guava on a plate and add some plum powder or salt, which has a unique flavor.

Such as the use of home-style juice machine, homemade juice, original guava juice, enjoy the unique taste of life.


Guava fruit can not only be eaten fresh, but also processed into juice, jam, and preserved fruit, and even made into bonsai, which has a broad market prospect.

It is one of the best-selling fruits in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Carp soup can cure cough

Carp soup can cure cough


Carp soup can cure cough

Marine fish contains essential nutrients for the brain. Common marine fish are belt fish, yellow croaker, abalone, squid, sardine, anchovies (flat fish), anchovies, tuna, salmon (salmon), etc.

According to Professor Ai Qinghui, School of Fisheries, Ocean University of China, the liver oil and body oil of marine fish contain a highly unsaturated viscosity not found on land animals and plants, including DHA, which is necessary for the brainNutrients.

It can be said that DHA is very important to improve people’s memory and thinking from high blood pressure, through infants and young children to adolescence, and even during the entire life activities of people.

  In addition, omega-3 fatty acids and taurine in marine fish are more alkaline than freshwater fish.

Studies have found that omega 3 fatty acids have a good effect on reducing cerebral vascular tension and malignant migraine, and can also improve the body’s anti-inflammatory ability.

  Freshwater fish that can be used to treat cough with carp is mainly carp, grass carp, catfish, herring, catfish, flower catfish (fathead fish) and so on.

Professor Ai Qinghui introduced that freshwater fish contains protein, vitamin A, D and various minerals and other nutrients.

  Carp has the functions of strengthening the spleen and appetizing, diuretic and swelling, cough and asthma, relieving breasts and breasts, clearing heat and detoxifying.

Carp and winter melon, lightly boiled soup can cure nephritis edema.

Large carp leave scales and intestines mixed with cooked clothes to cure yellow ulcers.

Taken with live carp and trotters soup, it can cure maternal less milk.

Carp and Chuanbei powder can be used to treat cough and asthma.

  Grass carp meat is sweet and warm. It is steamed with fritters, eggs, and pepper for folk use.

Grass carp also has the functions of warming the stomach and calming the liver, and is suitable for warm-up fitness for the elderly.

  Suitable for fish Suitable for patients with chronic nephritis and edema caused by liver cirrhosis. One fresh catfish (about 250 grams) and 500 grams of winter melon or 150 grams of red beans can be used.

Cook into anchovy and winter melon soup, or anchovy and red bean soup (do not put salt). Eat soup and fish once a day to reduce edema.

Those who suffer from chronic bronchitis and long-term cough can’t heal, you can stew catfish with brown sugar, eat it regularly to nourish yin and lungs, and nourish qi and phlegm.

  Eating yellow croakers can increase appetite. Chinese medicine believes that taking fish has the effects of nourishing and strengthening, and appetizing, and nourishing skin.

Decoction of fresh band fish 4 with half a catty of papaya has a certain effect on postpartum milk volume, trauma bleeding and other symptoms.

Hepatitis patients take the upper layer of oil after cooking with fresh strip fish. Jiufu can improve symptoms.

There are many ways to cook takoyaki, including steaming, braising, crushing, and sweet and sour food.

However, it should be noted that it is not advisable to eat more at one time, especially those with allergic skin diseases such as dialysis eczema and urticaria should be cautious.

  Flat fish protein and many other nutrients have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and softening muscles and bones.

It is effective for indigestion, spleen deficiency and diarrhea, anemia, and sore bones.

  Regular consumption of yellow croaker can increase appetite and prevent spleen and stomach disorders and urinary tract stones.

The protein content of fresh yellow croaker fish is as high as 18%, which is more than that of many other fishes.

  Squid has detoxifying and detoxifying effects on the liver, so it helps the body fight fatigue.

Squid also regulates blood pressure and protects nerve fibers from activating cells. Regular squid consumption can delay the aging of the body.

  The American Medical Association has conducted a survey and found that people who eat 80 grams of salmon a week have a 50% lower risk of heart disease than people who do n’t eat omega-3 fatty acids, so many doctors recommend that people with diabetes eat salmon every weekJust eat a tape-sized piece.

  Cuttlefish is commonly known as cuttlefish, mullet, and mullet is not only delicious, nutritious, but also has hemostatic and analgesic effects.

There are many ways to eat cuttlefish, such as cold salad, stir-fried mullet shredded, mullet roll, roasted mullet soup, slippery fillet, etc., especially braised mullet meat with fresh garlic moss, which is extremely delicious.

  Abalone has the function of eyesight, so it is called “eyeball”.

Abalones are mostly used in fort soups, and can also be used for making famous dishes such as braised abalone and grilled abalone.

However, abalone contains too much sodium and people with high blood pressure should not eat too much.

Do not use too much sodium-containing seasonings, such as oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, MSG, etc. when cooking.

How to deal with a typical confused boss

How to deal with a typical confused boss

How to deal with a typical confused boss

Some bosses who work with forgetful bosses are very forgetful. They talked about the incident the day before, but after two or three days, he said that he did n’t say it at all, or what he said the previous day, but two or three days later.But he said it meant that.

He often turns upside down and four times.

The way to deal with such a boss is: when he is in a specific event or expressing a certain point of view, the subordinate may pretend not to understand, and ask him a few times more deliberately, or put forward his own different views to deliberately cause discussionDeepen your boss’s impression.

