More men, more coquettish women, less wild

More men, more coquettish women, less wild

For thousands of years, coquetry has always been a woman’s nature. Women do not have to be beautiful, but they must coquettish, because coquetry is a weapon and a killer to deal with the talents of men.

And Sanye has always been a man’s fault. A Sanye man wants to get a deserved reputation, which is a ridiculous dream, especially a woman. When talking about a Sanye man, he always hates gritting his teeth, lest he avoid it.

  However, if you put it another way, let men be coquettish and women be wild.

Don’t say that such a statement is unrealistic. In an age where everything is possible, there is only reality and nothing unrealistic.

The fact is that women now think of Saye as a personality, while men take it as relaxation.

  The difference is that men’s coquetry can only come secretly, while women’s coquetry always rushes openly.

  Men are coquettish because men are soft, women are wild because women are hard.

Men’s softness is because women are aggressively challenged, while women’s hardness is because of men’s retreat.

  But the coquettish man is not the loser of life or career. Under the pressure of career and life, the man’s vent should cry and coquettish in addition to alcohol and smoke. The world is cruel, and men are always beaten nowhereBreathable, do n’t say that men have tears, but long-term depression will make men less men. Although Uncle Andy shouted that “men cry, it ‘s not a sin.” There are some show suspects, but I ‘m more willingI believe that was the outbreak of his twenty-year entertainer career as a man.

The coquettishness of a man in frustration is by no means shameful, it is a kind of childlike cuteness, a relaxation that will make a man return to male domineering (note: it is relaxation, not indulgence).

Women who understand men will show innate motherhood when men are coquettish, soothing men’s tired hearts and reviving men’s glory.

The incomprehensible woman always considers the coquettishness of men as manless. How many men are depressed because they have nowhere to find the space for release, and finally fall to the rivers and lakes and no longer rise up.

  Saye does not mean that a woman can leave the existence of a man and survive independently. In fact, a woman’s saye is like a variant of coquetry. Women have been coquettish for thousands of years. They found that such a killer like coquetry has sometimes lost its effectiveness against men.Without changing some innovative methods, men do n’t buy anything at all, so Sanye is naturally borrowed by women to become a new weapon. Brutal, spicy, and outrageous have all become the expression of this new weapon. These expressions are in a certain way.To a certain extent, it is very useful, and the imitation of men’s methods makes men sometimes confused.

Confucius’ phrase “It’s difficult to raise a villain with a woman” more than two thousand years ago is actually a prescient assertion that women are savages. This famous saying is interpreted as one word: the wild.

But no matter how a woman’s wildness makes a man indifferent, men always embrace women with a tolerant attitude. This is a man’s generosity, because men believe that no matter how noisy women are, they always want more favor from men.As a man, there is no reason not to let them order.

  Men are very hard, so men can be coquettish at the right time. Although coquetry is a woman’s nature, men also need someone to hurt. When a woman tolerates men in a way that allows men to coquettish, the motherhood of a woman is gentle and coquettish.Men can see.

  Women are very comfortable, so women should restrain their degree of wildness. Although it is said that wildness is just a variation of coquettishness, for men, women are more willing to tolerate coquettish women, and women of wildness often need men to mobilize generosity to tolerate.This hurts the man, even if the man is meaningless, but the bitterness in his heart can’t be seen by the woman in the wild.

  Men, be cautious when you should be coquettish, don’t hold back and laugh at the sky and say it’s not hard; women, when you want to be feral, let’s be ferocious, don’t let your eyebrows and angry eyes say I like it.

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