In the end, you can also summarize the boss’s statement and repeat it to the boss in a shorter language, so that he can keep it in mind.

  Some bosses, obviously you gave him a certain material in the morning, he will ask for it again in the afternoon without a serious statement.

For such a boss, the feasible method is not to leave the material when sending it, or entrust the person to transfer it, you can extend the contact time appropriately, or give a specific explanation of the material. If anyone else, let them know that there is such a thingA material to expand influence and increase evidence.

If it is important material, you can ask your boss to sign it, and don’t send it by trust.

If it must be forwarded, you can call the supervisor to explain before or after the delivery.

  If you are a clerk and receive superior documents or written notices, and ask your supervisor to attend a meeting or event, then show him the notice directly and use his stroke to draw out the relevant time, place, and items.Or write it on your boss’s desk calendar.

If it is a telephone notification, you can translate the specific content into a written notification and send it directly to your supervisor. If you are not there, you can put it on it, but you need to repeat it when you meet later.

      Working with vague bosses Some bosses are vague and general in setting work tasks, and they never have specific requirements; some can be understood as this and that; some conflict with each other, and the subordinates are fundamentalImpossible to operate and implement.

Once you do it, some bosses will blame him for saying that his request is not like this, and you are mistaken.

For the bosses who are often like this, when accepting tasks, be sure to inquire about their specific requirements, especially in terms of completion time, personnel consolidation, quality standards, amount of funds, etc., and record them one by one. After approval by the bossGo and do it again.

  You ask for a certain job and ask for specific indicators or explicit approval. However, some bosses have no humorous attitude after they have “humped”, some just say “I know” and some say “you seeTo do “.

Sometimes, the things that are requested or reported are different from each other, which is either OK or not, and some supervisors do not express it clearly.

In order to avoid the inevitable troubles in the future, the subordinates can repeatedly explain their intentions and try to induce them to have a clear judgment.

If necessary, you can use language alternatives, such as: “What do you mean” for the boss to continue, or use speculative judgment to let the boss answer, such as: Do you mean ×××?

After the boss has a clearer judgment, repeat it several times to extend and strengthen, and it can be further extended. If so, what will happen.

     Working with sloppy bosses Some bosses are very sloppy and often do things that are both crying and laughing, making their subordinates confused.

Some do not study the above documents carefully, do not attend the meetings of the higher federations seriously, and express opinions, opinions, or communicate them openly without fully understanding the basic spirit.

For example, a company manager and secretary go to the bureau to participate in the housing reform work meeting.

At the meeting, the manager either talked and laughed, or went in and out, very careless.

When he returned to the company, he only followed the declaration.

When the staff asked specific questions, he couldn’t explain clearly, and he didn’t understand himself in some places.

At this point, someone asked the secretary present.

In the face of a very embarrassing boss, the secretary was very correct. He did not say that the manager did not listen carefully and did not explain the problems in detail. Other questions were not identified above, and he would ask for a few days before replying.

In fact, the secretary is clear, and he just said so intentionally to take care of his boss’s face.

Afterwards, the secretary explained the problems raised by the staff to the boss one by one.

The secretary therefore, although a bit fake, is completely feasible from the perspective of interpersonal relationships.

  Some supervisors have not read the application, report, report and other materials of the subordinates carefully before finishing this and signing instructions.

Subordinates should be treated separately according to specific situations, such as being very beneficial to themselves, but beyond the scope they should be. Do n’t be secretive, but point out their improprieties; if they are disadvantaged or very disadvantaged, you can make necessary explanations and do not be impatientDon’t blame and blame too much, lest individual confused bosses become angry and stubborn, and make a mistake in the end.

Some materials or events are urgent and important, but some bosses are careless and leave it behind.

The only way for such a boss is to repeat the statement repeatedly, highlighting it repeatedly, preferably three or four people in turn, highlighting their awareness and taking it seriously.

     Working with an ignorant boss means ignorance here, which generally means do not understand, do not understand, unwise layman.

Some bosses clearly do not understand, layman, not good at it, but he has a fashion understanding, pretending to be an expert, he wants to show himself, he has to intervene, some have to blindly direct.

Such bosses can be treated separately.

If it is important, if it is a matter of principle, the subordinates can directly correct their views, or argue based on arguments, or resolutely oppose it; when it is a general issue that has nothing to do with the overall situation, the subordinates can deal flexibly to avoid the intensification of positive conflicts and contradictions.

A city has recently built a large-scale library with advanced equipment.When the construction was basically completed, the director of the city’s cultural bureau granted the secretary and asked him to imply to the library director, asking for the library name to be inscribed.

The secretary knows the director’s “achievement” in calligraphy. He graduated from junior high school and couldn’t even distinguish between Liu and Yan. The secretary knew that the library director had asked a calligraphy expert in the province to write the name of the library.

He felt quite embarrassed: if he didn’t go to the curator, he would blame himself if he asked about it later; if he knew it, wouldn’t he force the curator to be passive?

Later, he made a plan and agreed with the curator: let the director write the inscription and use it, but the production is simple and the materials are ordinary.

Calligraphy master’s inscriptions are temporary, but the materials are exquisite and the production is fine.

Once the Director-General steps down or is re-assigned, he will be replaced immediately.

At the same time someone was sent to explain the reason to the master of calligraphy and apologized.

It should be said that many people will understand this unwise and unfamiliar boss with this mobile and flexible response method.

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